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Harnessing talents, choosing only the best: One Source The Background Check Company

thesiliconreview-nick-jasa-ceo-one-source-the-background-check-company-2017The success of any company depends on its human resource. Although training of an individual is important, the most crucial aspect of making the most of human resources is selecting people who are cut out for a particular job. Now talent acquisition isn’t easy and greater the experience one has at it, the better he or she will be. Considering the importance of talent acquisition, One Source The Background Check Company comes into the picture.

A small spark

Way back in 1981, One Source was a part of a private owned investigative company that provided employment screening services. Following two decades of solid growth, by the beginning of this millennium, the firm established a reputation as a fast and accurate source of employment screening information. In the spring of 2004, One Source The Background Check Company was officially spun off from Jasa Investigations. Since then, the firm has not looked back in its stride towards success.

One Source’s first core product was the TotalCheck Package. The entire process was comprehensive and adequate quality control measures were incorporated. Since then the firm has enhanced its programming options and added TotalCheck Plus and One Source Certified Contractor packages to their list. Imperative with the nature of the business, the firm is continuously working towards enhancing their compliance and security measures.

The firm’s assets

The firm has a dedicated team who play a vital role in connecting and building client relationships. It is the team members’ efforts that facilitate the TotalCheck Experience. The company has state-of-the-art technology and is continuously looking forward to increasing its security protocols. One Source takes pride in delivering high-quality products to their clients. Post-accreditation, the company has set a high benchmark for itself with its work culture pushing the employees to scale the same.

Growing popularity, staying strong

In its long journey, the firm has not hindered from its mission of empowering clients to make informed decisions. The reliable and compliant results driven by a highly accountable team is what has driven the organization to make consistent growth in all its endeavors. As of now, Total Check Package is the most popular product of the firm. Ensuring the product offers more than other competitors in the market have given the firm a heads up in the industry.

Looking at the firm’s seriousness about compliance, one would assume at One Source it is all about ‘all work and no play’. However, this is far from being true. The office culture is fun and friendly with a service driven environment. It is the proactive and open environment that has brought out the best of innovation in the workplace. Innovation has played a huge role in the firm’s growth as an organization. Today the firm is 6 fold larger as compared to what it was when they started. Innovation at One Source is through the One Source Certified Contractors (OSCC) program. The OSCC program is a rigorous comprehensive screening of visiting contractors for site access to a client’s property. The One Source Certified Contractors program requires rigorous ongoing screening for vendors to access secure sites.

Crossing milestones while giving back to the society

The firm believes being proactive and operating with integrity is the only way to please the clientele. Since its inception, One Source was passionate about helping people and even today they have not diverted from the firm’s philanthropic endeavors. Employees participate in various walks and events to help the community and raise awareness on various issues. Till date, the firm has given over $1 million in various philanthropic donations.

Milestones of excellence

2004 - One Source became a stand-alone entity.

2008 - Established a nationwide presence by officially having multiple clients in every state of the USA.

2009 - Weathered the Great Recession and used it as an opportunity for growth. While other competitors were going out of business and cutting staff, One Source used the opportunity to have one of the greatest years ever in terms of new client growth and new hires.

2013 - One Source achieved accreditation for employment screening through the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) under the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). They are the only Nebraska based CRA to achieve this standard.

2014 - Acquired Denver based company “Tenant Screening USA” to establish a strong foothold in new and emerging markets in the screening industry.

2014 - Awarded Greater Omaha Chamber Small Business of the Month for excelling in the areas of Business Excellence and Vision, Community Engagement and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

2015 - Achieved 5-year growth plan to double in size.

2016 - Gained the honor of Best of B2B Omaha for best screening and drug testing company for the 15th straight year.

Peek into the future

In the near future, the company is going to launch TotalCheck Learning. With this customizable service, clients will be able to build courses in addition to training and surveying their human resources.

In the coming years, One Source intends to continue to expand its team as well as its client base. The focus is going to be on the firm’s core values of adaptability, high accountability, and compassion. The firm believes the foundation of respect on which the company was built, is what will take it forward.

The people driving the company

Nick Jasa is the CEO of One Source and has been with the company for 13 years.  Starting in Operations, Nick has worked in every possible position at One Source. Nick attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and helped start Credit Union Financing out of Colorado. A lover of the outdoors, he finds happiness in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and sports.

Felica Hazuka is the COO. She joined One Source in 2011, using her passion for accountability and emotional intelligence to cultivate a thriving team. Zealous about continuous improvement, she obtained her Advanced FCRA Certification and facilitated One Source becoming an accredited background screening firm with NAPBS.


“Your people, our priority”