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Innovative Offerings for tackling the expensive challenges of litigation: HAYSTACKID LLC

“When you’re thrust into litigation, you obviously have to make sure you’re prepared to deal with that.” – Roger Goodell.

Founded in 2011 with the objective of providing, corporate customers and their counsels with low-cost predictability options that allow accurate budgeting and forecasting of their discovery expenses without the additional cost of software, hardware or implementation fees, Boston based HAYSTACK Information Discovery (HAYSTACKID) offers organizations and law firms the best legal technology and digital forensic expertise in the most proficient, effective and secure manner possible. With offices across the world and processing centers throughout the United States, the company is forever ready to handle the largest cases in the shortest time possible.

The premier forensics and eDiscovery solutions organization
One of the most difficult and expensive challenges of litigation is dealing with discovery and big data. Thus, HAYSTACKID has internally developed a processing tool named DataThresher, a proprietary tool that provides a flexible and cost effective way to search and cull very large data sets on a wide variety of text and metadata properties. This includes a workflow where documents that have not been culled or have been flagged as important are quickly promoted to a legal review platform for attorney review. The early case assessment application will allow full search and cull capability prior to review at a fraction of the cost, allowing clients to compare forensic reports with actual documents, and test search terms on actual data prior to agreeing to search terms.

HAYSTACKID also solves employee related issues for businesses where theft of company information, misappropriation of trade secret, or employee misconduct may have occurred. In departing employee situations, we provide the expertise applying the latest forensic technology and forensic expertise identifying the digital chain of events that may have occurred in a forensically sound and defensible manner.

The key differentiator that sets HAYSTACKID apart from its competitors is undoubtedly, the diversity in its people and the eclectic technology experts on staff who come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. Having indulged in mergers and acquisitions with the right strategic partners who have the same values, HAYSTACKID wants to be known as the bet the litigation digital forensic and electronic discovery service provider. That said, the company that was recently listed as the 67th Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in the annual Inc. 5000 is sure to go long way with its long term growth strategy to organically grow its current operations and expand the West Coast and offshore operations and presence.

Founder’s thoughts
“I was working for a large national company providing litigation support services. I started Haystack ID LLC because I saw a basic shift and big need in the marketplace to look at electronic evidence differently. I worked for an “old school” well-funded company and quickly realized that they were not going to move at a pace fast enough to enter this rapidly changing market. To their credit, they knew their limitations too. Often, I was told they were like many other large organizations, they were “risk-adverse”. I quickly realized that I, along with some talented people, could do this better on our own. Better. Faster. Cheaper. Obviously, other large risk adverse companies were probably also staying out too. I knew I had to eliminate the “red-tape” in order to deliver the solutions that my clients needed.

Gradually, I formed friendships with my clients and fell into the trenches with them in this business. It got to the point in my career I felt I couldn’t keep up with their needs and I was making excuses and apologizing way too much. I wanted to get my clients the solutions they needed or didn’t even know they needed yet. And, it wasn’t going to happen if I stayed put in my “safe” career at my “risk adverse” company. I knew when you are free to respond to the market it isn’t only beneficial for clients it would be wonderful for employees too. From my experience a lot of the frustration in big business stems from the folks who are on the ground, in the trenches, and aren’t given the tools they need to respond quickly to client needs. I knew when those boundaries were removed, my employees who could now satisfy the needs of their clients would be satisfied.

That’s a huge reason I knew we would retain and attract the best people in the business and that our people would want to stay working here for the right reasons. We are leading with forensics and forensically sound collection of evidence. I knew someone had to. Too many organizations pick-up after the evidence is collected and they are missing a critical step. And, the organizations that just collect are missing the context. I was the only bread-winner in my family with two small children but my fear of putting it “all on red” was outweighed by what made sense.”

Meet the Founder and CEO

Kevin D Glass is a 20-year veteran of the litigation support industry who leads HAYSTACKID as President and CEO. He began his career in 1996 with Bowne & Company, an institution with a rich corporate history founded in 1775 and helped grow their new business enterprise concept from the ground up into a multi-million dollar, well respected division. Prior to founding HAYSTACKID, he has also served as the National Director of Sales and Operations for a multi-billion dollar international Business Process Outsourcing concern and enjoyed an outstanding track record as an entrepreneur.

An accomplished artist and Masters degree holder in Fine Arts from Ohio University, Kevin has enjoyed wide-ranging successes in business working throughout the country in the fast-paced litigation support markets including: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, DC, and various other litigation hubs. He believes in a strong life-balance and still creates and exhibits his artwork and is very happily married with two extraordinary boys.