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Harnessing the Power of Technology to Deliver Solutions: Citrus Informatics

thesiliconreview-sarji-mohammedali-ceo-citrus-informatics-2018Information technology is the backbone of the modern world. We cannot imagine a life without it. In a nutshell, information technology (IT) is the application of computers to store, retrieve, and manipulate data mostly for running the day-to-day operations of enterprises. Several corporations, small and large offer a wide range of IT services. Some of them range from web development, database management, cloud services, software services, networking, etc. 

Citrus Informatics is one such company based in the Indian state of Kerala. It is an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) company that uses well-defined processes, best practices, and innovative thinking to develop breakthrough solutions that leverage emerging technologies to achieve the business goals of clients.

Started in January 2010, Citrus Informatics caters to the needs of the international IT market by providing high quality, reliable and affordable solutions that are delivered on time. Living as we do in a fiercely competitive society, customer requirements keep changing with the whims and vicissitudes of the market. At the same time, technology keeps forever evolving. The company’s job is to stay abreast of emerging technologies and to harness its power to enable clients to seize opportunities and respond to change with agility or usher in the change themselves so that they can be way ahead before the competition can get its act together. Relying on clearly defined processes, performance metrics, quality checklists, and various other standards and templates, the team of competent and qualified professionals at Citrus Informatics ensures projects big and small conform to the highest quality standards, meet their intended purpose, and are completed on time and within budget.

Driving Innovation

Product innovation is a major driver of growth and is more often than not, the result of intensive and expensive investments in research and development. However, shrinking R&D budgets, rising costs, the increasing complexity of the R&D process and rapidly changing market dynamics have created a considerable shift and restructuring in the way companies are approaching R&D. A large number of technology companies are increasingly outsourcing product R&D to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

It is not just the cost that is driving companies to outsource R&D. The availability of proficient technical knowledge, creative and experienced personnel bringing out innovative products in shorter development cycles is also a factor that is leading companies to outsource their R&D. These short development cycles also help companies put their products out into the market faster, thereby giving them a competitive edge. Citrus Informatics believes in building lasting relationships with clients and offers a flexible and transparent engagement model. The firm is willing to begin building this relationship with a one-off transactional type of engagement, use that to build trust and confidence and slowly nurture the relationship to the level of a strategic alliance. Moreover, Citrus Informatics transfers full intellectual property rights to its clients on completion of the research initiative, so the end product becomes entirely theirs – lock, stock, and barrel.

Citrus informatics offers a diverse array of services. Some of them include:  

IT Consulting

IT consulting focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives and organizational goals. Citrus Informatics helps clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT application environments by carefully planning and implementing IT initiatives; by designing re-usable, platform-independent software solutions; by being down-to-earth and focusing on practical features and functionalities rather than on fancy frills; and by ensuring that the applications have built-in scalability and can grow with the organization.

Citrus Informatics works closely with clients to understand and analyze their business environments and the specific challenges they are facing, and design conceptual solutions tailor-made to meet those challenges. It expands on these conceptual solutions through extensive research and detailed analysis and develops prototypes and proof-of-concept designs that are functionally efficient and economically viable. The company’s IT consulting services include Enterprise Architecture Consulting and IT Roadmap Definition, Application and Network Security Consulting, and Information Risk Management.

Application Development

Citrus Informatics is a value-driven software development company that offers custom software application development as well as customization of commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. They have a team of young, energetic and exceptionally skilled professionals with a passion for technology and a commitment to deliver the best. The company brings with them a deep knowledge of the process flow in various industries as well as expertise over various technology streams. This gives them the technology bandwidth and the industry experience to build, deploy and maintain scalable technology solutions across a wide spectrum of business verticals.

Meet the visionary behind Citrus Informatics, Sarji Mohammedali

Mr. Mohammedali is an accomplished IT & Project Management professional backed by 22 years of diverse experience of spearheading large IT Divisions. Spanning Program & Project Management, Infrastructure & Operations Management, People Management, Research, Product Development & Engineering, Technology management, Application development, Information security, and Quality Management across a broad spectrum of verticals in the IT industry, Sarji Mohammedali has translated his vast pool of experience into a successful venture.

“We are a team of brilliant and skilled professionals providing quality IT services and innovative products.”