50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

Helping Organizations Improve Care Quality & Patient Outcomes: GSI Health


Founded in 2003, GSI Health strives to make a difference for the health of patients and populations across the nation, providing a health IT solution that enables collaborative population health management and touches hundreds of thousands of  people every day.”

 The healthcare industry is transitioning to a value-based model in which healthcare organizations are compensated not for services performed but for keeping patients and populations well. This approach emphasizes outcomes and value rather than procedures and fees, incentivizing providers to improve efficiency by better managing their populations. GSI Health embraced this transition very early – well before the vast majority of health IT providers – and changed its service-based business to develop a comprehensive population health platform ideal for value-based healthcare models. Now, GSI Health is a leading provider for care coordination tools supporting value-based programs, and is the leading solution in New York – which is ahead of the rest of the nation in healthcare policy innovation. The market for population health management, the care-delivery model underlying value-based care, is planned to grow at a CAGR of 26% to reach $40.B by 2018.

Understanding Population Health
Population health management programs – and the technologies that support them – require certain fundamentals to achieve success and enable widespread collaboration that transcends an individual provider:

Care teams – Effective collaboration needs a team working together to ensure the health of a patient, and a vehicle for     collaboration such as a care plan so the team can understand intentions, give input,  and share information.

Care manager – Care teams need a quarterback to make sure the team is operating effectively and to fill in the gaps.

Recognition that all patients served do not have the same needs – Populations need to be stratified to identify the patients that need more extraordinary interventions versus people that do not, so that providers know who needs more intense attention and collaboration.

Feedback and learning – The team needs a way to understand how well it’s doing and get guidance on what they should be doing differently so they can improve the effectiveness of their care delivery.

GSI Health’s innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform was built to address these challenges.

Dedicated to Care Coordination & Population Health
GSI Health unites patients, doctors, payers, and care service providers of all kinds, supporting collaborative, “whole person” health care for effective population health management within complex populations. The GSI Health platform integrates diverse data from outside the walls of the doctor’s office – including medical, social, and behavioral – to provide the big picture of patient health, and enables care teams to analyze that data and apply the results to the management of individuals and entire populations. This innovative approach consolidates diverse and fragmented data in a single comprehensive care plan, providing meaningful insights that enable care teams to proactively address gaps in patient care, allocate scarce resources, and strategically identify at-risk patients in time for cost-effective interventions.

GSI Health believes that getting the right information into the right hands can have a tremendous benefit for healthcare. The company’s technology bridge between care coordination and analytics brings the insights out of the back room and closer to the people who are delivering care, empowering caregivers to make decisions about how to best spend their time and resources. Ultimately, the solution enables better health outcomes for patients and improved efficiency and ROI for providers.

Making a Significant Impact on a Customer
“I love GSI Health’s alert system – we’re able to see if any of our clients pop up in emergency departments or become hospitalized, and can often catch them before being admitted to find out what’s going on,” said

Vicki Landes, Director, Health Home for Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center in New York. “It helps us with transitions in care, enabling us to intervene with medication and home care to avoid admissions and readmissions. Other health homes don’t have this capability, and it’s not happening consistently across the state.”

Market Approach
GSI Health’s mission is to develop and deploy technology that enables its vision of Healthcare Solved – keeping people well by empowering all care providers to be more effective both individually and collectively. The company accomplishes this by removing boundaries to care, driving an innovative approach that integrates care coordination with data analytics so providers can see the big picture of patient care, gaining insights that help them optimize care delivery and improve the health of their patients and populations. Its solutions enable the effective delivery of care across a distributed network of providers, leveraging insights that lead to quality and cost optimization.

 Office Locations
The company recently opened a new headquarters in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has additional offices in New York, New York.

Meet the CEO

LeRoy E. Jones founded GSI Health with a vision of a future in which the problems of today’s healthcare are solved. He strives to drive innovation in the healthcare IT industry, creating a world in which data-driven technology optimizes care delivery and improves the health of individuals and entire populations.

With his vast expertise in healthcare information exchange and health IT more broadly, Lee has helped several states develop architectures and operational models for healthcare information exchange, and has contributed to a number of federal programs and industry initiatives that establish standards and shape the future of healthcare IT. He has served as senior advisor to the president-appointed National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, responsible for managing the strategic technical directions for the national healthcare agenda. Under his leadership, GSI Health has pioneered working models for effective collaboration in community-based care delivery and become an industry leader in population health solutions.

“Our solution is built from the ground up for effective patient and population health management – enabling us to impact lives across the nation.”