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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

Healthcare The next big thing in Cloud: iPatientCare

Positioned as one of the nation’s most respectful Healthcare IT company with the most complete and integrated Cloud-based product suite for ambulatory and inpatient care settings, iPatientCare offers innovative and easy-to-use software solutions meant for physicians/hospitals/health systems/rural health clinics and patients.

As Bernie Sanders had once said, “The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost- effective way”. iPatientCare has always been focused on improving patient health, increasing patient safety and enhancing patient care since the release of its first Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution on Palm Pilot in 1997. From 1997 through 2000, the company developed various modules of the complete EHR and served thousands of physicians and clinicians through its innovative mobile products. In fact, it was the US Army which noticed iPatientCare’s mobile computing capabilities in 2000, and awarded a multi-million, multi-year contract until 2003 that helped iPatientCare position itself as an enterprise software solutions company and deployed 3,000+ software licenses for serving eight brigades and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Recognizing the “white space” of opportunity presented by the Physicians’ Offices market segment, typically known as an ambulatory care setting, iPatientCare rapidly ramped up its core products to serve numerous practices, both primary care and specialty-focused, nationwide and evolved an integrated Cloud-based product suite consisting of EHR, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, mHealth and Health Information Exchange. Since 2003, the company has won numerous prestigious awards, special recognitions and certifications mandated by the Federal Government.

Today, iPatientCare is recognized as one of the leading national healthcare IT vendors because of its innovative products and value-added consulting services.

Building a strong relationship with the healthcare providers and patients
As a witness to iPatientCare’s product/service efficiency, Dr. Tina K. Monlezun, DNP, Lake Arthur Health Clinic, Lake Arthur, LA, says, “I can’t think of any vendor that can provide us such spontaneous service… iPatientCare has proficiently handled most of our enhancement requests. They speak our language; understand our needs and also the criticality of the urgency in medical offices.”

With a wide array of products/services, iPatientCare not only helps healthcare providers in engaging their patients but also enables improvement in the patient’s health by enhancing the quality of care delivered by healthcare providers. iPatientCare has successfully positioned itself as a thought-leader in the US healthcare IT space by offering easy-to-use, certified and integrated product suite over the cloud using SaaS business model. Additionally, the company offers high-end of value-added services/consulting and hosting/implementation/training support services to its customers. It is iPatientCare’s mission to reduce the healthcare costs by better chronic care management, reduced 90-day rehospitalization and reduced admissions to hospitals & emergency rooms. “Utilizing Microsoft .net framework, SQL Server and Visual Studio, we offer our products/services faster, cheaper and at the point-of-care”, said Kedar Mehta, Chief Technology Officer, iPatientCare.

a) Electronic Health Record
b) Professional and Institutional Billing system
c) Patient Engagement Suite
d) Health Information Exchange
e)mHealth Apps for Physicians and Patients
f) Wearable Apps on Google Glass and Apple &Androidware Watches
g) Revenue Cycle Management Services
h) Quality Improvement Consulting Services

Transforming healthcare by putting information to work
As with most tech companies, there are challenges that iPatientCare faced while addressing the needs of the market segment it was resolved to serve. iPatientCare’s challenges have been acquiring and retaining customers, namely, physicians’ offices, which are known to be extremely fragmented across the nation. Additionally, physicians are more focused on their patients and their care than the technology. Physicians do not see operating their practices like a typical business organization is run. With Medicare cutting on their reimbursements, most physicians’ offices are constrained on their IT budgets, and feel very uncomfortable in dealing with a nickel-and-dime kind of pricing models which most tech companies used to offer. Yet iPatientCare has managed to serve this market segment successfully, thanks to its innovative and competitive pricing model, Cloud-based technology, and personalized support to their physician users. iPatientCare serves more than 60,000 users nation-wide belonging to both primary and specialty care settings, and boasts of a list of clientele that includes US Army, NASA Space Medicine, St. John Providence Health System, Winthrop University Hospital, etc. iPatientCare is not satisfied with its achievements at home. It has ambitious plans to expand its reach to global markets in the near future.

“The completeness of our product suite, delivery of our products/services over the Cloud or being SaaS, commitment to Microsoft technologies and the best practices, aggressive pricing points, high quality of implementation/training/ongoing support and clear and compelling vision of “better outcomes, reduced cost, meaningfully”, is what differentiates iPatientCare from others in the domain”, said jubilant UdayanMandavia, President/CEO, iPatientCare.

Knowing the Key Executives
Udayan K. MandaviaPresident & CEO
With 25 plus years of experience in practicing as a Management Consultant before plunging into the entrepreneurial venture of iPatientCare, Udayan is recognized for his clear vision, disruptive innovative spirit, commitment to building business institutions founded on ethical values and Indian ethos, and ruthless customer focus.

Kedar Mehta- CTO
With 20 plus years of experience in developing innovative products and serving customers, Kedar has been the brain behind iPatientCare’s products and services. It is his relentless push to evolve SaaS based products and an ability to retain a team of high-performing technologists that has made iPatientCare a national healthcare IT leader. He is known for his deep insights into the market’s perceived needs and fulfilling these needs by developing products that offer rich Web GUI and superior software architecture.