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IBS Software Services: Delivering World-Class New Generation IT Solutions to Clients Globally


“Our mission is to deliver outstanding value & service.”

A leading global provider of new generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries, IBS is a specialist in the domain offering a range of products and services that manage mission critical operations of airlines, airports, cruise lines, hospitality partners, tour operators and oil & gas companies that help them increase safety, maximize efficiency, improve revenue, manage growth and reduce costs.

With a domain expertise of nearly twenty years in the Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industries, IBS understands the needs of all stakeholders. They help customers stay ahead of the competition by facilitating business innovation and enabling transformational changes using next generation technologies. This is why some of the best airlines, busiest airports, leading cruise lines, top oil & gas companies and renowned travel distributors & hotel groups in the world depend on IBS’s software to manage their mission critical operations.

In the aviation industry alone, IBS’s award winning end-to-end new-gen IT systems cut across all process areas – airline passenger services, cargo operations, flight and crew operations, airport operations and aircraft maintenance engineering. No other single enterprise in the world offers this range of technology products to the aviation industry, making us a one-stop shop. In sectors such as oil & gas logistics, travel & cruise and hospitality too, their solutions have established a reputation for effective/optimal management of mission-critical operations, assuring successful delivery & business continuity.

IBS’s IT services competence includes Business & Technology Consulting, Independent Software Testing, Application Development & Maintenance and Managed Services in the Aviation, Travel, Hospitality and Oil & Gas industries.

The company currently owns the IP rights to 17 software products in the areas of airline passenger services, airline & airport operations, airline cargo & logistics, oil & gas logistics, travel & cruise management and hospitality distribution. Their product portfolio is the result of extensive domain experience and strong commitment to R&D, and focuses on addressing customers’ technology & business challenges. IBS is SEI CMMi Level-5 and PCMM Level 5 assessed, ISO 9001:2008, TickIT and ISO 27001:2005 certified. IBS operates out of 9 offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Knowing the Leader

V K Mathews, Founder and Executive Chairman- The IBS Group- Mathews founded IBS in 1997 with a vision to redefine the way the global travel, transportation and logistics industries managed their businesses. What started as a modest entrepreneurial venture with 55 inexperienced engineers and a single customer is, today, a multinational corporation, serving over 170 clients worldwide, employing over 2000 professionals from 30 different nationalities and poised to be the No. 1 IT solution provider to the global air transportation industry. Mathews was instrumental in IBS acquiring six international companies (in Europe, USA and India) during its 19 year journey which has added its portfolio of offerings to some of the best airlines, busiest airports, leading cruise lines, top oil & gas companies and renowned travel distributors & hotel groups in the world.

With over 30 years of work experience, Mathews is a thought leader and a specialist in aviation business. He is a much sought after speaker at various aviation events including those organized by IATA, ICAO and AACO.

Mathews holds a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and had executive management education from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA.

V K Mathews, Founder & Executive Chairman, The IBS Group shares the story of IBS.

The key word that lives in their story is ‘Focus’. Domain focus has been key to success being focused only on the Travel, Transportation & Logistics domain. Technology focus.

“Our relationship with customers transcends contractual commitments. What starts out as a transactional relationship quickly becomes a strategic one. They see in IBS a reliable and longstanding partner critical in realising business goals. Which is why we have never failed to do more business with our existing customers.”- says V K Mathews

Services Offered

At IBS, they strive for innovation that can enable companies deliver technology driven transformations and tailored experiences suited to their customers’ expectations. Their team of domain led services experts coupled with strong methodology and process competence, can help companies transform their vision and opportunities into achievable business and technology outcomes. IBS’s comprehensive portfolio of domain-led software services for the travel, transportation and logistics (TTL) industries includes domain & technology consulting services, digital enterprise functions, software services in line with industry & business requirements & independent end-to-end software testing.

  • Digital enterprise
  • Software services
  • Independent verification snd validation
  • Domain and technology consulting


Since inception the company has made the following strategic acquisitions, adding depth & breadth to their offering to the TTL industry

  • Hotel Booking Solutions Incorporated (HBSi), Atlanta, an IT solutions provider to the hospitality industry
  • Moveo Systems, Bangalore, a company developing human interaction solutions for airports and enterprises
  • VISaer, a US based leader in aviation maintenance and engineering (M&E) software solutions
  • Discovery Travel Systems, Virginia, a B2B travel technology provider to the cruise, tour, and vacation travel industry
  • Avient Technologies from Honeywell International which caters to the flight ops needs of any type of airlines
  • TopAir from EDS which caters to the flight ops needs of small and medium-sized airlines

“Our solutions have established a reputation for effective/optimal management of mission-critical operations.”