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Have a conversation with your data … all your data: CBIG Consulting

thesiliconreview-todd-nash-president-cbig-consulting-17With the ever changing landscape of technology, analytical requirements and opportunities are also changing, and to meet the same, organizations need flexible BI/DW capabilities. 

Survival and growth for a large number of enterprises across multiple industries depends on the evolving and transformative nature of Big Data Technologies. The need to grip the massive volume of data as an enterprise asset is increasing at a rapid pace. At the same time, the complexity of data cleanup and management, multiplied by significantly increasing data volumes, is a big challenge. 

Unmatched BI & Big Data Expertise

Founded in 2002, CBIG Consulting is a highly respected business intelligence consulting practice with a singular goal of helping leading enterprises leverage their data assets by offering unmatched subject matter expertise, a structured, collaborative approach, and a commitment to emerging technologies. 

The company was initially set up to help clients take better control of their data assets. Recognizing big data’s inherent value in furthering its mission, CBIG has diligently worked to become a global force in integrating big data analytics with leading expertise in the deployment of data warehousing, business intelligence frameworks and full-life cycle projects. CBIG has evolved its service offerings even further with more strategic, targeted solutions that take on smaller initiatives to achieve client goals more quickly. Simply put, CBIG helps customers from a wide range of industries identify and propel more advantageous strategies to drive business growth.

The firm has been very fortunate in recruiting and retaining like-minded professionals, building something special that also has their imprint on it. CBIG continues to refine and build on its service offerings to match changing demand in the industry. 

With more than a decade of success in data warehouse and business intelligence consulting, CBIG has evolved into an industry leader in Big Data analytics, cloud-based analytics, predictive analytics, and other emerging intelligence solutions. 

The growth mantra

CBIG’s early challenges and experiences, both good and bad, have taught its leaders that gaining skills and experience in a rewarding and creative environment does not mean one has to have all the answers, and its key to learn from the best. Today, CBIG partners’ team-based model is all about knowledge sharing and promoting a collaborative atmosphere in which staff members learn from each other and develop skills that will best advance their professional careers. 

The mission of CBIG has always been about providing an environment that encourages company involvement, entrepreneurialism, as well as personal and professional growth, and CBIG welcomes everyone’s input and creativity. The goal has always been to attract high-caliber people who share the same vision.

“Every person within the organization has something valuable to offer that can help CBIG grow and prosper” 

Treating Employees, like they make a difference and they will

Because CBIG maintains satellite offices located all over the world, it’s important to offer opportunities for staff members to maintain relationships to have an impact and CBIG maintains satellite offices located all over the world. The company hosts several social events each year where consultants and clients spend time together in a less formal setting to connect, discuss current projects, and share ideas. This helps everyone to have an outlet for sharing their observations and ideas. 

CBIG’s leadership team believes it can achieve corporate goals with the minimum amount of administration, bureaucracy, and politics. CBIG maintains a non-hierarchical organizational structure, in which junior staff members work alongside project leaders and principals in contributing to successful endeavors that mutually benefit the clients and CBIG. 

To bring the best out of its staff, CBIG provides a variety of opportunities for personal growth. Staff members have opportunities to learn about different industries as they move from project to project, in Financial, Health Care, Higher Ed, Logistics, CPG, and Manufacturing, for example. And since CBIG’s work involves full-life cycle engagements, starting with strategy to deployment and ongoing management, staff can explore different roles as their experience and interests evolve. These roles range from Data Architect, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Big Data Engineer to Front-end Developer, to name a few. 

The company has developed CBIG Academy for its professionals, a formal training program in which its consultants learn CBIG’s proprietary frameworks, which are based on years of experience and field-tested iterations. In addition, all of CBIG’s consultants have opportunities to work along side and learn from CBIG’s managing Principals, who are among the most innovative thought leaders and leading-edge practitioners in the Business Intelligence Industry today. In addition, while most of the consultants stay relatively close to a given large metro area, some choose to take advantage of CBIG’s travel opportunities to broaden their experience. 

The rapid expansion

CBIG applies the latest technologies and methodologies—while learning new systems and software applications in a fast-paced environment, which makes it a bumpy ride indeed. For this reason, CBIG actively recruits people who aren’t afraid to jump right in, guided by CBIG’s principal leaders and project mentors. 

Today, CBIG has 14 offices and does work all over the world, and the firm has also been recognized by numerous industry analysts over the years, due in large part to their leadership in emerging technologies. 

CBIG’s success and subsequent growth have allowed the firm to expand its presence in numerous other markets. The company continues its expansion providing unique opportunities for its staff members to gain experience in other exceptional locations, both in the U.S. and in the Pan-Pacific region.

Meet the President, Todd Nash 

CBIG’s executive team is led by President Todd Nash, a leader with decades of experience in managing large teams in the data consulting arena. Along with founders Don Arendarczyk, John Harmann, and John Onder, Nash has helped CBIG determine the vision and direction of the company, deftly steering CBIG through advancements in technology and data science.

“CBIG uses a hit the ground running approach within a supportive environment that helps staff professionals gain confidence and understand their work has real value.”