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Harness the Power of Your Enterprise: WhoKnows


“WhoKnows provides the critical insights and data you need to accelerate your business and retain talent.”

In this fast paced world of business, fortunes rise and fall on how well companies can visualize the future trends in human capital and thereby adjust to them. Human resources are one of the most important assets of a company. Realizing the full potential of quantifying a workforce is necessary to accelerate innovation and employee engagement. California- based WhoKnows is at the forefront of educating our prospects about the future of human capital.

WhoKnows was founded by Toufic Saliba in 2012. Toufic was the inventor of the machine learning algorithms to incorporate actual work behavior into the company’s discovery platform to provide the most accurate expertise and relationship discovery in the market today.

The company is building the first cognitive business network using machine learning, contextual intelligence, and people analytics. WhoKnows is the only solution that can unlock the entirety of your organization’s knowledge and relationships. WhoKnows’ employee profiles are always up-to-date, unbiased, and weighted from the work actually being done. No other solution in the market can provide that level of detail and ease of use.

Smart Solutions for Professionals
WhoKnows’ patented discovery engine automatically derives expertise and relationships for users to review and publish expertise without manual entry. It provides smart solutions for professionals to promote themselves, get answers and warm intros while growing their career. The company helps organizations accurately understand their tacit knowledge and social capital to increase collaboration, engagement and workforce planning.

How It Works
WhoKnows starts by allowing the user to import any profiles including LinkedIn, SharePoint and more. Users can optionally connect their work emails to determine the quality and volume of their relationships and build out their social graph. Once installed, the user simply works as any normal day. WhoKnows only analyzes work-related activity, so all personal activity (shopping, fantasy football, Facebook, etc.) are ignored. After WhoKnows is confident of a skill the user has demonstrated, it will make a recommendation and ask whether they want to publish it. Nothing is visible to admins, colleagues or managers until the user chooses to publish it, so their privacy is always protected. WhoKnows will continue to make recommendations over time to keep the user’s profile looking its best!

WhoKnows Features

Who Knows What – Discover who has the expertise to help you across all groups within your organization. Reduce redundant work while enabling you to create accurate and up-to-date skills profiles of what people know and are learning.

Advanced People Search – Find the right colleague with the company’s advanced search and filtering. Improve your staffing and collaboration by searching your WhoKnows network.

Search Overlay – The right colleague is recommended when you’re looking for help. Bolster any search engine or network your team uses with contextual recommendations.

People Analytics – It shows reports and visualizations to accelerate your business. It provides true insight into accurate, real-time data to make intelligent business decisions with a single dashboard.

Extend your Network with the Web – Leverage public profiles from the web to improve your expertise search. WhoKnows can enhance your search results with public profiles of your employees found on the web.

Seamless Integration – Super-charge your apps with the WhoKnows developer platform. WhoKnows enhances your existing business applications with our embeddable profiles and APIs.

Enterprise Ready – Start your own private corporate network. WhoKnows works for any size organization.

Community Ready – Extend your network to your entire eco-system. Expand knowledge and social capital internally and externally. All types of groups benefit from the WhoKnows knowledge sharing platform.

Why WhoKnows

  • WhoKnows derives and recommends expertise automatically
  • It provides seamless implementation without technical integration
  • Get real-time, accurate insight and collaboration across your entire organization
  • Avail instant access to employee knowledge data with real-time reporting

The company builds corporate networks for mid-market and enterprise companies in the pharmaceutical, consulting, and technology industries as well as professional and alumni communities.WhoKnows is proud to have a number of enterprise customers including Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Twitter, and more.

Future Focus Areas
WhoKnows will continue to focus on building the best professional profiles to power collaboration and people analytics. In 2016, WhoKnows will expand its insights to end users to provide cognitive career analytics to help knowledge workers grow their career.

“We automatically create comprehensive skills and contact profiles for your entire organization. Then we use that data to intelligently recommend and connect your employees with expert colleagues who possess the skills and contacts to help them excel.”

Knowing the CEO – Chris Macomber
Chris has over 19 years of product management experience in the technology industry and a fondness for introducing kick-ass products that disrupt large markets and delight customers. He was most recently at Lytro as the Director of Product Management, where his team launched the first light-field camera. Prior to WhoKnows and Lytro, Chris held multiple product management positions at, Intuit, Cisco, and Sapient.