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Helping customers transform new ideas into successful brands: Iris Interactive


A Secure Collaboration Platform that fosters Innovation, Commercialization and Execution Excellence.’

Iris Interactive is an Independent Software Vendor, and a leading provider of proven software which can enable companies to better commercialize new products and specifically achieve faster launch and market penetration, higher sales and stronger brands. The company’s sophisticated, yet easy to use product commercialization software has been rolled out to over 1000 staff internationally in 25 countries in pharmaceutical/healthcare companies.

Iris has been in operation for over 12 years, and the product is mature and in its fifth generation incorporating feedback from thousands of users based on real situations. It is proven to help multi-disciplinary teams including marketing, clinical, R&D and sales professionals, get products to market faster, with higher sales and build stronger brands.

The software provides companies with unparalleled competitive advantage by giving them the ability to achieve speed to market and a greater success rate with both New Product Development and New Product Launches. Iris has a proven track record in providing companies with a complete solution that has resulted in over 50% increase in New Product Portfolio value as well as enabling New Products to be launched with speed, efficiency and quality.

The Iris solution helps companies achieve success with New Product Launches by covering all commercialisation including consumer insights, communication development and Go-to-market. The software is flexible and adapts easily to incorporate customer requirements thus retaining the competitive edge. Founded in 1995, Iris has offices in Sydney, Australia and Parsippany, New Jersey. Iris also has a solution delivery centre in Pune, India.

Iris Pharma
Given the pressures to maximize revenue during the patent life, pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of ensuring that the new products are launched with speed not only in leading regions such as North America and Europe but also in APAC and other fast growing countries.

The Iris Pharma Product Suite with its three products Market Development, Brand Development and Growth Management enables its customers to achieve faster time to market, higher sales and stronger brands.

Iris Pharma is the only product commercialization software tailored for the pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry in the world. Iris Pharma is the only product suite that comprehensively covers all the processes for launching and managing pharmaceutical and healthcare brands.

Iris Pharma won the 2010 iAwards in the e-Health category and Merit Recipient for the Industrial Applications. The e-Health category is presented to the most innovative ICT solution that supports superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by healthcare professionals.

Iris Consumer
One of the key challenges facing companies is the brand creation and maintenance of growth in a mature market. Delivering double digit expansion through new products and services is particularly hard in the face of launch failure. This is compounded by a lack of visibility of the new product pipeline status or milestones.

Frustrated, senior management cannot clearly identify, prioritize and progress portfolio opportunities based on their merits.

What can Iris provide?
Iris has pioneered brand led innovation, incorporated from idea to launch and beyond. With unique insights and proven methodologies, Iris helps organizations establish the practices, processes and tools to develop the muscle to deliver reliable above industry average growth year after year, through an “innovation culture”.

Iris draws on the best practice and thinking of leading global companies and business schools, such as Harvard and MIT, to provide industry specific frameworks for managing brand led innovation in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and their stakeholders.

BrandNET® Platform
The Iris BrandNET® platform is a flexible platform for product commercialization applications. It has a rich library of pre-built business objects specific to the product commercialization domain. It is built using Java and .NET Technologies.

Iris Solution Delivery
The Iris solution delivery process is based on Agile processes with a view to achieve a solution delivery process that has a low overhead for the customer.

The Iris solution delivery process recognizes the fact that key stakeholders would like to achieve the desired solution with minimum investment of their time.

The Iris solution delivery process is therefore designed to deliver optimal return on both financial and time investment by the customer.

Iris Execution excellence
Iris’ web-based system can be tailored to your existing processes and SOPs enabling all stakeholders to collaboratively work on a project. The company provides a central location for all portfolio and program material with collaborative workflow that enables companies to produce effective results. In fact, with collaborative workflow, not only is time spent on projects decreased, but quality increases and compliance is ensured.

  • Bottlenecks are quickly resolved with proactive reporting and issue tracking.
  • A personalized homepage allows individuals to see all tasks for which they are responsible.
  • A web-based system allows for single sign on and access from any location with bulletproof security.

Client Speak
“Medicines Australia is proud to see our member, Iris Interactive, has been awarded for its innovation and has been recognised for its important contribution to the medical and healthcare industry in Australia and globally. The service Iris Interactive provides, is core to the development and advancement of the industry to ensure our healthcare professionals are free to continue saving lives.” – Will Delaat, Chairman Medicines Australia.

Meet the Key Executive

Janaki J Joshi, Chief Executive Officer: Janaki is one of the founders of Iris Interactive. Janaki has extensive experience with embedding the Iris software for blue chip customers such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer Consumer Health, Lion Nathan, Roche and sanofi-aventis among others.

She has worked internationally with senior executives teams of Iris customers in the UK, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, US, Canada and Australia. Prior to founding Iris in 1993, she worked with Boots Pharmaceuticals and with KPMG as a management accountant.

Janaki is a Chartered Accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (First Class Hons) from Bombay University.

“Iris has grown to capture all the processes for product commercialization and continues to consistently deliver compelling ROI to our customers.”