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Helping clients identify and combat cyber threats: ThreatStream


Founded in 2013, ThreatStream currently employs over 65 people, have over 55 enterprise customers, including many in the fortune 100. With offices in the US and EMEA, it is the pioneer of an enterprise class threat intelligence platform, combining comprehensive threat data collection, prioritization, and analytics with secure collaboration in a vetted community. Offering the broadest enterprise security infrastructure integration available, the company enables organizations to proactively identify and combat cyber threats targeting their operations.

ThreatStream was founded by Greg Martin, a cyber security expert with over 15 years industry experience. He has held CISO, product, consulting, and management roles over the span of his career. He was actively involved battling cyber criminals as a technical adviser to the FBI, the United States Secret Service, and NASA, and has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies as a practice-leading consultant for ArcSight (acquired by HP). Greg is an advocate of the open source movement and the original author of Bad Harvest (Formerly ArcOSI), which spawned a revolution in data driven security tools and products.

Efficiently Utilizing IT Resources and preventing Financial Losses
Every time an informed decision is made in a timely manner, one prevents system downtime, the theft of confidential data, the protect of intellectual property, and ultimately saves an organization’s reputation and customers. Not only would these incidents cost a company upfront, but post-incident remediation and restoration costs can run in the millions of dollars.

Threat intelligence generation is a time consuming and resource intensive process, Most organizations do not have the means required to generate contextually relevant, in time intelligence. Instead of engaging internal resources to organically generate this intelligence, leveraging platforms that are designed to automatically aggregate and integrate this intelligence in an organizations’ current security infrastructure can free staff for other needs, thus saving an enterpris hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ThreatStream generally works with the CISO of a large enterprise who is looking for cyber security solutions to protect their organization. ThreatStream has customers in the financial services, energy, education, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Making Your Security Investments Smarter
Developing threat intelligence is a methodical, iterative, and constantly evolving process. ThreatStream focuses on providing a platform that automates these steps to generate contextually relevant, actionable, prioritized, and machine-readable threat intelligence. The ThreatStream Optic™ Threat Intelligence Platform is capable of delivering machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) to your existing security solutions, and accelerates the on-premise detection, prevention, and remediation ofthreats.

Your Security Solution (SIEM, Firewall, IDS/IPS, Web Gateway)
ThreatStream Intelligence
ThreatStream provides unmatched integrations of its threat intelligence with industry leading security solutions. Seamless, automated, custom integrations deliver real-time threat intelligence to these security solutions. In most cases, integrations include content, apps, or add-ons so you can start using threat feeds in meaningful ways within minutes.

ThreatStream integrates seamlessly with HP ArcSight, Bit9 Carbon Black, Cloudera, Infoblox, LogRhythm, Splunk, IBM QRadar, McAfee NitroSecurity, RSA Security Analytics, Palo Alto Networks, Maltego, and Tanium.

ThreatStream’s Leadership Team Hugh Njemanze, CEO
Hugh has an illustrious 30-year career in the enterprise software industry. Hugh co-founded ArcSight in May 2000 and served as CTO as well as Executive Vice President of Research and Development. He led product development, information technology deployment, and product research at ArcSight, and expanded these responsibilities to lead all engineering and R&D efforts for HP’s Enterprise Security Products group, the organization that ArcSight became part of post-acquisition. Hugh was recently an advisor and entrepreneur at investment firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). Prior to joining ArcSight, Hugh worked as the CTO at Verity, where he led product development, and before that he was at Apple in software engineering, where he was one of the key architects behind the Data Access Language (DAL). Hugh is a CISSP and holds a B.S. in computer science from Purdue University. He was also honored with the Northern California Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur of The Year award in 2010.

Nancy Bush, CFO

Nancy Bush brings over 25 years of financial and operational management expertise in the dynamic technology industry. Her background in successfully scaling multiple Silicon Valley-based high-technology companies includes rapidly growing companies within the security and SAAS industry. Nancy was the acting CFO and Vice President of Finance at Fortinet and VP of Finance at ArcSight. She has also served as the Vice President of Finance at Adaptive Insights, Packeteer and Maxtor and held Senior Director of Finance positions at Terayon and SGI.

Colby DeRodeff, CSO
Colby has spent his career working with global organizations guiding best practices and empowering the use of security and fraud products across government, finance, e-commerce, and healthcare industries.

In this capacity he has been exposed to countless security, fraud and organizational challenges giving him a unique perspective on today’s threat landscape. Colby has held senior leadership positions with both ArcSight, and Silver Tail Systems and played an instrumental role in the successful IPO of ArcSight as well as the acquisition of both companies by HP and RSA / EMC respectively. Recognized as an expert in the field of IT security, Colby’s primary areas of focus are fraud, insider threat, the convergence of physical and logical security, as well as enterprise security and information management. Colby is a well-respected industry spokesperson and a published author of “The Convergence of Physical and Logical Security.”

Rick Wescott, VP Worldwide Sales
Rick Wescott has over 20 years experience in delivering over-quota sales performance and team revenue growth for security companies.

Jason Trost, VP Threat Research
Jason Trost has worked in security for more than ten years, and he has several years of experience leveraging big data technologies for security data mining and analytics. He is deeply interested in network security, DFIR, honeypots, big data and machine learning. He is currently focused on building highly scalable systems for processing, analyzing, and visualizing high speed network/security events in real-time as well as systems for analyzing massive amounts of malware. He is a regular attendee of Big Data and security conferences, and he has spoken at Blackhat, BSidesSF, BSidesLV, FloCon, and Hadoop Summit. He has contributed to several security and big data related open source projects including the Modern Honey Network (MHN), BinaryPig, ElasticSearch, Apache Accumulo, and Apache Storm.

Gabe Martinez, VP Customer Success
Gabe Martinez has more than 15 years in the security industry. He has a wide range of experience from designing and implementing security architectures to performing risk assessments for government and classified environments, as well as large enterprises.

Wei Huang, VP Engineering Wei has more than 20 years
experience building enterprise software in the security and data analytics industries. He was instrumental in designing and building the ArcSight CORR-Engine: the big data platform with 10-to-1 data compression and 5X faster query performance than Oracle RDBMS.