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Innovating cost effective Cyber Security solutions: Logsign


Logsign is a full feature, all-in-one Security Information and Event Management solution which focuses on Log Management, Security Analytics and Compliance. It was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters at Istanbul.

“We believe that enterprises of every size need a strong cyber security posture via smart, real-time and easy-to-manage SIEM solutions or manage their SOC’s easily,” says Veysel Ataytur, CEO.

Logsign works with this motive and its diligent team to offer the best affordable enterprise wide solution to improve security and generate higher ROI. Simple and flexible deployment, user friendly platform, saving time and money of enterprises, has made Logsign the most preferred SIEM solution in Turkey.

We have with us, the CEO and Founder; Veysel Ataytur

How did you come up with the idea of forming this company? How do you plan to be a part of the global platform?

We believe that cyber security starts with awareness, and it is crucial to any enterprise. The problem regarding security breaches is complex. Many SMBs lack the resources or expertise to manage cyber security. Cyber security breaches can disrupt company operations, cause commercial losses, reputation damage and public relations problems. Therefore, we set up the company in order to erase the gap in the market for easy-to-reach and easy-to-use solutions for small and medium sized business enterprises.

Tell us about your product and how it’s designed to deal with your customer’s security issues.

Logsign is a next generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, primarily focused on security intelligence, log management and easier compliance reporting. It provides a clear understanding of machine data and enables reliable, actionable insights in real time. What makes it unique is the simplicity of deployment. While traditional solutions’ deployment can take long or cause costly delays, Logsign can be deployed on all physical, virtual and cloud environments easily. Logsign also provides free plugins for additional integrations and other packaged HR, CRM and ERP applications.

How successful was your first project roll on? Share your experience.

Our first project aimed at small business enterprises. It was low-priced and had a user friendly platform. Most of the deployments took less than a week, and it provided ready integrations with firewalls, web servers, cloud sources and databases. Thus, our product could reach out to more than a thousand small businesses. They found the log management and compliance reporting feature useful for their business. While they didn’t have human resources to use a SIEM solution, Logsign was easy and ready-to-use after deployment. This played a huge role for our success in the early years.

How have the responses from your consumers over the years motivated you to grow the company?

Following our success over the years, MSBs started to deploy Logsign. Their needs and requirements were obviously more than small businesses. They needed terabytes of data storage, comprehensive features and distributed environment management, etc. Therefore, we adapted Big Data Analytics in 2013 to increase our indexing and storage capacity.

We always believed that Logsign would be a good teammate for every business in the cyber security market. Focusing on meeting these needs shaped our product roadmap and doing it right shaped our growth.

What were the challenges that you faced in your initial years?

Getting a share as a startup in the huge, some kind of mature cyber security market, against big global competitors was the biggest challenge that we faced in our initial years. We stick together as a team and it turned out to be our greatest strength. We claim that ‘Logsign is your teammate in cyber security.’ And we maintained the same team spirit within our company as well as with our customers and partners. Furthermore, we achieved a high growth rate as our customers liked our approach on cyber security and our solution.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your product popularity and your consistent growth as an organization?

Logsign gained popularity because of its core features like Log and Event Data Centralization, Event Mapping, Real-Time Correlation and Historical and Real-Time Analysis. Its deployment is easy and is scalable even in large organizations. Subsequently, collecting all logs from various sources, Logsign correlates them all to detect anomalies and threats, even with historical data in real time.

Our innovative approach for constantly developing and refining our solutions and trying to adapt new technologies, trends and smart decisions is what we feel contributes to our consistent growth as an organization.

‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it.’ How do you and your team interpret this saying?

We completely agree with this saying, however, we believe that we are on the right market with the right solution and it is an advantage for us. We can maintain and grow our organization easily as we believe in being proactive and enjoy what we do. We are open to innovations and don’t hesitate to try disruptive ideas. Our co-managed SIEM platform is getting ready to be rolled out in a couple of months and with Logsign Co-Managed SIEM launch and machine learning integration projects, we will continue to grow exponentially and claim our seat among the leaders.

Meet the man who made it possible

Veysel Ataytur, CEO: Veysel Ataytur has gained a wide range of experience in the field of engineering, project management and sales management in cyber security market. With his experience and vision, he has founded Logsign in 2010. He works with product management and sales teams to gain an insight into the customer’s views and requirements. So, they could gather the knowledge which could help in driving the product and their vision further. He is focused on aligning the market’s product needs and their vision together. The match between these needs and the product management team’s roadmap will pave the way for their success and ensure customer preference.

“ The next generation Security Information and Event Management solution, primarily focused on security intelligence, log management and easier compliance reporting.”