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Identifies Practical, Revenue-Boosting Marketing Strategies and Solutions from Unlimited Customer Data: Webtrends

thesiliconreview-joe-davis-ceo-webtrends-17Webtrends envisions a world where people have meaningful experiences with the brands and organizations they trust, whether in person or online. One where every digital interaction counts! Be it on a website in an app or through email-because companies will know exactly how to engage with their customers. Webtrends makes it possible with its data-driven solutions.

For more than 20 years, Webtrends has helped companies make sense of their customer data to drive digital marketing success. By combining innovative technology with the team of trusted and creative advisors, its solutions are designed to provide actionable insights, increase customer engagement and boost revenue.

The company has come a long way since 1993 when Webtrends blazed new trails into the world of web analytics. With decades of digital analytics industry leadership, it is recognized as one of the founders of the web analytics industry. Today, its products and solutions are helping many of the world’s leading brands including Microsoft, Air France-KLM, Kimberly-Clark, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, npower, BMW, Toyota, Bayer, Bosch and many more.

Product Portfolio

Infinity Platform: The technological building block of this product has been carefully constructed to harness the power of big data to create the most impactful, integrated analytics and optimization solutions. With an end-to-end streaming data pipeline utilizing technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Kafka, it ensures customer data is set up for success in the new era of the Internet of Things.

Webtrends approach to the Infinity platform revolves around these six principles:

Real Time: Making all data truly available within minutes and ready for streaming instantaneously

Unified & Intuitive: Designing the platform so every stakeholder and group in the organization can access the reports and insights they need to succeed

Scale & Flexibility: Building for the future by offering unlimited scale, flexibility and data accessibility on an innovative Big Data platform

Connectivity & Openness: Integrating digital customer data into the marketing ecosystem through customizable APIs and built-in integrations

Data Accuracy: Providing the most reliable, accurate visitor data and analysis capabilities with absolutely no sampling

Privacy & Security: Protecting the data from end-to-end with leading privacy and security practices and technology.

Infinity™ Digital Analytics:  this product is developed to truly understand customers. One can see the complete picture of how customers interact with the brand across any digital channel at any time and these insights can be seen in one place. It opens the door to powerful marketing opportunities, better experiences for customers and better business for one’s company. 


  • Unlimited data collection
  • Multi-channel measurement across web, mobile and social
  • Real-time insights, all the time
  • Standard and customized analytics reporting
  • Custom and calculated metrics
  • Ad hoc data exploration with unlimited dimensions
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Extensive data export

Infinity Data Connector: The Infinity Data Connector is a fast, efficient and secure technology able to send digital analytics data directly into your on premise customer data warehouse or big data initiative.


  • Data collection from any digital channel
  • Event data is sessionized and enriched with geo and mobile device attributes
  • Raw event, session and visitor details available
  • High speed, near real-time delivery
  • PGP encryption of data in transit inside an SSL tunnel
  • Monitoring and restart services ensure successful data delivery
  • Destination systems supported include: Standard filesystem, HDFS, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure, Apache Kafka
  • Output formats include JSON, XML, CSV
  • Expert services help you set up your connector

Clients’ Feedback

 “The amount of data to analyze was so huge that existing free tools did not allow us to understand them properly, when we started working with Webtrends, not only could we see the tip but also the hidden part of the iceberg.”

~Nicola Arnese, VP ecommerce, Alitalia

 “Using Webtrends for SharePoint gives my team insights into who is using our site, and enables us to   make targeted improvements to increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates.”

~Edward Tasch , Web Developer, Emerson Process Management

 “We work daily with Webtrends and are hugely impressed with its sophisticated solution. Because we use standardized reports, it is a huge advantage to have access to globally uniform data for the majority of our reports. With regard to Web 2.0 applications, it is also highly likely that we will further expand our reporting options in the future. ”

~Jürgen Belke | E-Business Manager, Nestlé Deutschland

Meet the Chieftain

Joe Davis, C E O: As CEO of Webtrends, Joe Davis leads the company’s business strategy and worldwide operations. Bringing more than 25 years of technology experience, Joe is well established at spearheading growth and innovation in the digital marketing and web analytics space. He made a notable mark in the industry as Chief Executive Officer of Coremetrics where his vision built Coremetrics into a leader in cloud-based software for web, social and mobile marketing while growing revenues over 10x before the company was acquired by IBM in 2010. Most recently, Joe was the Chief Executive Officer of Tocata, a technology company specializing in mobile ecommerce. Prior to his time at Coremetrics, Joe led worldwide development, strategy, marketing and customer support operations for the CRM business arm within PeopleSoft, and was president of the Nortel Networks eBusiness division. Joe earned his MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and holds a B.S. and M.S. in Applied Mechanics from the University of California, San Diego.

“We are determined to be your trusted advisor. Working together, we can make sense of your customer data and improve your digital marketing strategy. Result:  Better digital experiences for your customers.”