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Influencing how the government does IT through leading strategic consulting and delivery services: GovernmentCIO

thesiliconreview-brian-moran-ceo-governmentcio-17IT services companies are challenged with the task of keeping up with the ever-changing technological landscape of their businesses and grappling with various other issues in the most efficient way possible. To facilitate the initiation, development and maintenance of projects, the Government and other clients seek out IT services to address these challenges in a hassle-free manner. Envisioned in 2008 to tackle these very challenges, located in Washington DC, St. Petersberg and Austin, GovernmentCIO provides disciplined services to help clients better use and manage IT to deliver improved business performance. It has also continuously been at the forefront of working with several federal agencies supporting their transition to efficiently produce and deliver products to their internal and external customers.

Raison d’être of the company

Brian Moran and Bill Giandoni established GovernmentCIO to fill a thought leadership void in the federal IT contracting space. With thought leaders and experts in their respective functional areas like DevOps, Agile Development, Infrastructure Support Services, and Cyber Security, GovernmentCIO works with the best minds in the industry. 

When the first project which started as a one-year Enterprise Architecture and IT Capital Planning engagement turned into a multi-year opportunity, a strong relationship with the prime contractors was established. As time flew by, with a steadfast focus on IT, it expanded its offerings from high-level strategic planning across the federal government to emerge as a leading full systems integrator, an award-winning IT magazine, and advisory service provider to senior-level federal executives. Currently, GovernmentCIO is a leader in federal Health IT services with multi-year contracts in excess of $150,000,000.00

Transforming Government IT:  The rationale behind the success

GovernmentCIO has delivered on its mission for all its clients, transforming the way government does IT. With a focus on citizen-centric services and health IT, GovernmentCIO has led the way by developing and mentoring the transition from a Waterfall development life cycle to an Agile development life cycle at the second largest federal agency;increasing cross-agency  communication through its award winning magazine, GovernmentCIO Magazine; and promoting collaboration within agencies by creating working groups that tackle of some the most difficult challenges within federal IT. The work GCIO does impacts veterans and citizens. For example, the work they do enables the Department of Labor to enforce a variety of labor laws, from child labor laws to processing back wage claims. GCIO is transforming the government with its exceptional work, and strives hard to illustrate how every staff member contributes to its mission.   

Tackling initial challenges and a fulfilling work culture

The primary challenge during the initial years involved spreading the company’s service provision across multiple agencies. It is important to maintain a strong culture that delivers what clients need and through these understanding, company-wide high standards are maintained. 

Every week begins with a Monday morning senior management team Super Scrum of Scrum and on a project level, every team conducts a daily Scrum answering many questions regarding the progress of work during the week and other impediments. Quarterly all-hands meetings are conducted to provide a state of the company to the employees. 

In addition to the Scrums, GCIO has an employee engagement team that tirelessly works to execute programs and activities that further employee morale and involvement in the company outside of their 9-5 job. GCIO also has an Enterprise Process Group (EPG), which takes suggestions from all employees on how processes can be improved across the enterprise. Finally, every October, all the employees are brought together for a company-wide retreat where employee input fosters an environment of collaboration and discourse in deciding on the strategic direction of the company for the coming year. 

GovernmentCIO Magazine: A global IT platform

GCIO owns GovernmentCIO Magazine, a preeminent electronic magazine available for free online, where the best practices of the government are shared. Each article or interview is simple; the problems are stated, the solutions are written followed by recaps of lessons learned. The company strives to promulgate the best practices of federal IT around the world through the information imparted in the magazine and also publishes authoritative thinking garnered from leading federal experts on the key issues facing government IT executives. 

GCIO is currently preparing an innovation framework for the federal government that is to be unveiled in the coming months. The consistent growth of GCIO is due to a combination of business development and delivery teams. The business development team identifies and wins opportunities while delivery teams understand the clients and their needs. This leads to strong past performance, as GCIO’s delivery teams continuously strive to improve on their own products and work. This continuous loop of business development and persistent quality delivery has led to the betterment of GCIO as an organization.

In the next few years, GCIO will continue to exhibit strong performance with its existing clients and will also gradually work with other agencies such as Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Treasury. 

Greet the Endearing Personalities 

Brian Moran, CEO: Moran is one of the country’s leading strategist in government IT. As a former federal IT executive, writer, respected thought leader and commentator, he is often quoted in government technology periodicals and frequently serves as the featured speaker at government IT conferences and workshops.Mr. Moran leads GovernmentCIO to achieve its mission of transforming government IT. Beyond his duties at GovernmentCIO, Moran continues to serve the public by way of his leadership in government-industry advisory panels, active participation in several industry associations, and leadership in promoting improved IT through higher education.

Beyond Mr. Moran, GovernmentCIO transforms government IT through the efforts of its amazing team. With over 150 employees, these individuals are the reason behind GovernmentCIO’s success. Individuals like Mr. Michael Murray. Michael Murray is a Senior Consultant with GovernmentCIO. He has been a consultant to the federal government for since 1994 and with GovernmentCIO since 2012. He has extensive experience with document management, data analysis, database design, and business intelligence. Mr. Murray has worked at the Department of Labor and Department of Veterans on various projects from health IT to organizational change solving some of the federal government’s most challenging problems.

“GovernmentCIO offers unprecedented services to help our clients better use and manage IT to deliver improved business performance. We merge executive leadership, problem-solving techniques, and hands-on experience to cater to a seamless experience for our clients.”