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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2018

Hackers Never Quit, Neither Does Fortify 24x7

thesiliconreview-jeremy-murtishaw-co-founder-fortify-24x7-18Cybercrime is a menace; not only for an individual connected to a network but to any organization. No one wants to be a victim of a data breach or ransomware attack, but it is almost impossible to avoid the security threat forever. As we live in the generation of “data”, organizations need to be secure 24x7x365, and it requires someone to monitor their networks, firewalls, endpoints continuously. However, many organizations lack skills or budget or both. Hence, Fortify24x7 was founded to secure companies of all sizes and to cater to their unique security needs with best of breed products and exceptional services.

Born For a Purpose

Headquartered in Point Roberts, Washington, Fortify 24x7 was founded in 2015 to help companies improve their information security posture. Many companies just don’t believe they are interesting or big enough to be hacked. Most companies Fortify works with have three things in common: First, the belief that a security breach “hasn’t happened yet” or “won’t happen to us”. Second, the belief that a one-time investment in single security tool will keep them safe. Third, many companies lack the cybersecurity expertise to properly configure the systems or tools they have, leaving them unknowingly vulnerable to threats.

“By understanding this perspective,we have been able to shape the company’s portfolio to provide effective and affordable cybersecurity solutions for companies of all sizes,” says Jeremy Murtishaw, Co-Founder and CEO of Fortify24x7. Fortify achieves this with a core team of IT experts working together for more than 20 years. The experience and synergy of its team result in cybersecurity solutions that exceed expected ROI for its clients.

Ahead Of Challenges, Lies Opportunities

Fortify’s first customer was a dental office, which was hit by a ransomware. Although they had invested in an antivirus/malware application, they did not regularly patch their operating system or applications. They had backup software but no one from their previous IT staff validated whether it was configured properly or if they could restore data from the backup. When the ransomeware hit, they lost all their data. When the Fortify Incident Response Team was approached to intervene, they successfully recovered more than 9 months of patients’ data and schedules.

One of the biggest challenges Fortify has seen is that companies may be using software or cloud resources which are not properly configured, therefore exposing themselves and their data to unnecessary risk. Another challenge is keeping up with all the security patching that needs to happen on a routine basis.

“Information overload is another risk factor for businesses today. With so many similar products, it is not easy for an organization to understand what is right for its specific need,” says Harold Charlap, COO of Fortify 24x7. “That’s why Fortify takes the time to work with each of the vendors to really distill the differentiators and come up with our the best of breed recommendations”.

‘Cybersecurity Managed’ and How Fortify 24x7 Manages Security!

Cybersecurity Managed is a comprehensive managed security program offered by Fortify 24x7 for securing computing environments and is now available outside of North America. The company offers a customizable package to suit its clients’ specific needs. It provides a complete managed IT service with an emphasis on security, to facilitate its clients with risk assessment, security configurations, backup systems, and recovery procedures.

“We are constantly pushing ourselves to continuously improve our product portfolio and service offerings for our customers. By providing our services, we ensure that our customers can deliver their services to their clients,” says Jeremy Murtishaw, Co-founder, and CEO of Fortify 24x7.

Fortify’s strength is its team.Fortify brings on novice security professionals, trains them, and exposes them to many different types of situations to ensure they become well rounded and talented.

Breaking the Stereotypes

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are some common misconceptions by businesses: one is “we can’t afford it”, another is “it’s just a buzzword”. The fact is, security breaches are now a common occurrence regardless of company size. This has resulted in customers being willing to spend money on the most cost-effective solution for their specific needs. “Cybersecurity needs to be considered in everything that an organization does,” quotes Harold Charlap, COO of Fortify 24x7.

Fortify is not only breaking the stereotypical beliefs about cybersecurity, it is also transforming the typical workplace environment. The company’s office has a kitchen where employees can cook their meals, it has exercise breaks to take a walk, workout in the gym, play video games or ride a bike. People here are big time dog lovers. Not just humans, the company has dogs on board with the team too!

Fortify was ranked in the top 100 MSSPs of 2017. The achievement itself speaks about its victorious journey. The company is planning to expand its service footprints into the APAC and EMEA regions in near the future. The past was challenging, the present is glorious and the future looks promising!

Great Ideas Need Great Leaders; Meet the Men Behind the Mission

Jeremy Murtishaw: Murtishaw is the co-founder of Fortify 24x7, the CEO/CTO of Fortify 24x7, and Managing Partner at the early stage VC firm K & L Group. An entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in the field of Information Technology has worked as a Network Architect, Systems Engineer, EMR Systems Architect and Cybersecurity Architect. Murtishaw currently manages the Fortify engineering team, is the lead for the Fortify Red Team and Fortify’s technology lab.

Harold Charlap: Harold, the COO of Fortify 24x7 and Managing Partner at the early stage VC firm K & L Group, is a proven information technology leader who values integrity and hard work above all. Harold’s early years work experience as a Certified Novell Engineer and as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer provided a solid technical foundation. His 27 years of experience in the information technology field has uniquely positioned him to provide strategic direction and executive leadership.

“We are relentless in providing our clients with effective cybersecurity solutions and services, so our clients and partners can sleep better at night.”