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10 Fastest Growing SAAS Solution Providers 2017

Helping companies to treat candidates like customers: Beamery

thesiliconreview-abakar-saidov-ceo-beamery-17The most successful modern brands put the customer first. They obsess about providing a highly tailored online and offline experience and engaging consumers on their terms. In short, the rules of engagement, the way companies think about approaching people, have changed.

Sales and marketing teams have developed sophisticated tools and processes to deliver this consumer experience but recruiting, another department tasked with attracting and engaging people, hasn’t evolved as fast.

In fact, hiring process can be a pretty jarring contrast. All too often, when people apply for jobs, they don’t hear back and they leave the process with a very different opinion of your company than when they started it.

The outdated processes that accompany this poor candidate experience make it hard for companies to hire the best talent. Hiring traditionally relies on a moment of serendipity. You rely on your ideal candidate coming across your open job at the moment that they’re available. As you might imagine, this rarely happens.

In short, the status quo was broken. Something needed to change.

Enter Beamery

During the recession, the brothers and friends Abakar, Sultan and Mike saw how even with few jobs and with plenty of great candidates available, companies were still struggling to hire. The companies were waiting for the perfect people, to find the perfect roles, at the perfect time, with only their resume to differentiate them. Beamery was born.

Beamery enables companies to take a more relationship-centric approach in hiring, driving personalized experiences at every level of the candidate journey with Recruitment CRM and marketing automation software.

The company lets companies leverage tactics that have long been established in sales and marketing to tackle these issues. Instead of waiting for applications that might never come, the likes of Facebook, VMware and Balfour Beatty are taking a more proactive approach to recruiting - building pipelines of target candidates and marketing their brand and available roles to them over time.

They focus on building relationships with the best candidates, not just the ones that are immediately available, and, with the same insights into pipeline and forecasting that sales leaders rely on, they have an understanding of where they need to invest resources to be successful long-term.

Data driven from day one

Data has always been a pain point for recruiting teams. There’s a lot of information about candidates available online, but few companies have a way to leverage it effectively.

With Beamery’s first product, the Recruitment CRM, the company focused on giving recruitment teams a way to create a complete talent intelligence hub. Beamery enriches every candidate’s record with data from social and professional networks, emails, website activity and information from the systems that companies used to manage applicants and past applications. Every profile is kept up to date automatically, turning a company’s database into a living asset that never goes out of date.

With all of this data at your fingertips, it’s easy for recruiters to search through candidate profiles, identify relevant people to speak to within seconds and build relationships far more effectively.

Putting engagement first

To help companies attract and engage the candidates that are a great fit for their business, Beamery took another step forward to create a complete system of engagement - a marketing platform. It’s a way for a company to impact every experience a candidate has with the firm; from the first time they encounter the brand online, to the communication they receive from the recruiters.

Beamery is solving a real problem. If organizations want to be successful nowadays, they have to think long and hard about how they engage candidates, and Beamery provides the software that makes it really simple. Beamery is growing consistently and is dead set on creating a unique product that enables recruiting teams to behave in different ways.

The struggle behind the scene

“Online you are not a candidate or a customer, you are both”- based on this simple idea, a platform was created for predictive marketing and data-science in recruitment, empowering companies to treat candidates like customers.

The success story might sound very pleasant, but there is always a struggle behind. Just like every other startup, Beamery also faced a couple of hurdles in its initial days. A big challenge the team faced at Beamery was education. The dilemma was: how can the company make sure that the market understands the need for software like theirs, and how can it make sure that recruiters understand exactly how to use it? If one doesn’t answer these questions, then it’s just “another tool”. But, Beamery has overcome every challenge and hurdle coming on it’s way.

With a mission to transform the role of recruiting to a core strategic asset and enable companies to find, connect and engage with talent better, Beamery is surpassing every competitor in the industry.

“Everything that you do as a company needs to be geared around adding value to your audience and explaining clearly how you can help people solve their challenges.”

Looking ahead

Speed of innovation is one of the things Beamery prides itself. There are a couple of products from Beamery is coming up and is skyrocketing the excitement.

The first is “Pages”- a CMS product designed specifically for recruiters. “Pages” will give recruiters the flexibility to spin up new landing pages in a matter of minutes, complete with custom forms to capture interest and leveraging all existing brand assets.

The other product that is worth touching on is “Journeys”. This will allow companies to map out their ideal candidate journey and drive personalized experiences at every level with sophisticated marketing automation campaigns which send candidates the right content for their stage and level of engagement.

The way that companies hire is changing. They can no longer rely on the best candidates applying organically, they have to be proactive and build relationships with people before they even think about applying. Beamery is taking this huge opportunity to consolidate its position as a market leader and it believes that it will set a new standard in recruiting.

“It’s about relationships, not resumes. At Beamery we’re transforming the way that companies hire the best talent.”