50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2018

Improving the Daily Life of Engineers: Moblize


“Our Purpose is to improve the daily life of engineers in oil and gas just like consumer apps/smartphone did to us in our personal lives. We want to make a dent in oil and gas for next generations. So, they remember us saying - these guys came from nowhere and changed the way oilfield worked forever.”

The oil and gas industry is one of the critical sectors in the world. Considered to be the biggest sector in terms of dollar value, the oil and gas industry is a global powerhouse employing hundreds and thousands of workers worldwide as well as generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year.

Since last downturn the companies in the oil and gas sector are focusing more and more on cost discipline, operational and business agility. For every company that deals with the business of exploration, drilling, and production, innovation in hardware plays a significant role. From massive drilling machines to gigantic tankers, hardware has always been the backbone of this industry.

But, with the skyrocketing innovations in hardware, the software innovation space has lagged behind tremendously.

Seeing the pain-points of the industry, Moblize sole purpose became to be the leading provider of top-tier software as a service platform for the oil and gas sector to make humans smarter not machines.

Bridging Man and Machine

Today, in the oil and gas industry the engineers are overloaded due to highly inefficient daily workflows. And a technological breakthrough, an all-in-one analytics platform can give enterprise users a single source of truth for all daily tasks during planning, daily operations, post-well analysis, and reporting available anytime, anywhere.

Being a technology company that invents the useful and the significant things faster and better than its competitions, Moblize started its journey with a SaaS platform, which is called the ProMPT. The platform was developed to create a consumer-like experience for the enterprise users. By using data analytics, the ProMPT platform was designed with a vision to make humans smarter, not machines. The platform collapses all inefficiencies in daily workflows so engineers can spend time where it is truly needed – engineering. It applies machine intelligence on incoming raw data to provide actionable facts to support big judgment from big data making humans productive so they can avoid overlooking opportunities, underestimating risks, delaying decisions etc.

The ProMPT was a successful project and the company had signed over 40 E&P CLIENTS in less than 18 months. Today, the platform is creating ROI in less than 60 days with no upfront cost to a client.

Keys to Success: Failure, Experiments and Moving On

Moblize is a Houston based company and the market in Houston is very hardware-centric. With the scarcity of good quality software talent, hiring the right talent was one of the biggest challenges during the initial days for the company. Also, Moblize wasn’t a known brand back then, so it had to face a lot of other hurdles too.

Sometimes, growing fast also affects companies in several ways and Moblize has witnessed the same. The company grew so fast that its internal processes got stretched and balancing growth while maintaining superior service became a difficult task. But, Moblize didn’t give up; the self-driven, self-motivated and the talented team helped the company in implementing the best practices from Silicon Valley to run and scale software as a business.

In 2015, the oil and gas market almost crashed and every E&P organization started focusing on operational efficiency and business agility. And that was when Moblize seized the moment and started growing at a bona fide rate.

Striving for continuous excellence, Moblize helps its customers in every possible way faster than usual. One of the best customer-centric firms, Moblize is open, honest and direct in its dealings with its peers and customers by putting them first in everything it does. The company also provides the advantage of the latest technology in cloud-based services and analytics in order to improve their business processes and results and to improve their own personal lives.

The Future Roadmap

Moblize is expanding rapidly in oil and gas industry. It has become a leader in providing big data analytics platform to oil and gas enterprises. And for the near future, driven primarily by its large customer base, Moblize is rolling out two new products; ProFRAC and ProWISE which are now already being trialed.

Howdy Chief!

Amit Mehta, CEO: Mr. Amit Mehta has been featured in numerous magazines such as Voyage, Forbes, CIO Magazine, JPT,  World Oil, Hart E&P, Oilvoice, Oilman, Mixergy, Entrepreneur to name a few. Under his leadership, Moblize was ranked as one of the best Entrepreneurial Companies in 2016 by the Entrepreneur Magazine. Amit graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with degree in Design, Manufacture and Management. As part of the curriculum he visited 50 plus manufacturing plants across the globe and worked in the manufacturing plants of Peugeot, Jaguar and Boeing implementing lean manufacturing  principles.

“We strive for excellence in all we do; each person’s contribution is critical to our success. We are resourceful and adaptable, and we achieve results faster than our competitors, as fast is better than slow.”