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Helping You Orchestrate the Flow of Any and All Clinical Information: Life Image

thesiliconreview-matthew-a-michela-ceo-life-image-19With its beginnings in medical image exchange, Life Image now orchestrates the real-time flow of any and all clinical information across a patient’s journey. This helps care teams and researchers make informed decisions.

Founded in 2008, Life Image has spent the last 11 years innovating an interoperable network ecosystem that connects hospitals, physicians, patients, life sciences, medical device companies, telehealth companies, and EHRS.

Life Image Interoperability Suite for Providers

Life Image can help you orchestrate the flow of any and all clinical information, including image sharing across all delivery settings for a patient. Image exchange along with relevant reports (diagnostic, pathology, and treatment plans) are pieces of vital information that can help care teams and researchers make more informed decisions.

Product solutions in its Interoperability Suite can be scaled-up quickly and sustained over time without a burden to your internal IT operations.

Life Image Interoperability Suite

Building on the firm’s 11-year history of innovation of image exchange, it has developed the Life Image Interoperability Suite. It’s a package of powerful applications of vendor-neutral solutions that conform to U.S. and international standards.

Core Solutions of the Company


  • This is the hub that powers your digital strategy to connect to points outside of your organization.
  • With your secure, Life Image-hosted Cloud account, you can seamlessly share and collaborate with referral sites, physicians and patients.

Hybrid Enterprise

  • Life Image Local Appliance (LILA) is an enterprise-wide workhorse that sits inside the four walls of your institution.
  • LILA helps to move images and associated clinical information to various clinical departments such as trauma, radiology, and neurology from external sites.
  • Images are more secure and move faster when they stay within your firewall. This is particularly important for institutions that see very high volumes.
  • Medical images can also be accessed through your EHR to simplify workflows.
  • Life Image reconciles the image to the patient record in accordance with your data governance policies before it goes into your PACs

Ad Hoc Sharing

  • Any clinician can send or receive an image on an ad hoc basis through a quick-start email account.

Network Builder

  • Customers can build their own referral network with this application.
  • The Life Image Transfer Exchange (LITE) provides you with the ability to offer a lightweight yet powerful image exchange solution to your sharing sites.
  • LITE is easy to install and remotely configurable. Within minutes, your referral partners can start sharing medical information using bi-directional streaming with a fast-pass lane for critical exams.

Mobile App

  • The mobile app on the Apple iOS allows you to instantly access images from your Life Image account on-the-go.

Embedded Viewer

  • Life Image ‘s viewer platform simplifies the image viewing experience.
  • Use one FDA Class II 510k-cleared, HTML 5 compatible viewer is available as the default viewer across the Life Image platform.

Value-Added Extensions

  • The company has a 10-year track record of expert integrations and customized configurations into the workflow.
  • It can integrate into your SAML active directory or configure into HL7 Reporting and more.

The Guiding Light of the Firm

Matthew A. Michela, President, and CEO:

Matthew A. Michela has been a healthcare industry executive for 30 years, serving in leadership positions in both the payer and care management sectors. He joined Life Image in 2015 with the mission of democratizing data to create an interoperable healthcare ecosystem that creates a connected view of a patient’s journey. By evolving and transforming the Life Image network into an innovative digital platform for the sharing of any and all clinical information including medical images, healthcare professionals can see data in a comprehensive way. This enables them to better learn from the data, make better informed clinical decisions, improve the patient care experience, and ultimately make new discoveries.

Throughout his career, Matthew has been at the intersection of providers, health plans, employers, and patients. He has a proven track record helping organizations create novel approaches to value generation, which he has done in several settings. Matthew’s extensive experience includes senior positions at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care where he worked in a number of leadership roles. Most recently, he served as COO at Healthways, a publicly traded provider of well-being solutions for health systems, employers and health plans. He was also co-founder, president, and COO at Care Management International, which offers solutions for healthcare clients in utilization management, radiology management, and case and condition management. He has also has established several start-up ventures both domestically and internationally.

Matthew is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and American history. He received his Masters of Business Administration from the McDonough School of Business from Georgetown University.

“We orchestrate the flow of clinical information with medical images to give you access to the right information, at the right time, and in the right context for optimal patient care.”