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Innovative and Disruptive Health Technology: eNano Health


“Giving a blood-free, pain-free, and wound-free monitoring experience”

Founded in 2010, The Honkong based eNano Health Limited is a team of enthusiastic scientists and engineers with experience and training from diverse disciplines including physics, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, information technology, engineering, and mathematics and business management committed to deliver solutions and empowering individuals to proactively manage their health. eNano Helath Limited is building a series of disruptive saliva-based solutions for self-health management and fast screening of multiple diseases based on the company’s patented platform technology. Examples of the applications are diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and etc.

The solutions will change healthcare from a reactive mode to a proactive mode. Individuals manage their health before they are sick. Since the solutions are non-invasive, affordable, and easy-to-use, individuals can regularly monitor their health or detect changes in their health status at home, without having to wait for a doctor’s appointment or take a trip to a laboratory to test. The regular testing will provide valuable personalized and baseline information about the individual. It will allow one to be predictive of disease risk and prevention of early onset of the problems. It will have a significant impact in the reduction of the mortality rate, save billions of dollars in healthcare costs, and improve the quality of life of individuals.

ENanoHealth Mission

In order to stay healthy, it is crucial to monitor the health regularly. 1 or 2 blood tests per year are insufficient to proactively manage the health well. By monitoring regularly, it enables to keep track of the biomarkers and discover early symptoms that can be treated in an earlier stage. This lowers chances of developing complications and severe illnesses that could be irreversible. It is not rational to do a blood test every single day as it is invasive and requires health specialists to perform. Also, it is not very cost effective to go to a clinic every day and receive lab reports a week later.

This inspires eNanoHealth to develop a series of non-invasive solutions that are home-used and affordable so that individuals can perform easily on their own on a daily basis. Out of all the body fluids, people think saliva is the easiest to obtain at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the research and studies are focused on saliva-based solutions. Besides, it is also fundamental to keep a comprehensive record of all the health data. Hence, the company have developed software that supports the device.

Solutions offered by ENanoHealth

  • Kiss and tell

‘Kiss & Tell’ is our award winning product that tests for high blood glucose levels using saliva instead of blood. Due to the non-invasive and painless nature of using saliva to test for blood glucose levels, users are more receptive to performing the tests multiple times a day. As a result, users can personally become more aware of how diet, exercise, stress, or other lifestyle choices may affect their glucose health levels, thus encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle that is best suited for them. The product is ideal for Type II diabetic patients to monitor their high glucose conditions.

  • eNano P4

Modern medicine is undergoing a transformation from a reactive, disease-care model to a proactive P4 approach that is participatory, personalized, predictive, and preventive. The movement is enabled by technological advances in molecular biology for disease detection, computational tools to analyze and personalize health risk prediction, and the wide implementation of mobile networks and smart devices. The solution may be deployed globally easily, even for resource-limited or remote territories. Everyone can easily monitor their own or family members’ health status and accumulate valuable baseline data for better medical prognosis at the comfort of their own homes. eNano Health will begin to offer the first series of these P4 Tests (e.g., stress and uric acid) in early 2017.

 eNano P4 Tests are a series of tests that can test for many diseases on a molecular level using saliva. Examples of these tests include stress, uric acid, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, virus, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc. These tests are safe, simple, affordable, and accurate.

  • SuperEMRTM

It is designed to facilitate a paperless operation in a medical practice. The software solution allows a medical office to eliminate shelves and shelves of patient paper charts. The entire patient information including past medical and social history, previous encounters, diagnosis, medication, and laboratory tests will be stored electronically in secure databases.

The solution provides easy-to-use and flexible interfaces that require minimal data entry from doctors and staff. Patient demographics, diagnosis, and medication data can be captured or accessed via personal computers, tablet personal computers, and handheld devices. Results from test devices or laboratories can be integrated to the patient record via interfaces including fax or personal com.

Know the Chief

Patrick Leung, founder

Patrick is the chief Scientist of eNano. He is a PhD graduate of Columbia University and a Post- Doctorate of Stanford University in High Energy Physics. With over 15 years of software development and over 10 years of experience developing a comprehensive health information technology solution platform with physicians, Patrick has thorough insights into Technology that helps improving health management.

“We focus on health management and early detection of diseases. We care about your health even before you get sick.”