50 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2016

Improve Patient Outcomes with Accurate Acute Treatment: MedyMatch Technology Ltd.


“Bringing accuracy to the emergency room, and capacity to healthcare.”

MedyMatch was founded to improve patient outcomes in the emergency room. It assists the physician in their
patient assessment through the use of MedyMatch’s artificial intelligence based clinical decision imaging support platform.

MedyMatch’s goal is to leverage advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence to yield unprecedented insight into unstructured medical data with a particular focus in the area of raw imaging data. It is its core belief that artificial intelligence in conjunction with deep clinical insight will allow us to discover new relationships heretofore undetected by the human eye. Its goal is to deliver clinical decision support applications into the course of patient care. It believes improvements in the interpretation of data will lead to better decisions; better decisions will lead to better outcomes for patients and lower cost for healthcare. This is what drives us forward every day.

MedyMatch at Present
MedyMatch is an early stage company focused on using proprietary deep learning techniques, the right clinical data, and physician know-how to develop the next generation of tools to be utilized by physicians worldwide. Today, more than half the company has advanced degrees and/or doctorates in relevant fields of medicine, machine vision and deep learning, along
side a growing team of seasoned business executives that blend innovation and solid state commercial experience to build a leading company in this emerging space. The team is comprised of 25 (and growing) passionate employees who share a common belief that artificial intelligence will revolutionize medicine and patient care.

The debut
MedyMatch’s initial application can detect the presence of a brain bleed. A number of different conditions can cause bleeding in the brain, for example, a stroke or head trauma. The application can be deployed either in the cloud or on premise inside a hospital enterprise. MedyMatch leverages its strategic partners for proven infrastructure for cloud, software,
or processing capabilities for end to end solution architecture. MedyMatch is a near zero foot-print effort, physicians can send
anonymized patient studies (universal DICOM support) via existing network connectivity to the MedyMatch or Partner cloud
or on premise server, and receive back an annotated set of images, inserted back into the physicians existing PACS platform / image archive for viewing.

The Future Sight
The opportunity to have an impact in healthcare is enormous. The revolution has begun. As all are aware, the cost of U.S. healthcare is out of control, the company believes that one of the most impactful ways to reduce the cost of care is through next-generation clinical decision support that considers the entire patient at the point of care. As a company, it will deliver applications based on artificial intelligence that will be used by the average physician in real time, (not retrospectively or part of medical research), that will allow for a smarter more accurate and personalized approach to patient treatment. MedyMatch will empower the average physician to assess patients with the power of an “expert” by their side.

Response from the Marketplace
Radiologists and other imaging professionals love the potential of the application as its helps them better, faster,
more accurately assess medical imaging studies. MedyMatch’s applications are focused on improving quality patient outcomes
in the emergency room.

Deep Vision based image interpretation is at the heart of its expertise; structuring unstructured data in healthcare to discover the undiscovered. Structured problem solving and collaboration is key to realizing the full potential of Deep Vision. Core to MedyMatch’s development strategy is working with clinical partners, who can provide both deep clinical insights and de-identified patient data (genomic, EMR, and corresponding medical imaging studies).

MedyMatch collaborates with the healthcare industry including hospitals and physicians from Massachusetts
General Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, University of Washington Medical Center, Capital Health Medical Center, Hadassah Hospital, and Rutgers Medical Center to name a few.

Now and Next
MedyMatch’s applications are currently undergoing clinical trials and are considered to be in a pre-regulatory stage.
MedyMatch’s Artificial Intelligence platform can analyze a dynamic range of imaging modalities and disease. MedyMatch is focused on building on clinically relevant applications in the emergency room to include disease areas such as occlusion assessment, tissue viability, and dynamic profusion. Other areas of interest include fracture and pulmonary embolism.

MedyMatch will leverage medical imaging libraries across multiple imaging modalities including CT, X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound
and PET, which will be utilized as part of its research and development efforts to train its next set of applications and deep learning algorithms.

Meet the Master

Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO: Gene joined MedyMatch Technology Ltd. in January 2016, as its Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the Company, Gene was the CEO of Phillips Imaging from April 2009 until his retirement in May 2015. He also served as a member of Philips Healthcare’s Executive Team. Before Philips, Gene served as GM of several Imaging businesses and GE Healthcare’s Chief Technology Officer. Prior to his career in health care, he held management roles with GE, RCA, Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin in the aerospace industry. Gene is a graduate of Rutgers College
of Engineering in New Jersey.

“Instantly identifying the right data within the big data makes every physician a life saving expert, every time.”