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Helping IT teams shine with simply powerful software: Ipswitch


“We make more than software, we make a difference”

Ipswitch was founded in 1991 on a simple premise: to produce IT software that took what was possible and made it practical. Its mission has not changed since then. After 25 years in business, it continues to provide high-quality, innovative IT software to organizations of all sizes that lack the time and resources to master overly complex, costly software sold by big IT software companies. For over 20 years Ipswitch has been a leader in easy to try, buy and use IT and network management software. It is known for fair prices, honest business practices, and software that work out of the box. The kind of simply powerful software needed to manage today’s cloud, virtual and networked environments. Enabling and delighting IT Teams everywhere to perform like never before.

The company’s global staff believes that its success in its commercial efforts places Ipswitch in a position of responsibility to help support the people in the communities around us. This conviction has driven the organization to donate close to $3 million dollars to causes around the world that impact communities, families, and individuals in a meaningful way. It participates in endeavors that reach across communities local to its staff and offices as well as global causes dedicated to curing diseases, providing housing and transportation in disadvantaged communities, fostering development of children and young adults, and helping to lift people out of poverty. “At the end of the day, we dedicate volunteer hours and financial support to non-profit organizations because we want to. Because it makes us better. Because it is who we are.”

In the recent Market scenario
Today’s hard-working IT teams are relied upon to manage increasing complexity and deliver near-zero downtime. Ipswitch IT and network management software helps them succeed by enabling secure control of business transactions, applications and infrastructure. Ipswitch software is powerful, flexible and easy to try, buy and use. The company’s software helps IT teams shine by delivering 24/7 performance and security across cloud, virtual and network environments. Ipswitch Unified Infrastructure and Applications Monitoring software provides end-to-end insight, is extremely flexible and simple to deploy. The company’s Information Security and Managed File Transfer solutions enable secure, automated and compliant business transactions and file transfers for millions of users. Ipswitch powers more than 150,000 networks spanning 168 countries, and is based in Lexington, Mass., with offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Security Services
Today’s IT teams need the power to secure and control business transactions and applications across cloud, virtual and networked environments. Ipswitch helps them perform and shine with simply powerful and easy to try, buy and use IT and network management software.

Secure critical data when it’s most vulnerable: data loss can have devastating consequences. Information security, governance and compliance is a top concern of every IT team. Ipswitch MOVEit® products help them secure their data when it is the most vulnerable – in transfer between users, systems & offices or to business partners. Simply powerful software lets them encrypt their data in transit and at rest, control who moves it and how, and to document file transfer activities in support of compliance audits

Control today’s complex IT environments: IT team’s needs are under the constant pressure to maintain high performing applications and services while delivering virtually zero downtime. Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold gives them the visibility they need to be in control with a complete, reliable view across applications, servers, and networks, whether cloud based, virtual or physical. It even automates log monitoring, inventory reporting an