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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

Increasing supply chain resiliency and managing risks intelligently: Resilinc

Resilinc was founded in 2010 by ex-Cisco supply chain risk management practitioners who believed they could develop a better way to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, supply chain partner collaboration, and supply chain risk management (SCRM) results, leveraging state-of-the-art cloud, mobile, social media, analytics and visualization technologies.

In 2011, Resilinc launched SupplyIntel™ which quickly became the leading cloud supply chain resilience and risk management analytics solution. The award-winning solution targets the high-tech, life sciences, and automotive industries. By mid- 2014, the product footprint had expanded to include modules for managing supply chain initiatives in the areas of conflict minerals compliance, business continuity planning (BCP), supplier capacity management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). And, the network of participating supplier sites grew to over 80,000, representing over 1 million parts.

Today, industry leaders such as EMC, Micron (high-tech), Amgen, Millipore (life sciences), GM, and Delphi (automotive), rely on Resilinc’s portfolio of turnkey SCRM solutions to mitigate risks and address compliance challenges, while achieving long-term competitive advantage and building both brand and shareholder value.

Delivering on the Promise of Supply Chain Visibility and Supplier Business Continuity
The Resilinc SupplyIntel supply chain risk management (SCRM) solution provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and analytics at the part level in order to mitigate risks to revenue, time-to-market, and market share goals. Key services include:
• Supply network mapping and supplier intelligence data gathering
• Proactive risk mitigation planning (including proprietary risk quantification and scoring capabilities)
• Reactive incident response and recovery (including war room and scenario planning capabilities)
• 24×7 global event monitoring, analysis and alert services
• Complementary supplier capacity management, supplier business continuity, compliance and CSR modules that leverage the core risk management solution capability (supplier network, intelligence repository, dashboard/visualization technology, and on-boarding and on-going data updating services)

Looking to leverage the latest cloud, visualization, mobile/social and analytics technology?
Then, look no further than Resilinc. The Resilinc risk management solution is built on the Salesforce Force.com cloud infrastructure integrating state-of-the-art mobile and collaboration capabilities. The complementary EventWatch global event monitoring service integrates social, as well as traditional media, sources in its event detection and analysis processes.

And, the company has built a proprietary analytics and big data engine, including patent-pending risk quantification and scoring algorithms. The analytics information used to prioritize and manage business-critical supplier and product/component de-risking and mitigation strategies leverages the most advanced dashboard and visualization technology to ensure ease of adoption and use.

Unique Solution Advantages and Value Drivers Fuel Growth
Resilinc’s flagship SupplyIntel™ solution platform and services deliver a best-in-class resiliency solution with the fastest time-to-value and lowest resource impact. It accomplishes this by providing:
• The world’s largest repository of supplier & part intelligence leveraging the power of our “LinkedIn” supplier community. This allows the company to quickly on-board a client’s n-tier supply chain network
• A complete, easy to deploy and use, solution that is ready to use out of the box, without requiring IT intervention or on-going dependence and turnkey solution enabling services to ‘project manage’ deployments from supplier on-boarding to resiliency institutionalization success
• The most robust set of dashboard visualization and patent-pending analytic functionality for pro-active planning and risk quantification
• The only solution that personalizes the impact analysis by automatically connecting incidents with your supply chain map so risk managers don’t have to do it manually

Customer Success Lays Foundation for Next Phase of Growth.
Resilinc believes that its Customers are its biggest asset and advocates and has a track record of successful clients that have deployed its supply chain risk management solution to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility and resilience. The company has landed many “blue chip” clients including Amgen, Delphi, EMC, General Motors, Micron, and Western Digital to name only a few.

William Hurles, executive director of global purchasing and supply chain, GM explains, “Any disruption to our production schedule caused by an unexpected shortage of systems, components or parts even for a relatively short period of time could cause us to alter production schedules or suspend production entirely – and adversely affect our financial results.” “The multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility provided by Resilinc gives us valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities deep in our supply chain and work with our suppliers proactively to mitigate issues before they may occur, Western Digital Corporation has always prided itself on having a world-class supply chain and our experience with the Thailand floods highlighted the need for a scalable approach to multi-tier supply chain visibility and overall resiliency,” said Rubik Babakanian, chief procurement officer, Western Digital. “During our evaluation of alternative supply chain risk solutions post flood, Resilinc stood out from the crowd as the choice for WDC. Their industry-leading SupplyIntel solution provides the scalable and continuous visibility we need to proactively manage our global supply chain risks and potential disruptions.”

Looking forward
According to Resilinc founder and CEO, Bindiya Vakil, “the biggest challenge for the company moving forward is educating the market on the resiliency opportunity and the need to invest in proper risk management processes and technology now. The industry leaders like GM, Amgen and Western Digital get it and perhaps learned the hard way. They are not waiting for the next great natural disaster to rally executive support. They are ready and are actively turning threats into opportunity and competitive advantage. These customers were easy to sell and in some cases came to us. The next segment of customers on the technology adoption curve need a more formal business case and ROI analysis which we can help deliver.”

About the founder & CEO
Bindiya Vakil, the CEO and founder of Resilinc, is a recognized thought leader in the area of supply chain risk management and has been a practitioner in high-tech supply chain management with companies including Flextronics, Cisco and Broadcom. With a master’s degree in supply chain management from MIT and an MBA in Finance, Bindiya is a published author and frequent speaker at top supply chain conferences and universities on the topic of supply chain resiliency. Her concept of “Design for Resiliency” is being widely adopted as a best practice in the industry and she was named as a Top Female Supply Chain Executive in 2013 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.