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Helping Clients Prepare, Protect and Prosper : Chameleon Integrated Services

thesiliconreview-jeff-kelley-ceo-chameleon-integrated-services-17Pursuing Excellence by Consistently Exceeding Expectations.

Chameleon Integrated Ser­vices is an accomplished Information Technology solutions provider that delivers a wide range of consulting, support and services to the Department of Defense and Federal Government agencies and organizations worldwide. Since its founding in 2003, Chameleon has recruited sought-after IT employees from across the country with a wide range of backgrounds, including many with high level security clearances, and leveraged their strengths into high performing teams that consistently provide solutions for our nation’s security.

With its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO, and a National Capital Headquarters in Bowie, MD, the company also maintains offices in Montgomery, AL, Denver, CO, and Atlanta, GA. Chameleon’s executive team leads an experienced organization and maintains strong fiscal oversight to support mission-critical requirements in geographically dispersed regions within the United States and around the world.

“Our clients’ mission is always central to what we do,” says Jeff Kelley, CEO of Chameleon. “Their IT challenges stem from the goals they are trying to achieve, and we help prepare them to achieve their goals, protect them from the always increasing cyber threats and make sure they prosper in their endeavors, both personally and organizationally.”

Chameleon has expanded over the years with a singular aim in mind: to better serve its customers. Last year it was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for the third time. “As we’ve grown, our people have always been our biggest asset and the primary reason for our success,” Kelley adds. “We’ve been fortunate to find an extraordinarily talented group of people who come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences and who all share a focus on our customers’ successes. When our customers succeed, we succeed as an organization as well as individually.”

Chameleon’s organizational structure and management style, which encourages open, two-way communication with employees, is a big reason for the company’s success. “Chameleon is an extremely flat organization. We don’t have a lot of the hierarchy that many larger firms might have,” Kelley notes. “Our clients expect agility, and this structure allows us to remain nimble. The flatness of our organizational structure allows us to neutralize some of the politics that comes from a more vertical hierarchy.”

Chameleon also believes in sharing successes and reinvesting in its employees, “When we help our clients prosper, we as a company prosper and we are able to invest that back into our employees so they prosper too,” says Drew Acree, President of Chameleon. “We get to know our employees’ career goals and provide them with the right mix of mentoring, training and development plans to help them get there. The combination of those things keeps each individual ever evolving at the forefront of our industry and their careers. In our industry, that’s the most important aspect of keeping the best people.”

“We set out to hire great people from a diverse set of backgrounds and professional experiences,” Acree adds. “To bring the best out of our employees, we strike a balance between autonomy and support. Most people are going to feel rewarded by having autonomy, yet most people also realize they are better as a team of people who come at it from their individual strengths around a common bond of delivering for our clients.”

“We’ve been around long enough to recognize the challenges that evolve with each stage of our business and anticipate those changes rather than react to them,” Kelley says. “When you’re out in front, you’re more apt to set the right course compared to when you’re reacting. Our customers and our employees are all counting on us to be out in front.”

Looking ahead, Chameleon plans to maintain its focus on the IT needs of the Federal Government agencies and Department of Defense that have been central to the business to date.  However, the level of sophistication, complexity, and paramount importance of security in the Government space translate well into the private sector. Chameleon expects to have a more balanced mix between Government and Private Sector clients develop in future years.

Employees’ Manifestoes

“I have only been with Chameleon for a few short months and upon initial contact and thereafter, I have found them to be professional and knowledgeable of the defense environment as well as considerate to all employees and they definitely promote a team environment.”-Denise, Software Developer

“Being a part of the Chameleon team was a wonderful experience. The environment at Chameleon allowed me to learn and grow as an employee, and it was clear that I was among individuals who are at the top of their fields and very passionate about what they do.”-Ann, Office Manager

Applaud the Head Crew

thesiliconreview-drew-acree-president-chameleon-integrated-services-17Jeff Kelley, CEO and Co-owner: Kelley is the CEO of Unitech Consulting, LLC (D/B/A Chameleon Integrated Services) and serves on its Advisory Board.  He is responsible for the strategic vision, financial infrastructure, and all aspects of corporate operations.  In addition, Kelley serves as an advisor for business development and customer relationship management. Prior to joining founding Unitech Consulting, Kelley founded Interlock Resources, Inc. and was a partner/owner in other Information Technology firms.

Drew Acree, President and Co-owner:  Acree is the President and co-Founder of Unitech Consulting, LLC (D/B/A Chameleon Integrated Services) and serves on its Advisory Board. Acree interfaces with Government leadership and develops and executes strategic plans focused on helping the company meet long-term performance targets. Prior to joining founding Unitech Consulting, Acree was in Business Development focused on IT managed services projects and staff augmentation. 

“As a client-centric solutions provider, our subject matter experts (SMEs) leverage years of experience developing innovative strategies while providing economic value to our customers.”