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Helping Companies Manage their Mission Critical API Integrations: Nevatech


We are highly attuned to the dynamic nature of our clients’ business and our product reflects that quality.”

 Nevatech was founded by service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application program interface (API) management technology experts in 2011. By that time, the whole IT industry had accepted the fact that in the modern API economy, APIs and Web Services were not just the way that to do business, but the way to stay in business. Today, virtually no organization can avoid having or using APIs.

Organizations of all sizes, ranging small companies to large enterprises, build their APIs to extend their business capabilities and to offer new business opportunities via relevant IT and API initiatives. APIs are massively used to effectively integrate large–scale enterprise applications, enable B2B partnerships, provide consumers and employees with mobility, and to support IoT infrastructures. At the same time, API Management software infrastructures and tools are now recognized as “must have” elements for every API-enabled solution.

Even though Web Services and APIs are technology and platform neutral concepts (which makes them really effective), organizations lean towards those API Management vendor products that best fit an organization’s environment, primary technology stack and available resources. The Nevatech team realized that the market does not really offer API Governance and API Management products that would be native for organizations that build their IT initiatives on the Microsoft platform, or have to integrate their Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies to the fullest extent possible. So unlike all of the Java API Management products available on the market, Nevatech was formed to offer an API Management solution that provides particular benefits for a Microsoft-centric organization. Using very unique and extensive expertise in this particular area, Nevatech founders and engineers have developed the Sentinet API Management product and acquired the first large-scale, enterprise customer in the same year that Nevatech was launched.

Today, five years later, the fourth major version of the product is extensively used by a large number of enterprise and mid-size customers who delegated their API Management tasks and challenges to the Nevatech Sentinet product.

The Unique Factor
Nevatech is a 100% Microsoft-built product, that covers on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. This makes it unique in the API Management market that is dominated by the Java products. It also combines API design-time Governance and run-time API Management in a single product while offering support for both SOAP services and REST

APIs. Importantly, its customers often highlight the ease of use of the product combined with the extensive set of specific capabilities and features.

Service Highlights
Nevatech Sentinet™ product is an installable API Management software solution that is 100% built on, and runs on, Microsoft technology. Sentinet combines capabilities of an API Governance tool with the capabilities of an API Management infrastructure, and it covers on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments – all by a single unified software product. It supports legacy SOAP and modern REST APIs to the fullest extent and according to all widely adopted and emerging industry standards.

By using Nevatech’s products, customers can focus their efforts and resources on the business and implementation details of their services and APIs, while delegating common and non-business-related API Management tasks such as API governance, security, and monitoring, among many others, to the Nevatech products. As a result, customer API solutions are delivered faster and with fewer resources required, and they operate in a reliable and controlled production environment.

The Road Ahead
Nevatech stays focused on API Management evolution and market trends while continuously adding features and capabilities to its products. The release cycles include several minor releases per year with a major new version release every 18 to 24 months. The most important focus areas on the horizon for Nevatech will continue to be cloud, mobility and IoT.

 The Client Spectrum
The company’s target clientele consists of mid to large-size organizations that recognize the value of API Management for their business and IT initiatives. Because we are known for delivering an exceptional product that offers high ROI, our customers tend be companies that are focused on tangible results and high ROI from API Management vendor products. Nevatech also sees significant interests from customers that have very specific concerns and challenges around API security, monitoring and auditing.

Nevatech’s clients include European Rabo Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Business Development Bank of Canada. Among insurance companies, Chubb – the world’s largest publicly traded casualty and property insurer, and Baloise, one of the largest European all-industry insurance provider, are also clients. City of Stockholm is a good example of a government agency that for many years has actively used Sentinet for their API solutions in order to provide integrated electronic services to the city’s population.

“Sentinet is the best-suited product for API Governance and API Management, especially when Microsoft technologies are involved.”– Sam Vanhoutte, Chief Technology Officer, Codit

 “By using Sentinet for BizTalk, our SOA and API architecture’s development and maintenance cycles have been lowered 5 to 10 times. A task that took a week before is now solved within a day.”  – Jörgen Niesen, Chief IT Architect, City of Stockholm Executive Office.

Meet the Master

Andrew Slivker, Co-Founder and CTO: Andrew has spent more than a decade building and managing API Governance and API Management software platforms that bring business capacity to enterprise customers. He designed integration systems that are used around the world and handle billions of transactions per year. A Microsoft technologies veteran with more than 30 years of experience in software architecture and implementations, Andrew has worked in large enterprise organizations and successful startups. Prior to joining Nevatech he served as a Director of Microsoft Development for Akana, and Senior VP of Applications Development for Listman Home Technologies where he designed and orchestrated development of the world’s first Microsoft-based SOA implementation of the Universal Plug-and-Play Home Automation system. As a Chief Technology Officer of Nevatech, he works on the next-generation API Management and API Governance solutions with unique focus on support and integration with Microsoft technology stacks and Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

“Our clients praise our products for the combination of the richness of functionally, ease of use, and exceptional support that all ultimately result in high ROI.”