10 Fastest Growing Legal Solution Providers 2018

Helping Clients Deliver More For Less and Increasing the Value They Offer Their Own Clients: Integreon

thesiliconreview-bob-rowe-chief-executive-officer-integreon-18Founded in 1998, Integreon is a trusted, global provider of award-winning legal, document, business and research support solutions to leading law firms, legal departments, financial institutions and professional services firms. The company applies a highly trained, experienced staff of 2,400 associates globally to a wide range of problems that require scale and expertise, enabling clients to become more operationally efficient by streamlining operations, maximizing investment and improving the quality of work they provide their end clients.

Working in more than 50 languages and interacting with people in more than 140 countries, Integreon operates 14 delivery centers across four continents, with locations in the US, UK, India, China, Philippines and South Africa. Integreon offers multi-lingual, around-the-clock support, as well as, onshore, offshore and onsite delivery of its award-winning services.

“Collaborating with the world’s most forward-thinking firms, we deliver insight that enables clients to make smarter business decisions and do more for less. We are widely recognized for our excellence and leadership, and regularly listed among the world’s top outsourcing providers by industry analysts.”

The Integreon Philosophy and Approach


“Integreon aims to be the most trusted provider of outsourced legal, document, business and research services to discerning professionals. Our philosophy is built on three key values:

Teamwork: We are inspired to work together as part of a global business.

Performance: We deliver quality services to our clients which provide value for money.

Passion: We are dedicated to making a positive contribution to Integreon and the communities in which we live.

Together, these values serve as an inspiration and a reference. They inform everything we do, from putting our clients first, to growing a diverse workplace, to building our corporate social responsibility program. Through them, we are One Integreon and we are better partners to our clients, our Associates, and our communities.”


“We partner with our clients to determine their strengths, build on them with custom solutions and work to refine them every day. As part of our ongoing service delivery, we measure quality regularly, report diligently and never stop looking for opportunities for continuous improvement. With such a singular focus on client service and outcomes, we have become a highly-awarded company in the outsourcing field.”

Top-Class Services

Integreon is redefining the way forward-thinking organizations operate in today’s global economy. Its legal, document, research and business support services deliver transformative results, enabling clients to save time, energy and money while focusing on what they do best.”

Legal Services

Integreon put a world of experience at the command, with award-winning onshore, offshore and on-site solutions, including e-discovery and document review, contract review and management, due diligence and compliance through its global network of delivery centers and resources.

Document Services

Documents are often the first impression one makes on a potential client. Integreon’s global delivery centers and highly trained Associates are available around the clock, with processing, presentation, transcription, proofreading and other services to help to make the right impression every time.

Business Services

Business does certain things brilliantly. Let us do the rest. From new client contacts to cash collections, and sourcing a service to managing the contracts, outsourcing the support services to Integreon reduces costs and improves quality, enabling you to focus on clients.

Research Services

Integreon offer a diverse set of services; tools and techniques help understanding markets, customers, industries and regions across the globe. Integreon’s strategic research, business information and financial research & analysis services draw on a global network of people, data sources, and delivery centers.


“Integreon has a good understanding of SNL’s client base since they’ve historically provided business critical services to many of the same customers. They’ve proven they can leverage their local knowledge and employer brand in the Manila market to quickly deliver the high caliber talent and physical infrastructure SNL needs to support our growing global client base, particularly as we expand into Asian markets.”

- Tom Corbitt, Chief Administrative Officer, SNL Financial

“Integreon’s library and information services provide us with access to a vast pool of skilled librarians and researchers. We now have a more scalable library service, which can support our commitment to service excellence. By partnering with Integreon, we’re empowering our lawyers with the high-quality support services they need to enable them to deliver the best possible legal services to our clients.”

- Operations Director, Top 100 UK Law Firm

“Our commitment to teamwork, performance, and passion has made a difference for both our clients and the communities and it has supported us in building our corporate DNA.”