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Impiger Technologies, Inc.: Solving Business Problems through Cutting-Edge Technology


“Having a mindset focused squarely on customer success and long term partnership, coupled with the right team, with the right tools and processes, is our recipe for consistently completing the task at hand on time and on budget to our customer’s delight.”  – Jude Ramayya

Headquartered in Richardson, TX, USA, Impiger Technologies, Inc. is a world-class, enterprise software product engineering company specializing in Mobile Application Development, Cloud Applications, Web Applications and, Microsoft Technology Services. Impiger has been working with a variety of clients that include small startups with big ideas to large enterprises lacking specific skills and resources. Impiger provides a comprehensive set of cost-effective solutions that can help improve a company’s efficiency, productivity and revenue. They have designed and developed over 150 web portals across SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET and more than 250 mobile applications across iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows Mobile and cross-platform frameworks.

Impiger was founded in 2004 by Jude Ramayya and Ramakrishnamoorthy ‘RKM’ Venkatasubbu. After seeing failed attempts from outsourcing companies that were missing deadlines and over budget and were primarily interested in placing people rather than show ownership of the solution, Jude wanted to change the paradigm for outsourcing. He partnered with RKM, who himself had a similar vision and had run successful global outsourcing businesses. Together, they built Impiger.

The company built a collaborative platform with stellar engineering processes, the right team and a customer’s business success as its primary focus. This approach to outsourcing was very successful and Impiger has replicated this approach for over 12 years with a 90% customer retention rate.

Impiger has its finger on the pulse of leading edge tech opportunities from sophisticated enterprise mobile and cloud solutions to consumer and corporate implementations of the Internet of things, including the very hot wearables market. Customers look at Impiger as their long-term engineering partner because of its strong, current and emerging, technology expertise in Mobility, Cloud and Web. They enjoy competitive pricing and customer friendly engagement models. Team Impiger’s philosophy is to truly invest their hearts and minds into their customer’s business, caring as much about them achieving their business goals and objectives as they do about delivering high quality, cost effective solutions.

Delivering Leading-Edge Solutions
The Impiger team helps enterprises improve business efficiency, productivity, and grow revenue. They offer a comprehensive set of, cost effective services from prototype to production and everything in-between. Impiger builds solutions that start as an idea from a small startup, provide best-of-breed-skills and resources to mid-size companies and transform enterprise legacy applications into leading edge solutions that leverage mobile and cloud technology.

Customer Base
The company has customers across many verticals, including Retail, Tech, Legal, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, etc. 5 of the Fortune 50 are its customers from Tech and Retail. A couple of Impiger’s big clients we have permission to mention include Microsoft and Vodafone. A sampling of other Impiger customers across multiple verticals include; Wasp Barcode Technologies, Kandy, QTrak, fanpage and Freshbenies.

Clients Speak
“Impiger has been able to take the vision we have for our internal production workflow and realize it for us with their expertise in this area. The proprietary system they developed allows us to be organized and efficient without making compromises on usability and unneeded features that plague other commercial and open source solutions.”
– VP Production | Exigent

“Impiger is our technology partner, providing us with the end to end technology solution for The team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, technical prowess and solution orientation. They have set a very high level of quality benchmark and stringently adhered to it. They have constantly explored better options to deliver the applications we have wanted developed.” – Chief Architect |

Impiger is a global company and has customers around the world. There are four major Impiger locations around the world along with partners that extend its reach that includes the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Future Road Map
The company has a strong portfolio of projects where they have partnered with startups, medium and large corporations across Mobile, Cloud, and Web, including serious Microsoft technology implementations. However, a large part of the company’s focus today and in the future is enabling Enterprise Mobility, transformation and integration into Cloud and helping companies leverage IoT solutions for the enterprise.

Knowing the Key Executives

Jude Ramayya, Founder and CEO
Jude is the founder of Impiger and is responsible for the overall vision, strategy and execution of the company. Jude has over 22 years of experience working with both small and large organizations. He is passionate about technology solutions. He travels extensively across the US, Asia and Middle East offering mobility strategy to help SMEs and startups go mobile. Jude is a speaker at various events and conferences including the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Fleming Gulf, etc. He is listed as either a primary inventor or co-inventor in 25 patents.

Ramakrishnamoorthy ‘RKM’ Venkatasubbu, Co-Founder and COO
RKM spearheads Impiger’s growth efforts by focusing on business operations, quality and processes. He has more than 21 years of experience in the global sourcing business. RKM is passionate about processes and quality service. He brings deep expertise and experience in information technology, telecom and global sourcing. He invests a considerable portion of his time helping his team build customer centric services and solutions that drive deep value to client’s business. RKM believes in shaping the organization as a transparent, reliable and client-focused company.

“We offer a comprehensive set of Cost Effective Services from Prototype to Production & everything In-Between.”