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Innovating valued Solutions for diverse Clientele: Miles Software Solutions


Founded in 1999, Miles is a leading provider of comprehensive technology solutions to Wealth and Asset Management firms across the world. Headquartered at Mumbai, India, it caters to the needs of over 300 customers across leading financial institutions in India, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

When First Generation Entrepreneur Milan Ganatra anticipated the need for a wealth application which could provide flexibility, track—ability and accurate reporting of investments and set up Miles Software Solutions in 1999, little did he know that his vision would pave way for Miles to become one of the leading providers of wealth and portfolio management solutions, in the days to come! With over two decades of hands-on experience in the financial services space, Milan’s deep domain knowledge on wealth management and wide experience in leveraging technological advancement for efficient investment management has enabled the global technology solution provider’s Solutions to meet the complete life cycle needs of wealth and asset management business. Today Miles Solutions’ suite covers numerous business lines in the capital markets space such as Wealth management, Asset management, Portfolio management, Independent Financial Advisors, Family offices, Fund of Funds, Margin Trade Funding, Securities Lending, Loan Management and Custodians. Office Locations: Mumbai, Thane India, Philippines and UAE. Innovating valued Solutions for diverse Clientele.

“Our Strong domain expertise and market acumen through large scale implementations across 16 countries and 300 customers across geographies have given us the elevation in the competitive market in the recent years. Our flagship product, MoneyWare is built against global benchmark solutions to give our customers a range of solutions that are cutting-edge, align with the customer’s business objective and deliver. The MoneyWare Solution supports multi-scale, multi lingual and multi-currency Operationsand seamless integration across all our systems and third party applications along with our solutions being able to handlescalable volumes and transactions, makes it possible to cater to businesses with over US $ 10 Billion Assets Under Management. Our Business Analytics and reporting services is integrated with MoneyWare Suite of solutions and it’s a comprehensive solution that brings together actionable insights required for quick and informed decision-making across all levels” says a proud, Milan. With products equipped with Comprehensive Rule Engine to cover most of the Regulatory Controls & Internal Compliance Limits and Soft & Hard limits which are user configurable to suit various business needs, the MoneyWare suite of solutions provides a uniqueinteractive client portal, which gives 360 degree overview of one’s holdings.

The MoneyWare Tablet App on the other hand is a comprehensive solution that helps advisors and investment managers to enhance their client experience and retention and provides the end-users with greater transparency through real-time access to tailored views of information helping the clients to engage in an ongoing interactive communication.

thesiliconreview-july-miles-cover “Our deep understanding of financial services business, extensive domain expertise and experience in managing scalable implementations of large and small scale enterprises has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and provide significant value to their business. MoneyWare™, our flagship product offers scalable, robust functionality and integrated solutions enabling organizations to accelerate business performance”, adds Milan.

Knowing Miles
• Miles caters to the majority of the portfolio management and wealth management business in India
• The company has a diverse clientele which includes private banking institutions, asset management companies,
brokerage firms, wealth advisors, financial institutions and family office
• The Miles Positioning Strategy is highly focused and clear

Product Offerings
• MoneyWare Wealth Management Suite
– Customer Relationship Management
– MoneyWare Tablet/ Mobile App
– MoneyWare Financial Planning Solution
– MoneyWare Portfolio Management Solution
– MoneyWare Trade Order management Solution
– MoneyWare Portfolio Risk & Performance Analytics
– MoneyWare Solution for Single & Multiple Family Offices
– MoneyWare Revenue & Incentive Management Solution
• MoneyWare Asset Management Suite
– MoneyWare Asset Management Solution
– MoneyWare Solution for Pension Funds
– MoneyWare Investment Trade Compliance Monitoring Suite
– MoneyWare UCITS Compliance Solution
– MoneyWare GRID
– MoneyWare AIFMD Annex IV Reporting
• MoneyWare Security based Lending Suite
• MoneyWare Custody Suite
• MoneyWare Business Analytics and Reporting Services

