50 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2016

Industry leader of innovative technology within the international death care community: Axiom Business Systems


Cemeteries hold the DNA of generations, the stories of our ancestors, and the human race.”

Axiom Business Systems was incorporated in 1983, with John and Anne Field as the principal directors. As an Australian owned company, Axiom Business Systems has grown steadily since its foundation to become an International organization, serving a varied client base with financial and customized management systems, in both Australia and North America.
Having carefully established and defined Axiom’s core values, its purpose and ‘why’ of being in business, Anne
proactively encourages and inspires her team to seek out colleagues and client partners who, to use a Sinek truism, ‘believe what we believe’.

“There is truly a meeting of the hearts and minds when we connect with others for whom the mission of our company authentically resonates with their own corporate mission. With this as the cornerstone of the partnership, we begin with a solid foundation that is galvanized by a common vision and set of objectives. In doing so, there is a deep understanding of the change and innovation that can be brought to an organization with the implementation of fully integrated technology. It’s exciting, it’s empowering, it’s transformational, and great things can be brought to bear in the process!” says Anne.

Vital business data is instantly available anytime, anywhere with Axiom Insight
If you’re like most cemetery directors, you live in a world of constant frustration. Even though there’s loads of useful information within your HMIS or other cemetery management system, it’s sometimes nearly impossible to pull it out in a way that lets you quickly and effectively serve client families or make timely business decisions. The costs associated with maintaining reports and training staff in the complexities of using your business software are significant and not adding value. And using manual procedures to manage resources such as daily services and work orders is both time-consuming and inefficient. You need Insight.

Axiom Insight is a powerful business intelligence tool that integrates Sage CRM with your current HMIS or other cemetery management system. It provides an open window into your operation without fighting the complexities of reviewing reams of raw data. Axiom Insight gives you an interactive dashboard tool in real time that unlocks the critical management information that you have been looking for. Which puts you in the driver’s seat for making better management decisions.
Axiom Insight allows you to:

  • Provide more effective and efficient family service by having the full history of a client (purchase history, payment history, service history and property owned) at your fingertips when talking to them.
  • Mobilize your sales force. Sage CRM lets your sales people view all of the information described above from anywhere – the client family’s home, on the road, or out in the cemetery grounds – without having to log into HMIS.
  • Gain valuable new insights into customer trends. The more information you can access, the more quickly you’ll be able to make strategic business decisions. Insight also makes it easier to leverage existing family contacts to drive pre-need sales.
  • Shorten the training time for new employees while making them productive more quickly. This lowers the up-front expense and produces a faster employee return-on-investment.
  • Ensure a higher level of accuracy and efficiency. Enter the data once in either system and it updates across both. This allows you to seamlessly provide client families with the most up-to-date information. What could be more simple?

Linking Life Story and Legacy
Historical cemeteries in particular have many notable people interred within their properties, and thereby offer an interesting endeavor for researchers and historians. With an ever increasing community interest in genealogy, Axiom introduced a state-of-the-art mapping product, with the capability to link images and other relevant information to a particular site. Axiom’s digital map can be accessed through an information kiosk at a cemetery, or remotely via the internet on any device that can operate a web browser. In doing so, cemetery patrons can have real time access to the precise grave location, including the relevant links to the life story and legacy of the deceased.

The Future
Having launched its new cemetery management system early in 2015, Axiom is now expanding the system functionality to include electronic signatures on contracts and a more mobile solution allowing its cemeteries to provide services to their client families in the family home, in the grounds of the cemetery or anywhere that the technology can enhance the discussion about the client family’s requirements.

Axiom is also developing an expanded range of product offerings by adding a number of on-line services that allow for self- service bookings and sales systems. Furthermore, a new range of system management services that address grounds management and horticultural management will be welcomed a welcome addition by most cemeteries wishing to streamline the large number of cemetery resources under their governance and supervision.

Axiom continues to grow in the North American market, in addition to sowing the seeds for expansion into the United Kingdom and Europe. The company will also continue to consolidate its market position in the South East Pacific region of Australia and New Zealand. By utilizing the multi lingual capabilities and other ground –breaking aspects of the Sage solution, this catapults Axiom’s cemetery solution into a truly global market.

“A cemetery is a history of people – a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.”