50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2019

Guaranteeing success through adaptive evolution: Elasticpath


Enterprise software is has allowed corporations to enjoy sustainable growth without compromising on the quality of their services. Coupled with the efficacy of the cloud, enterprise software enables a company to consolidate its operations, improve customer interaction and maximize revenues. Developing enterprise software is a large global industry that has corporations pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into it. It has seen numerous innovations in the last decade and is projected to grow even larger. Elastic Path provides a headless e-commerce system that developed software that allows e-commerce to be integrated into Enterprise ERP systems.

Elastic Path has long been a favorite among e-commerce developers who prefer an open, flexible, and modern e-commerce development architecture that supercharges their ability to deliver the best digital experience. The company’s approach gives e-commerce and API developers the unprecedented freedom they need to design unique, organic buying experiences that engage customers and create business value. It’s exclusive technology from Elastic Path that you won’t find anywhere else.

Open Architecture for Modern Ecommerce Development

Cortex - The Hypermedia API for Digital Business

Digital experiences are becoming essential to every business. Yet few firms have the organizational structure or technology needed to make good on their promise. In fact, research shows that the No. 1 reason for project failure is businesses hardwiring point integrations between individual customer-facing experiences and backend systems. It restricts agility and your ability to innovate. Instead, what's needed is a unified API strategy. That's why Elastic Path developed Cortex, a next-generation API that assembles and links resources across your entire organization into one seamless unified API.

Under the hood, Cortex is a patented hypermedia API conforming rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint. Cortex uses a lightweight schema and dynamic linking to discover and assemble resources from multiple business platforms into one unified API. Client applications integrated with Cortex can securely access enterprise data and perform authorized operations using only the same hypermedia controls that the internet is built on. No deeper knowledge of your business platforms or proprietary protocols are required — so the tyranny of constant integration work ends with Cortex.

A hypermedia e-commerce API isn’t like other APIs. Elastic Path Cortex completely decouples client applications from business platforms, yet enhances their ability to securely retrieve data and perform transactions through the hypermedia API. This breakthrough API technology gives you unprecedented freedom to create unique digital experiences.


Flexibility and agility are powerful catalysts for organizations that need to bridge the gulf between business users seeking rapid innovation and developers who need to maintain security, scalability, and performance.

The Elastic Path e-commerce framework has long attracted a cult following among agile developers who love the Extreme Flexibility. Elastic Path makes extensive use of trusted open-source projects, allowing customers to deploy scalable, secure, and robust applications that are unique to each environment.


Elastic Path Commerce delivers up to 98% efficiency when clustering horizontally via Elastic Path’s stateless REST API. With support for highly-scalable technologies like Oracle RAC and ehcache, as well as native support for Amazon Web Services scaling, Elastic Path is built to work with proven performance solutions.

Proven in the field

Elastic Path has been battle-tested by the world’s most demanding customers — a mobile operator with 150 million subscribers, a publisher that adds over 20,000 titles every month, and an Internet Retailer® Top 50 digital seller. Every year, Elastic Path generates billions in revenue for clients.

Speed means satisfaction

Individual installations of Elastic Path handle well over 20 million products and thousands of concurrent users. To maximize conversion and customer satisfaction, customers enjoy response times that are up to 100% faster than their closest competitors, and up to 30% better than the industry average as calculated by Compuware Gomez.

Meet the pioneering founder and CEO of Elastic Path, Harry Chemko

Harry is a consummate entrepreneur, having started Elastic Path in 2000 when he was fresh out of university. With only a $15,000 start-up loan from a non-profit organization, Harry's optimism and energy drove the business forward, turning Elastic Path into the world's leading provider of commerce software designed to maximize revenue from the next generation of digital experiences. In 2005, Harry received the Young Entrepreneur Award for being the youngest CEO on the PROFIT Hot 50.

Today, Harry is responsible for leading corporate strategy and driving Elastic Path's vision. He believes that in this connected world, digital commerce is all about generating business value from great digital experiences across all touchpoints. A successful digital commerce platform must help enterprises unlock that value and generate revenue.

“Our flexible and open platform enables our customers to rapidly adapt in an increasingly complex and changing world.”