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Healthe Care: the leading pan-Asian health care services group

thesiliconreview-steve-atkins-ceo-healthe-care-17Healthe Care Australia is a subsidiary of Luye Medical, the healthcare service division of Luye Group. As a leading pan-Asian healthcare services group, the Healthe Care management team is dedicated to working with other Luye Executives to explore growth opportunities across South East Asia and China.

The firm is the third largest corporate private hospital operator in Australia and one of the country’s largest privately-owned healthcare organizations. Healthe Care employs near 7,000 people and operates a portfolio of 35 hospitals located in major cities and key regional areas across Australia and one in New Zealand. These include around 2,500 beds and 70 operating theatres. They also provide a range of outpatient services including workplace rehabilitation and community nursing which offer patients flexibility and continuity of care beyond their hospital stay. Healthe Care is also one of the largest private providers in the mental health sector, offering near 800 beds across Australia.

The company has a simple philosophy. They aim to provide people with the right tools, information and services to empower people to take control of their own health. Healthe Care has a strong portfolio of businesses that works together to deliver premium health services to clients as well as patients.

Driven by values

Healthe Care is committed to building a supportive working environment. They place people above everything else by providing employees, clients and stakeholders with leadership that is inspirational and encourages them to be the best they can be. Their philosophy is based on the belief that work-life conflicts have an impact on employee satisfaction and enjoyment within the workplace. Hence they focus on providing employees with flexible work arrangements to enable them to participate in the workforce and fulfill their family and lifestyle commitments.

By providing a transparent environment where people are treated with dignity, respect and understanding, the firm welcomes optimism and creative initiatives with open arms. What makes the firm stand apart is the fact that even in this age they are open and honest in all their dealings with fellow employees, clients and stakeholders. They provide an environment where people are encouraged to think beyond the traditional boundaries and be the best they can be. Healthe Care encourages vitality, enthusiasm and creativity from the employees, clients and stakeholders. They believe that diversity breeds a creative and optimistic environment. The firm is committed to working with employees, patients and stakeholders to promote and advance the organization in a professional manner. They believe that empowering and supporting people is what breeds success.

Employee Satisfaction all the way

Healthe Care is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all patients while providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. They provide access to best practice information, training, instruction, and supervision necessary to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved. Further, the company adopts a continuous evaluation approach which aims to improve the current level of satisfaction amongst staff. This is done by actively seeking staff feedback through various channels including satisfaction surveys.

Healthe Care employees are asked to complete a questionnaire each year, to assist the firm in providing a working environment which meets the changing needs of the entire team.

Table of facts 

  • 35 hospitals across 5 states, 4 capital cities and major regional areas in Australia and 1 in New Zealand
  • 7,000 employees working in Healthe Care’s portfolio of businesses
  • 2,500 beds in some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s premier private hospital facilities
  • Over 630,000 patient days per annum
  • Over 110,000 operations performed per annum
  • Over 2,500 babies delivered each year

Corporate Governance

Healthe Care recognizes that success is not only measured on profits and growth but is also attributed to the way in which one relates to patients, employees, doctors and community. They believe that by integrating the financial performance with non-financial criteria one enhances the value for all stakeholders.

The company’s Corporate Responsibility framework governs the way in which they conduct the business and the outcomes of their actions. Healthe Care accepts responsibility for the impact of its activities on stakeholders, employees, doctors, patients, communities and the environment. They are focused on creating long term value for shareholders and investors, managing risk and building a culture of open and transparent communications. The firm is committed to providing quality care and technology to patients and the communities in which they operate while reducing the environmental impact of their businesses.

The man behind the success

Steve Atkins is Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Healthe Care. Steve has over 20 years of senior management experience in health care spanning acquisition, management and growth of private hospitals, sports medicine and workplace health businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Nursing, an MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety. He has also been a board member of the Australian Private Hospitals Association.

“We listen, recognize and reward our people’s achievements”