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Having trouble with customer acquisition? We are here to the rescue: Keono

thesiliconreview-michael-medema-ceo-keono-17Advertising nowadays have become one of the most important assets of any brand. There many modes of advertising a brand or a product but the one which is getting the spotlight is Online Advertising. The popularity of Online Advertising is skyrocketing and this particular mode is turning out to be one of the best ways to popularize a brand.

Advertising on the Internet might sound much of an easy job but it is one those things that need some really good skills and knowledge of the internet space. Online advertising has changed the entire phiz of advertising and many brands across the globe are looking for the best player in the online advertising arena to popularize them.

The Journey Hitherto

Michael Medema was running a few digital agencies, yet he wanted much more. Michael was pretty sure that the digital advertising industry would be a game changer and he was looking for a perfect lift. After completely understanding what the market was seeking when it comes to digital advertising, in 2007, Michael Medema sold his company Vayan Marketing Group after growing revenues from $0 to $20 million in four quick years.

In 2011, to be a part of the ever-changing online advertising industry again, Keono was established. Today, Keono is a digital media advertising pioneer specializing in delivering new customers to the world’s best-known and respected brands. Through digital and traditional marketing channels, strategic vision, innovative digital services and digital strategy, Keono produces industry-leading customer acquisition campaigns.

Keono started its odyssey with the first product which was email list rental. The company got a really good response to its first project roll out and its initial clients were some of the giant advertisers like AT&T, Progressive Auto Insurance, Verizon and many others. These companies spent significant marketing dollars every month on new customer acquisition but since Keono was extremely good with email and driving new consumers to become new customers, they came to Keono for their acquisition programs. As the first project roll-out, the email list rental was so successful that the company was profitable within 2 months and revenues far exceeded Michael’s goals.

The key to the company’s success is its reputably sourced, hygienic and responsive data. Keono’s database is over 125 million records and contains significant information on consumers’ demographics and online behaviors. The company has servers in the cloud and utilizes many ESP’s throughout the world.

Today, Keono is a well-respected and socially conscious company featuring an outstanding reputation within the industry.

Overcoming Hurdles

Success sans hard work is a sheer myth. No company has ever succeeded without overcoming any hurdle or challenge. Just like any other new born company, Keono also faced few hurdles during its initial days.

Forming that perfect team for a long run was quite difficult for Keono. The initial team that the company formed did not remain the same team when the company reached the next level. Keono had to remove some of the key team members in 2015-16 and replaced them with team members that have greatly expanded the company in the past couple of years. The impact was immediate and the company experienced significant growth in 2016 and 2017. It was a tough decision but the team knew it was the right decision and everyone supported each other through the transition.

The company has grown organically over the years and without outside investment. From new services, database expansion and hiring, everything has come from hard work and existing cash flow from profits.

After overcoming every hurdle that came on the way, today Keono rapidly expanding its team and revenues nearly doubled in 2017 with similar growth planned for 2018.

The Assets to the Company

Having an effective culture is a great thing for the employees, for the business and for the communities. And Keono has created a culture that drives behaviors and results.

The online advertising industry will always experience concerns when it comes to privacy. Advertisers will always want new customers thus advertise constantly, yet consumers will always be faced with privacy concerns. The industry pioneers have built and are maintaining the industry best practices which allow Keono to play on both sides of the equation. Advertisers always come and stay with Keono as the company consistently generates strong leads and new customers to its advertisers.

Keono’s teamwork and service levels are second to none. The company spends a ton of time hiring the right people and the team works extremely well together. Being respected and having a strong reputation in the industry, the company’s clients and vendors trust Keono and know how much it cares about the industry.

The work culture and dedication has made Keono one of the most popular in the industry. Everything Keono does is about trust, communication, reputation and service. Even when it does make mistakes, it omits them and shows its clients and vendors that it is doing everything possible to correct the issues.

The Future Sight

Keono continues to roll out new digital multi-channel services. The company continues to transition from an email agency to an agency that does email, display, social and mobile programs for its major advertisers.

The online advertising pioneers believe that the core values of service, results, reputation, and teamwork will continue to drive Keono forward and will continue to have more talent, services, clients, revenues, and profits in the coming years.

Greet the Chief

Michael Medema is the Founder, President, and CEO at Keono. Michael is a successful entrepreneur and multi-channel marketer and has served as a key player at several direct and digital marketing companies during his 25-year career. A testament to his success and leadership abilities, he has taken Keono from a start-up digital agency to one of the leading multi-channel digital agencies in the country. An expert in interactive marketing, lead generation and big data web analytics, Michael has successfully become one of the digital marketing leading executives in the industry.

“A business will always have its ups and downs. However, having quality values across the organization will typically get you through these ups and downs. At Keono, our values are consistent and we work together to achieve success.”