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10 Best Retail Solution Providers 2017

Hinduja Global Solutions: Creating Value through Innovative Outsourcing Solutions Since Years

thesiliconreview-partha-de-sarkar-hinduja-global-solutionsFor over 40 years, HGS has been helping companies deliver better customer service.”

Established with a vision to be a globally preferred business process transformation partner for their clients, creating value in their business through innovative outsourcing solutions, HGS is a leader in optimizing the customer experience and helping their clients to become more competitive. HGS provides a full suite of business process management (BPM) services from traditional voice contact center services and transformational DigiCX services that are unifying customer engagement to platform-based, back-office services and digital marketing solutions. By applying analytics, automation, and interaction expertise to deliver innovation and thought leadership, HGS increases revenue, improves operating efficiency, and helps retain valuable customers. HGS expertise spans the telecommunications and media, healthcare, insurance, banking, consumer electronics and technology, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries, as well as the public sector.

The company operates on a global landscape with around 44,000 employees in 66 worldwide locations delivering localized solutions. For the year ended 31st March 2016, HGS had revenues of US$ 507 million. HGS, part of the multi-billion dollar Hinduja Group, has more than four decades of experience working with some of the world’s most recognized brands.

HGS’s Core Values

Seven values that weave the different cultures across HGS and its subsidiaries into one fabric

Integrity- Integrity is the cornerstone of all their dealings, be it with their employees, customers, suppliers, government or the communities they serve.

Customer Focus- Their customer is at the centre of what we do.

Empowerment- They encourages employees to take ownership of their actions, be proud of their achievements and celebrate successes.

Global Mindset- They think globally, respect cultural diversity and provide equal opportunities for all employees.

Quality- The company truly believes in continuous improvement through innovation, process enhancement and team work.

Sustained Growth- They are driven to grow their businesses rapidly and profitably to create value for all stakeholders.

Services Offered


HGS's voice contact center services are integral to the balance of both traditional and digital that sets the right tone for today's optimized customer experience. With our Sales, Marketing, and Growth; Customer Care and Retention; and Product Support and Resolution services, we help both our clients and their customers get the right answer fast. Whether the question is the need for new revenue via upsell and cross-sell, solving customer care queries, improving CSAT and retention, or technical troubleshooting , HGS takes a high-touch, high-empathy approach that gets results.


Seamless and smart, DigiCX is redefining the customer experience. We are not following the rules of how service has always been delivered. Instead, we are incubating innovative ideas and implementing savvy new ways to connect with consumers. We give customers the support they need, when and where they want it, 24/7, in a totally seamless and unified environment.

Service is a two-way conversation, and DigiCX provides the tools to meet the needs of customers before they even know they have them. We employ advanced artificial intelligence to provide dynamic self-service. We give the customer the most convenient channel for quick resolution—text, chat, web, social, and voice. And through advanced analytics, we empower service ambassadors with actionable data and help determine when and where they can add value. The result is personalized service that builds loyalty, reduces costs, and creates customers for life.


  • Customer Experience Management- HGS brings the voice of the customer to the digital and web experience. Their 40-year history of directly managing consumer interactions and transactions, combined with their digital transformation expertise ensures your digital presence provides the right start to your customers' journey.
  • Digital Enablement- In a competitive world where businesses move with lightning speed, HGS understands that a successful Customer Self Service Strategy concentrates on the needs of the customer. They need focus on reducing time and effort required by customers to resolve issues by minimizing escalations and providing an easily accessible and usable system.
  • Social Media Engagement- As social media usage increases at a staggering rate, it is crucial for brands to engage with customers on their preferred platforms, creating brand advocates and shaping customer sentiment. Social media engagement is about allowing customers to embrace a participative role in your brand story, marketing with them rather than at them. 

Knowing the Leader

The leadership team at HGS is a reflection of their operating principle of being "Globally Local." Their leaders are experienced in leading and managing large organizations and support intimate client relationships in their key markets and verticals.

Partha De Sarkar, Global CEO- Partha DeSarkar is Chief Executive Officer of HGS and leads the organization across all its geographies. He has more than 25 years of experience in customer service and operations across industries like Banking, Financial Services and Health Insurance. Prior to joining HGS, Partha has worked with Deloitte Consulting, GE Capital International Services and Bank of America.

Partha holds a post-graduate degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, and a Masters degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai. He has also done his PhD in Strategic Management at IIT Delhi.

This is what their Client’s say about them

UK Visas and Immigration International Enquiry Service

“Having a supplier that is adept at managing complex self-service projects has proven invaluable., HGS is providing strategic as well as operational support as we continue to define the role of digital channels in UK Visa and Immigration.”- Alison Sharpe - Service Manager


“I want to express my deepest appreciation for the help, support, and opportunities you all have offered me on executing a successful T20 world cup. I feel very grateful to all of you. Without your help, I doubt we would have been able to carry out a mega event in such a proficient manner.”- Founder and Director

World's Largest Car Sharing and Car Club Service

I wanted to take quick moment to acknowledge the help of the HGS team. They've been an excellent partner for us as we try to get back on our feet. At times over the past 72 hours, they have been our ears while we've hit the pavement to confirm the status of locations and vehicles. Through our partnership we've been able to help thousands of members get on their way safely in very trying times. I have seen in tickets members looking to evacuate, get to loved ones, and help friends and family. HGS has been great in handling all situations, in some cases with blind knowledge while we've been assessing our inventory and fleet. Thank you HGS team. You were extremely helpful.”- National Member Services Manager 

“Our mission is to make our clients more competitive.”