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Helping clients navigate change for lasting success: BearingPoint

thesiliconreview-peter-mockler-managing-partner-bearingpoint-2017In August 2009, BearingPoint founding partners sealed the deal that set the company on its way as an independent firm of management and technology consultants wholeheartedly committed to the long-term success of its clients and its partnership.

The company had a strong foundation for its MBO. Many of them were working together at the European arm of the former BearingPoint Inc. These roots in consulting’s major players have added to its strengths and distinctive character.

“We were a newly independent firm with a long history and understanding of how to deliver quality, serve clients and operate efficiently. Between us we had a deep pool of diverse experience and expertise, a real understanding of what to do and what not to do to succeed. In essence, we were an established start-up. From day one we have been able to draw on this great heritage in consulting – taking the best with us forward on our journey of excellence,” says Peter Mockler, Managing Partner.

Advanced Analytics Experts

At a time when data is growing fast and the jungle of technologies and offers available are increasing, the need for guidance in processing data and deriving tangible and operational insights is greater than ever.

We provide a unique Big Data and advanced analytics platform that offers cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms, including HyperCube, our own proprietary algorithm. The platform enables the upload of big datasets and offers all the options required for data management, data visualization and both predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics.

In a few words, HyperCube is an intuitive scalable platform aimed at non-specialists and advanced users, which can be integrated via API and enables secure data management.

Additionally, to this platform, we deliver powerful applications tailored to a company’s specific business needs. We provide data science services along the whole data value chain in order to adapt our solutions to each specific client issue. We help companies unlock value from their data thanks to advanced analytics and machine learning techniques.

Digital Ecosystem Management experts

Our research suggests the fourth industrial revolution, as the World Economic Forum calls it, is estimated to create a new addressable market worth $8 trillion by 2025.

In the current macroeconomic environment, achieving healthy growth has become a challenge for many companies. A select few however, have been able to buck the trend and achieve extraordinary growth by developing digital ecosystems connecting consumers, producers and innovators. From Alibaba to Uber, these ‘digital native’ companies have created flexible digital platforms that have enabled them to leapfrog competition and revolutionize their industries. ‘Digital Ecosystem Management’ is the new discipline for all companies, and we help our clients to adopt and adapt its principles to create a new way to grow.

Success story of a happy client

Objectives of the project: Congo-Brazzaville engaged BearingPoint to develop an incubator strategy to help nurture its young entrepreneurial ICT sector, identified as a key strategic growth area for the country.

Measurable & concrete results: For an incubator to be successful, it must have a physical site, attract private enterprise and yield economic benefits to the nation. Garnering state support is the chief prerequisite for all these requirements. BearingPoint clinched that support by showing how the government could stimulate the installation of incubators, and the way was paved for attracting and developing private companies. 

In addition, at the time of the project Congo did not have any laboratories to speak of. Yet in collaborating with BearingPoint they were able to expedite the start-up establishment phase. Today there are over 34 recognised incubators in Central Africa.

Key success factors: BearingPoint’s considerable experience working in Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular, was brought to bear in this project. Critical, too, was BearingPoint’s specialist knowledge of African development and the emerging digital industry across the continent. BearingPoint’s methodology also set it apart.

What BearingPoint did: Rigorous research of incubators, born of specific national and international contexts, was undertaken. And extensive consultation with stakeholders, including universities, business representatives and public officials, also took place. Using those learnings together with BearingPoint’s expertise, a framework was created, and ultimately a site for the incubators was identified.

Stronger for longer; says Peter Mockler

Who knows what the future will hold. We can’t be sure, but we can be confident. We can be confident that we will continue to focus on creating ever greater levels of client intimacy – devoting our intelligence and adaptability to their long-term interests. We will nurture these clients for life through ever more exciting and valuable co-developments and ventures. We will go further and faster together as one firm.

And we will do this by making the most of our distinctive brand of adaptive intelligence. We will build a strong and coherent brand experience and truly lead the way in helping our clients navigate change for lasting success.

Man behind the success

Peter Mockler, Managing Partner

The management team is led by the Managing Partner Peter Mockler who successfully accomplished the European management buyout, establishing BearingPoint as an independent, partner-owned management and technology consultancy. He was elected Managing Partner for the first time in 2009, guided our firm through the transformation process and further developed our practice and offerings to clients. Having been re-elected in 2012 as Managing Partner, Peter established two new firm-wide management positions (CDO and COO) in order to drive BearingPoint to a new level. In 2015, Peter has been re-elected for a third term as Managing Partner. Peter has more than 25 years of international experience in the consulting market and has been a Partner with the firm since 1997.

“Our brand promise sums up who we are and what we live up to.”