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Indeni Is Changing the Way Enterprises Manage Infrastructure and IT Professionals

thesiliconreview Indeni Is Changing the Way Enterprises Manage Infr‘Our mission is to accelerate Enterprise and IT professional transformation into the digital world.’

Today’s digital business relies heavily on technology and services, including a combination of on-premises data centers, private cloud deployments, and public cloud resources. In the fast moving digital era, IT operations teams need to find and fix problems across these various systems before the business or end user feels the impact. Indeni makes it easy to manage IT operations for digital businesses. With the Indeni Knowledge Platform and Indeni Insight, companies are able to create an infrastructure that is adaptable to change. By analyzing hundreds of device statistics and gathering real-time insights from thousands of network operations and security administrators, Indeni finds errors before humans, reducing Enterprise downtime and freeing IT to contribute to strategic initiatives.

Created by a Network Engineer for Engineers

Indeni was founded in 2010 by a team of network, cyber security experts and software technicians. While working at Check Point Software Technologies as a Sr. Network Engineer, Yonadav Leitersdorf  (or “Yoni” for short), realized it was not reasonable or financially possible for IT teams to scale at the same rate networks were expanding in size and complexity. He saw how flawed network monitoring was in organizations with each engineer working in his or her silo on a never ending list of alerts. He believed there was a better way to identify and resolve issues. Yoni and his team set out to make a technology that could predict and resolve device failures and network outages before they took place.

The need for change was apparent back in 2009, as Network Engineers and Administrators struggled to balance the day-to-day operations; canceling meetings and pushing projects to move to the most urgent task at-hand. That same premise stands true today as the number of devices and the data they generate is growing at an extreme pace. Now more than ever before, it is important for IT operations professionals to spend their time well, and the team designed Indeni from the ground up to enable this.

New Approach to a Relentless Problem

Network outages have been a constant issue for Enterprises; however with the increased adoption of technologies for IoT devices and private and public cloud, those frequencies began to increase. Companies needed a new way to keep up with all this technology without having to hire expensive talent. The solution Indeni’s founder Yoni came up with was to combine machines and humans to bridge this gap. From humans, Indeni crowd sources ways to identify potential device issues before they happen. Using Indeni Knowledge Language (IKL), that intelligence is turned into code, specifically scripts and rules, which are run automatically in customer environments. As the knowledge base grew, network engineers received more accurate and actionable alerts, and enterprises were able to save hundreds of man hours previously allocated to troubleshooting and finding the root cause of issues.

The company serves a multitude of industries but is most relevant to verticals that are downtime sensitive, such as the financial services and healthcare industries. Its first customer was in the financial services sector. Leumi Card Ltd. is to this day still one of Indeni’s happiest customers.

“We saw an immediate return on our investment in Indeni. Its built-in knowledge base cuts hours out of setting up new devices and ensuring the health of existing devices, and flags errors directly to administrators by email so we know immediately if there is a potential problem that could disrupt operations. We are very pleased with the platform.”

- Itzhak Assaraf, Information Security Team Lead,  Leumi Card Ltd

Never again start from scratch

Indeni is unique; its technology is built off the experiences of its customers and community. If a problem occurs in one environment, the community can build the scripts and remediation steps to help other IT professionals. By turning tribal knowledge into code, Indeni proactively alerts the user when an issue occurs. The end result, faster resolution or even problem avoidance.

The Indeni platform and knowledge base are always growing and evolving with customer environments. New scripts and rules for a variety of device platforms are added on a daily basis which is why over the years its database of in depth devices checks has grown into the largest in the world. The culture of Indeni employees and community is optimistic, innovative, passionate, collaborative, and has a “get *stuff* done” attitude. These attributes enable Indeni to solve complex problems with the speed and agility digital enterprises need.

Dynamic Knowledge for the IT Lifecycle

Indeni calls the combination of data and context ‘Knowledge’. Its long-term goal is to bring knowledge to every step of the IT lifecycle. 70% of outages are caused by human error due to stress, complexity, inexperience, insufficient resources, etc. Indeni Knowledge can be leveraged to minimize the amount of human errors, and identify complex problems that humans or machines alone historically have missed.

Client Testimonies

"The investment in Indeni was definitely worth it. We feel more secure and more importantly, we’re able to be more proactive”

- Haim Kozlovski, Head of Engineering and Data Communication, Pelephone

“We purchased Indeni in order to identify those things that we weren't aware of.”

- Bob Kemp, Manager of IT Security, Sheetz

“Very simply, the platform saves us time and money. We are very happy to have it.”

- Chris Fereday, Head of Network Security, Travelex

Meet the mastermind

Ulrica de Fort-Menares, VP of Product

“Our mission is to enable IT professionals, so they can in turn transformation in their business. Whether it’s improving the ease of use of our user interface or providing engineers with free tools and training to accelerate their productivity, we are focused on the success of the network professionals and the companies they support.”

"Our deep set of integrations to critical devices, built-in automation, and easy to read remediation instructions arm IT with knowledge on-demand. "