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Hard work Combined with Passion and Perseverance: ENOVAX Pte Ltd Leaps to Unparalleled Success under Erwin Foo’s Leadership

thesiliconreview-erwin-foo-yong-jio-founder-ceo-enovax-pte-ltd-2018Struggles are not uncommon in the life of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be a tough and long journey, but despite the odds, there are many entrepreneurs who start and stick to their journey even without capital, funding, education or experience. Humble beginnings, hard work, commitment to ideas and risk-taking are the essential ingredients to transform ideas into reality and build massive success. It’s never easy running the show but Mr. Erwin Foo had the courage to do it.

In the view of the above mentioned, we are honored to present one such inspiring story of an entrepreneur who started with nothing but nothing stopped him from building a thriving new business. Now a Singapore citizen, Mr. Erwin Foo was born and raised in the small Malaysian town of Ulu Tiram, Johor. With a family of 10 all cooped up in the rear room of a small shop-house, Erwin led a tough life from a young age. With 8 children to feed, his blacksmith father eked out a living plying his only known trade in a tiny workshop to keep the family going, making rubber tapper knives. It was hard work with little income and no promise or prospect of better days.

As a child, his father did not have it any easier either. His father was subsequently brought up by relatives and moved from home to home, leaving an ugly and painful mark in his memory. But matters were yet to become worse. Erwin’s whole family was devastated when his eldest brother mysteriously died in his sleep without fulfilling his aspirations. Growing up, Erwin was very close to his siblings and this acted like a trigger point in his life that changed him. Quietly, he promised himself that he will live to fulfill his late brother’s dream to make it “big” one day.

Stepping up to the Big Dreams and Ambitions

Mr. Erwin Foo had always wanted to run his own company and in early 2010, he took the plunge and set up ENOVAX PTE LTD, starting from the study room of his home. A few months later, he moved into Techplace in Ang Mo kio.

ENOVAX Pte Ltd commenced operations on 17 February 2010 and grew from a modest IT business solution provider into a full-fledged and integrated company offering a full suite of “one-stop” customized IT solutions and internet-driven services via seamless web, mobile and kiosk/gantry applications/platforms. Since its inception, the company has progressively beefed up its operations. From a humble beginning with only a lean team of 5 staff, ENOVAX today employs around 50 people with different industry skills.

Erwin’s Trials and Tribulations along the Way – and Final Success

Erwin knew that if he had to make it big, then he had to be brave and go all out to make a difference, and create brand differentiation in the IT enterprise solution sector. From the onset, no one thought that he had the aptitude and nose for business and it came as a surprise to some that he had struck out on his own, powered by his own imagination and passions and a fistful of dollars (not plenty at the start though). He was lucky to be able to quickly assemble an experienced team of software architect, engineer, consultants, programmer and designers (largely people who also shared his visions) and plunged into business.

Enovax Pte Ltd is an investment which Erwin is very passionate about. He believes the company will be a major turning point in his life and help make a difference to the lives of his family, his employees and the people who also believed in him.

Contributing towards Making Singapore a SMART NATION

Today, ENOVAX provides a wide range of IT business solutions and services, employing web, mobile, and kiosk/gantry platforms and applications – covering online ticketing, CRM, ERP, Payment gateway, IOS Enterprise Apps, Android Enterprise Apps, Ticketing kiosks, information kiosk, and auto gate system. The company’s core business is making IT simple to facilitate enterprise operations and accelerate their growth. To add value to its service chain, it moved one notch higher and provide consulting/technology integration.

As a system integrator, ENOVAX sources for the best technology partners whose products/services can be leveraged with the company’s IT expertise and knowledge to make a vast difference to customers’ business operations and bottom line. ENOVAX’s aim is to help transform the Singapore IT landscape by making IT simple for enterprises and end-consumers, raise the global ranking for Singapore’s Infocomm development and work towards fulfilling Singapore’s aspiration to become a “SMART NATION”.

Growing Enovax into a global brand – now part of PUC Berhad Group

In June 2017, ENOVAX became a member of PUC BERHAD, a Malaysian ACE-Market listed company with diverse business interests. This development is in line with ENOVAX’s long-term strategy to consolidate its position as a leading IT driven company serving mega local and international clients. As part of this enlarged PUC entity, ENOVAX aims to increase its customer out-reach and develop more innovative business acceleration solutions to propel their clients’ market potential. The company also aims to contribute to the greater success of PUC Group by developing and owning more proprietary PUC’s intellectual properties (IP) to accelerate the Group’s growth and spreading their regional & international foot-prints.

Apart from adding value to PUC Berhad from the immediate acquisition of ENOVAX’s expertise and domain knowledge, PUC Berhad is able to quickly tap a ready pool of ENOVAX’s vital human resources and expertise to expedite its expansion plans for its technology business which is expected to contribute positively to the revenue and earnings of the PUC Berhad Group.

Recently, ENOVAX also developed PRESTO, a revolutionary and innovative social marketing and ewallet platform for linking consumers and merchants which was successfully launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Business Philosophy

ENOVAX’s principal activities in software development of customized information technology solutions and services for enterprise businesses, electronic commerce solutions and internet-driven applications and services such as online ticketing, payment gateway across web, mobile, kiosks and gantries for various industries abode well with the business fundamentals of PUC Berhad. ACE-Market listed PUC Berhad’s acquisition of ENOVAX is in line with the long term strategic plans of PUC to expand aggressively into its technology business, particularly in electronic commerce and payment, advertising and media and related businesses.

As part of PUC Berhad now, ENOVAX is set for the global stage, contributing to the technology business development of the

Group. Apart from developing PRESTO, the revolutionary home-grown social marketing and ewallet platform, Erwin’s and team are expanding the digital marketing offerings of 11street Malaysia’s payment gateway requirements for all its ecommerce infrastructure, services and platform. The prospects ahead certainly look promising and exciting.

Meet the Dynamic Leader behind ENOVAX’s Success

Mr. Erwin Foo Yong Jio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Erwin Foo Yong Jio is the Chief Executive Officer of ENOVAX PTE LTD which was incorporated in 2010. Prior to establishing ENOVAX, Mr. Erwin Foo has 14 years working experience in IT industry across the ASIA region - Singapore, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Early in his working career, he was an Assistant Manager at the Information Technology Risk Consulting practice in Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services Division of the Singapore Office. He specialized in the design and implementation of enterprise security and risk management solutions, as well as the design and implementation of Risk Integrator solution. Before joining Deloitte, he worked with two Singapore large

System Integrator companies (NCS & SCS) and a local online payment solution company,Systems@Work which was later acquired by Wirecard, one of the largest online payment systems in the world.

“At ENOVAX, we understand the nature of the fast-paced IT business solutions industry, and other than possessing the necessary background and experiences, we strongly believe that we will be able to realize our company’s aspirations, where we will be more than able to grow professionally as well as extend our customer outreach.”