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Helping you build your dream business: Aurelius Corporate Solutions

thesiliconreview-sumit-peer-founder-ceo-aurelius-corporate-solutions-2018The business world is ultra-competitive, and to grow and thrive in this world, organizations have to deal with different problems and opportunities that demand different solutions.  Also the solutions which worked then might not possibly be the best approach to the current challenges. Crucially, one needs to make sure that the efforts to tackle those challenges don’t add up to additional problems for the future. As recognizing and overcoming the pitfalls associated with growth is essential to be the best in the market, it is imperative that organizations invest in effective leadership to help them make the most of the opportunities and create sustainable growth.

This is where Aurelius comes in with its technology driven insourcing solutions that solve business problems and challenges and help them grow and scale up revenues and profitability. Aurelius Corporate Solutions delivers corporate consultative insourcing solutions globally to customers across the IT and multiple other industries. Incorporated in the year 2009, Aurelius Corporate Solutions has its registered office in New Delhi and its head office in Noida. With branch offices in Bangalore and Pune, the company is strongly rooted in not just the industries of the Indian Subcontinent but also in the global industry through its knowledge partners and industry relations. For the past decade, Aurelius has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of service delivery for consultative insourcing solutions in multiple domains of multiple industries.

Aurelius has delivered hundred’s of corporate Consultative Insourcing Solutions and covers more than 1000+ unique technologies today. The offerings and products are global in nature and at present have audience in around 30+ countries. It offers trainings in multiple industries for L3 technologies like Lean Manufacturing Tools, Warehouse Operations, Automobile Engineering, Drug Formulations, Pharmacology, Financial Modeling, Electronic Circuit Design, Wireless Sensor, Artificial Intelligence, Wealth Management, Design & Engineering, Block chain, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, SAP HANA, Internet Of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Dev Ops, Hybris, Blue Prism, Apache Camel, React JS, Native JS and Data Science, etc.

In conversation with the CEO, Sumit Peer

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

Aurelius was found in the year 2009 when the leaders of the company realized that the industry requires skilling and re-skilling at a very fast pace and also in a very specific and customized manner as per their own specific requirements. Starting with only few motivated professionals, the company has grown rapidly in the past one decade to overcome challenges and become a leader in the domain of insourcing multiplication and knowledge integration.

How is your company positioned in the recent market scenario?

In the current market, we pride on being the specialists when it comes to insourcing multiplication and consultative insourcing solutions development. We are bringing in concepts and solutions that are advantageous for all organizations irrespective of shape size and domain and owing to our innovative solutions, we gain an edge in the market. We are positioned effectively in the current domain as the go-to and de-facto entity to seek solutions wherein no solutions are visible. We amalgamate the business requirements and needs of the client with latest technologies thus solving their problems in an efficient manner.

How do the products and services that you offer benefit your clients?

The major USP of our services is that we are never bound or constrained and entirely structure our solutions on the basis of the client’s requirements. We provide global level knowledge resources through industrial experts and enable the very workforce of the client to deliver their business better.

What is the target area of your clientele?

We do not have any specific target area wherein we find our clientele. Our client base is spread across hardcore research organizations to hardcore financial institutions. We believe the industry is always and entirely overlapping. A technological organization will require help in solving financial problems while the financial institution will require technologies to streamline their financial transaction. Some of our big clients include World Bank, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Conduent, John Deere, TCS, Capgemini and many more.

What do you think are the factors that have contributed to make you unique from others in the domain?

Considering that we are one of a kind solution provider in ourselves, we are different from any and all training provider companies because our point of focus is not just skilling of the workforce. Our point of focus is entirely on the company’s problems and how to solve them through their own workforce. This makes our solutions highly effective and provides high ROI perennially.

The major challenge, which is also a part of our USP, is that the technology today is rapidly changing. With this rapid change, we keep ourselves readily updated and entirely ready to provide our clients with knowledge resources in the latest technologies.

What are your present and future focus areas?

Currently, we are focusing on expansion into advanced digital systems along with creation of a new platform for insourcing as a concept. We are trying to expose the industry to the benefits of insourcing and how it can be highly beneficial for the growth of the entire industry.

We have already delivered solutions in all major cities and corporate hubs all over the globe, and we are coming with delivery center all over the continents in major cities and hubs.

Panorama of the Persona

Sumit Peer, Founder and CEO

Sumit is an alumnus of Cornell University, USA and comes with more than two decades of experience in techno-commercial operations at global industrial levels. Having worked with top technical organizations such as ST engineering at managerial and business administrative positions, he has the experience of handling and culminating multi-million dollar projects with utmost efficiency.

His current role entitles him with the strategic responsibility to direct & manage the overall business of Aurelius. With over 10 years plus of international work experience based out of US, Singapore and Europe, Sumit holds a successful track record in building business and running multicultural & multilingual teams. He holds a post-graduation in Sales, Marketing & Advertising Management and General Management from the University of Cornell USA (Ivy League), besides having IT qualifications like MCSE, CCNA, CCDA.

“Technology Insourcing is the essence for human development and enhancement. Hence we intend to make this available across the globe at very affordable prices and a very simplistic and friendly medium of delivery which is highly scalable and robust.”