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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

Hobnob: A One-Stop Multi-Faceted Platform Enhancing the Event Experience

silicon-review-sam-tobaccowala-hobnob“Hobnob provides a seamless end to end integration of event activities related to audience generation, communication, engagement and lead qualification, amplifying the overall digital experience on a single platform.”

Founder’s Word“With a vision that inspires and a 25+ years’ experience growing one of the largest event and experiential companies in India, my agenda was clear: Be the Best and Be the Biggest.”

Combining 5 decades’ worth of expertise in Events and Technology with an aim to take customer experience to places it’s never been before, Hobnob is a one stop multi-faceted platform dedicated towards enhancing the event experience for both organizers and attendees. With a strong foothold and understanding of the space and audience needs, end to end integration, knowledge and experience in the Indian and Asian Market and a strong hold on analytics, Hobnob is a unique impactful platform destined to guarantee success in this heads down era.

The company reaches to clients by using right technology at the right time. Also, with its one stop multi-faceted platform, Hobnob client’s gets the opportunity to achieve their business objectives with much ease.

Founded in 2016, Hobnob is headquartered at Mumbai (India) and makes its presence felt at Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Hobnob’s Unique Offerings

Hobnob is a seamless end to end digital integration platform that is so flexible, it can literally manage an event of any scope, scale and nature. Right from conferences, activations and road shows, to training programs and HR events. Spanning across crucial event touch points like database, communication, registration and micro sites, the company allows its clients to manage their entire event on the platform seamlessly benefitting both the attendee and the organizer.

With Hobnob, clients can make event mobile apps in a jiffy, manage multiple events on a single app, make and see changes in real-time, use Analytics to know what working, share event info minus network access, take audience engagement to the next level and benefit from a scalable & secure framework.


Winning an impressive client base, Hobnob takes pride in having clients who have always supported and appreciated their work. With better audience engagement, higher turnouts and enhanced customer experience, Hobnob’s clients who have used the interface once, have never looked back. The company owns the trust of prestigious clients such as HUL, VMware, Tata, Trend Micro, 3DS, Siemens.

…this is what their Clients say about them!!

“The App you created for the HUL PC Conference 2016, which turned out to be an absolutely great idea as people had a lot of fun engaging with it. Not only did people get the conference agenda, tickets and other details on it, we had also encouraged participation with prizes making the ‘leaderboard’ and the posts around it lunchtime conversations in the days leading to the conference! And the participation saw everyone from our senior leadership to our newbies go all-out to get that extra LIKE to be on top. The interface was simple & easy to use to get people from ‘comfortable’ to ‘hooked’ in less than 36 hours.” – Ashwath S. – PCLT, Hindustan Unilever Ltd

“The CLOUDSEC Mobile app was a hit, it helped take the event to a different level – better engagement & sharing with the audience made the experience valuable! It definitely spiked LIVE engagement with our attendees through Polls, Session Feedback & access to Sponsor Collaterals, helping capture data & making the event truly Digital!” – SUCHITA VISHNOI, Director – Marketing (India & SAARC), Trend Micro.

“The vforum India mobile app was an extremely unique platform to engage with our customers and helped them stay updated in real time on key happenings at the Forum. Not only did it help us deliver content very effectively and seamlessly to the fingertips of our audience, but also engaged them via interesting polls, quizzes and interactive tools within.

Hobnob definitely did a great job by conceptualizing and delivering such a robust app which is very easy to use and has such great features. In fact as soon as the app was launched, it generated great traction in all the cities it was announced. We look forward to work with Hobnob and enhance the app and take it to the next level by 2017.” – Jagannath A. L., Marketing Director, VMware India.

Shaping the Future

Presently focusing on enhancing their current platform and offerings, Hobnob promises a seamless opportunity for event organizers, by providing them with valuable data, enabling them to take their future events to the next level. It also aims to benefit attendees with an impactful and more engaging overall event experience.

The company’s vision for future will be based on enhancing the prospect of digital networking, engagement and use digital as much as possible to boost experiences.

“Hobnob lets you produce, personalize, preview and publish your own event mobile app, all in just a few clicks.”

Meet the Visionary

Sam Tobaccowala, Founder- Backed by his extensive industry knowledge, vast experience and marketing background, Sameer has always believed that successful events are those that tap the users’ needs and preferences and connect with them where they are most comfortable. And in today’s digital era what’s more comfortable than one’s own fingertips? That’s when the ‘heads down’ mantra took shape in his head. With a showcase of some of the largest national and international events and accolades to his name, Sameer is on an eternal quest to constantly evolve and the reach the next level. And that involves taking experiences a step further. To the fingertips of the audience! And quite literally that’s how Hobnob was born.

“We have turned a mere idea into a customized fully functional reality. A preferred interface that simply let us reach your event audience, promote your solutions and do great business in the age of digital.”- Sameer.

Case Study!!!

Client: Tata Group Events Bringing Alive the Experience

Hobnob’s tryst with Tata began when it came to them in need of a single app for an event, and they in turn built a one stop multi-event app that could be used across all their internal group events. Successfully driving audience engagement and digitalizing events across the group companies, today the Tata Group Events App has been used across more than 15 events and has emerged as a major hit amongst attendees.

With a 125,000 + user reach, each event garnered a huge app fan base with each of the features drawing considerable traction. The conversation and Polls propelled constant in-app engagement throughout the events and were successful interaction drivers.

The ‘Q& A’ feature saw the audience actively pose questions to the panel in real-time. This feature drew a lot of excitement and appreciation from the attendees, emerging as an audience favorite in all events till date.

The app has greatly contributed to the success of many of the Group events and is now seen as an inspirational platform where many Tata Companies want to host their managerial events to ensure sure shot success.

“Hobnob can instantly boost engagement, ROI and raise the bar for events in every aspect.”