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Industrial robots for everyone:MUJIN

thesiliconreview-mujin-2019Changing the world through Robot intelligence

MUJIN is an intelligent robot controller development company. The "MUJIN controller" that is based on the world's best industrial motion planning AI technology was developed by Dr Rosen. It was applied to more than 1000 robots around the world. Now it has been over 8 years and the company still stands strong in its vertical. By offering high value-added automation solutions, the firm is growing to the next level.  MUJIN was founded as an intelligent robot controller manufacturer in order to contribute to the expansion of the robot market and the improvement of productivity in the world.

MUJIN has consistently focused on industrial robots since its inception. MUJIN's technology makes robots more intelligent and easier to use, expands the scope of robot use and the market, improves productivity and quality at production sites. As a result it provides a solution for the low birth rate and advanced age in Japan and other advanced countries.

Top Talent Teams Gathered From Around the World

MUJIN is a small business of 100 people, consisting of only the top engineers in the world. It is a company that combines the high technical capabilities generated by multinational teams of Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, MIT, the University of Paris, the University of Tokyo, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and 10 other nationalities with the on-the-spot capabilities of professionals in the field.

MUJIN's Motion Planning AI

High-speed analytical inverse kinematics for any robot

Before now, each robot required a program to calculate the forward kinematics for each task, which always took a long period of time to develop, but MUJIN’s kinematics calculation library is able to create an optimal program for calculating reverse kinematics equations for every robot considering all the edge cases. At this point, it has the distinction of being used by more than 1000 robots throughout the world.

Motion planning that takes the real world into account

In the real world, a teachless robot is not good enough if it is merely able to move. To be useful, it must reach its destination while considering the obstacles, joint limits, singularities and dynamics that are always present in the real world. Manual teaching work, which involved manually moving a robot while recording its trajectory, is not required when using MUJIN technology.

Robots weren’t able to move without teaching (programming) in the past. On the other hand, a robot would, by definition, faithfully repeat whatever it was taught. The motion planning technology, which is actually a teach-less technology of MUJIN, is created to let the robot think about the motion. Motion planning technology enables operations that cannot be realized by human teaching. Moreover, behaviors that cannot be taught by human teaching are now possible with motion planning technology. In the present time, the firm is developing and selling the next-generation intelligent robot controller MUJIN controller.  MUJIN controllers are meant to be optimized for specific applications. MUJIN's high-performance robot solution achieves high productivity by providing quick start-up and top-class performance.

The Two Founding Fathers

Dr Rosen Diankov | CTO and Co-founder

Dr Rosen was born in Bulgaria in 1983 and later moved to the United States with his family at the age of ten. He studied computer science and artificial intelligence in high school, and earned a PhD under the theme of "automatic construction of autonomous manipulation system" at Robotics Research Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. He later went on to co-found MUJIN in Japan in 2011 after graduation.

Issei Takino | CEO and Co-founder

Issei was born in 1984 in Osaka, Japan. In 2011, he founded Dr Rosen and MUJIN, the world's leading authority on robotics. Prior to founding MUJIN, after graduating from a university in the United States, he worked for Iscal, one of the world's highest profit companies in the manufacturing industry, famous as a Warren Buffett company, and won many awards as a technology sales that proposed production methods. And leave a bright achievement. The wide range of knowledge and practical perspectives gained by walking through tough production sites in Japan have become a driving force in the robot venture industry, which is said to be particularly difficult to commercialize.

“The MUJIN controller is the world's only general-purpose intelligent robot controller equipped with motion planning AI. The MUJIN controller product makes all robots intelligent and enables applications in various fields that could not be put into practical use.”