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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Improving efficiency, productivity and engagement with the world’s premier Indoor Mapping Platform: Jibestream

“Harnessing the power of the IoT, the Jibestream platform combines mapping, proximity, data and business rules to bridge physical spaces with the digital world. In short, it simplifies the management and traffic flows of complex spaces.”

Established in 2009, Jibestream Inc. is an award winning Software Company that specializes in helping people navigate physical environments by delivering meaningful information at the right time and place. Jibestream benefits from a track record of successful deployments and is positioned as a high-quality and trusted provider for both government and commercial organizations.

The Jibestream solution is the digital interface between the end user and venue operator. It helps clients bridge the gap between the analog and digital world using today’s latest technologies.

To date, the company’s success can be attributed to three key factors:

  • World-class team specializing in indoor navigation.
  • High-profile client deployments in some of the world’s largest and most secure venues.
  • Alignment with industry leading partners such as Cisco and Google.

Jibestream has a robust platform specifically designed for Indoor Positioning & Indoor Navigation with a key focus of Corporate Campuses, Shopping malls and Hospitals. The company is renowned for its commitment to innovation and its approach in simplifying complex indoor spaces, providing an enhanced Experience of Place.

Market Positioning
The company is positioned as the premier indoor mapping engine that allows customers and partners to connect turn-by-turn navigation with location awareness to improve efficiency, productivity & engagement. Jibestream is dedicated to
delivering today’s latest technologies by providing a robust platform that intersects location-aware mapping with real-time data and business rules. “By enabling customers to deliver high-value user experiences we continue to reach our vision to be the leading indoor mapping engine for enterprise solutions globally,” said Chris Wiegand, CEO and Co-Founder. “Our clients are serious about creating apps that deliver a superior experience for people visiting their venues, our mapping engine powers that experience,” added Wiegand.

The Indoor Mapping Specialist
Jibestream is an indoor mapping specialist company and it develops the most robust and scalable indoor mapping engine in the world. The mapping engine is able to power and create an entire experience that becomes not just a more efficient route, but also a contextual, intersection of proximity and place with data and workflow.

When you navigate through a large public space, for example a US Veterans Affairs Hospital, using Jibestream’s solution, the app enhances both the patient experience and workflows for the hospital. From telling you where the closest parking lot is to your entrance, to checking you in. As you walk through the corridors and hallways, location aware technologies will detect where you are and provide you with step by step directions from leaving your car, to checking in to going to a lab or meeting with a nurse, to guiding you to the waiting room. The company’s technology guides you through what’s coming up and what’s happening. It’s about the process and making things easier and more efficient, it is not just the route; it is about improving the experience for the patient.

Target Markets and Clientele
The company’s key target markets are Retail, Corporate Campuses and Hospitals. Through its partner and distribution networks, Jibestream’s mapping engine can be deployed in horizontal markets through its SDK.

“The future for Jibestream, because we are an engine, is wherever our partner channels want to take us: from casinos to cruise ships to stadiums, the opportunities are endless,” said Chris. Below is a breakdown of Jibestream’s key target markets:

Retail: Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) companies that own 25+ super regional malls in their portfolios.

Corporate Campus: Companies in any industry that own multiples large sites, globally and make investments to improve employee engagement and productivity through innovation.

Healthcare: Hospital networks that own or manage multiple medical centers that make investments in technology to improve efficiencies and patient experience.

Some of the company’s notable clientele are Splunk, General Growth Properties (GGP), The Pentagon, Majid Al Futtaim (MAF), Department of Veterans Affairs, Westfield Labs, etc.

Clients Speak
“Jibestream’s robust mapping engine was able to seamlessly integrate with its complex ecosystem of partners and technology to help deliver the world class GGP shopping experience.” – Scott Morey, Executive Vice President at General Growth Properties (GGP)

“The development team has been diligent in considering the way that people get around and this is much more than an automated system; it is an intelligent system focused on solving problems.” – Kevin Marlowe, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer at Hampton VA Medical Center

Currently, Jibestream focuses on North America, Europe and the Middle East. However, many of its key customers and partners have a global footprint that has enabled rapid expansion across the globe.

The Road Ahead
For the future, Jibestream has the following plans laid out:

  • Recruit world-class team members that can help fuel growth.
  • Seed more R&D investments into the company’s platform that will improve workflows and processes.
  • Facilitate global market expansion through manufacturing and VAR channel partners.

Knowing the Key Executive

Chris Wiegand, CEO & Co-Founder – As a long-time entrepreneur with a track record of success in both business growth and business transformation, Chris has dedicated his career to discovering and creating business opportunities that address
real-world needs. Chris co-founded Jibestream in 2009, with a vision to create an indoor mapping platform that intersects real-time data with business rules to improve efficiency, productivity and engagement. Growing the company from a lean startup to a global leader for indoor mapping and wayfinding, he remains a hands-on CEO who enjoys building teams and growing a successful company that is committed to helping clients achieve their goals.
Chris is considered a thought leader for indoor mapping and has presented at numerous industry conferences. When he isn’t working you’ll find him taking in a cross-fit class, enjoying delicious vegan cuisine or spending time paddle boarding, swimming and relaxing with his wife Annette and their dogs Jasper and Odie.

“We are the premier product globally powering indoor mapping for large enterprise clients.”

keep in touch: www.jibestream.com