Service Offerings
• Managed Services
• Support & Integration Services
• Derivatives & Risk Modelling
• SaaS Investment Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Future ready Solutions
Miles has been constantly designing product roadmaps with respect to functionality, business requirements and technology foreseeing the Company’s vision and goals to achieve in near future. “We stand apart from all our major competitors as our focus is on continuously adding value to financial services and enable them to run their business operations smoothly. With an extensive domain knowledge over the last few decades and expertise in several areas of business and technology, our product is proven amongst many large and medium financial enterprises across the globe. Our R&D team is dedicated in carrying out ongoing research that are country specific, functionality specific or even technology specific. Our solutions are also available on cloud or mobility as well as various areas of business financial planning, wealth & asset management or even business analytics. Our product strategy is in par with our corporate strategy, as our product is capable to deliver significant business value to all our customers in order to meet assured financial goals based on defined targets”, adds Milan.

The techno business partner that delivers excellence and value to financial institutions across the globe, has been constantly expanding in various geographies, providing solutions for financial entities globally and constantly enhances its existing products to appeal a wider customer base required profiling the customers in those regions and understanding their unique needs and requirements, regulatory demands and compliance.

Why Miles
1. In depth Domain Understanding
2. Long standing relationship with our customers
3. Scalable and modular products
4. In depth focus on the financial services space
5. Do it yourself – empower the end client
6. Bringing in innovation via various innovative delivery channels
7. Ability to be futuristic on the client needs

Leadership Team
SANDEEP  PRESSWALA,   Executive  Director
Sandeep is a chartered accountant by qualification and has over two decades of invaluable experience in the financial services industry across areas such as retail investment and brokerage, wealth management, project finance and investment banking. As a member of the core team and Executive Director of HSBC InvestDirect, he spearheaded the formulation of business strategy, products, channels, implementation & creation of a retail distribution network spread across 300 outlets in 90 cities delivering gross revenues of Rs 2 bn, resulting in a market capitalization of over Rs 15 bn.

MANOJ  KULKARNI,  Chief  Operating  Officer
Manoj comes with over 23 years of experience in diverse functions such as Large Program Management, Account Management, Software Development, Talent Management, Risk & Compliance, Business Practices, Software Quality Assurance & PMO. He has been in Banking and Finance Domain for over 17 years and has expertise in handling large transformational projects and accounts in Investment Banking / Capital Markets, Corporate and Retail Banking. He also has extensive exposure to customer facing roles across the Globe. In his previous roles, he has been the Global Delivery Head for large MNC accounts, along with delivery he was also responsible for Customer Relationship, Solutions & Operations and managing a large delivery team of 1500+ professionals spread across the globe. He has sound technical skills in Oracle technologies, C, C++ & Mainframes. He is a B.E. in Computer Science. His last assignment was with Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. as Global Delivery Head.

DHAWAL  KAMATH,  Products – Investment  Management
Dhawal is one of the founding members of Miles. He has held a series of management positions in the company, including Market Development, Operations and Planning. He has wide experience in software planning and development, system analysis and system designing. Dhawal plays a key role in enabling adoption and incorporation of new technologies to the product suite and solutions.

HEMANSHU  SIRIA,  Account  Management  &  Client  Services
Hemanshu is one of the founding members of Miles, along with Milan and Dhawal. He heads client services for the company across geographies. He is responsible for managing the client experience post implementation and ensure that all SLAs are met with the same quality and speed of service. Prior to this, Hemanshu was leading the development and implementation function within Miles and was instrumental in building a robust MoneyWare product suite. Hemanshu has over 15 years of development, production support and management experience. He is passionate about technology and is involved in researching and creating the learning architecture for the organization.

RAKESH  SAKARIA,  Chief  Financial  Officer
Rakesh is a qualified chartered accountant and is well experienced in the areas of accounting, finance, management and corporate advisory. He has an extensive background in management and finance of large companies. He has over 13 years of experience across diverse industries and has worked with large corporations such as Essar Group, McDonalds, and Tata Group.