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Inspiring customer loyalty, enabling effortless customer experience: Virtual Hold Technology


Helping organizations deliver an exceptional customer experience to ensure every customer interaction, regardless of channel, enriches your brand and deepens the customer relationship.’

Since its inception in 1995, Ohio based Virtual Hold technology (VHT) has been the innovator in enhancing the customer journey. VHT founder Mark Williams recognized the severity of customer frustration in relation to delivering exceptional customer service. This led to inventing a patented solution, VHT Callback, which eliminated wait time while increasing customer satisfaction.

VHT believes that delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, every customer interaction, regardless of channel, should enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship. For a long time, the customer journey has been frustrating. Twenty years ago, VHT pioneered a new approach to customer service that helps organizations eliminate customer wait times – creating a positive first impression of the brand and improving customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.
By simply offering customers a better journey – one that frees them from waiting, repeating information or transferring, customers feel empowered and valued. Customers can begin or continue interactions across multiple interaction channels, without starting over, and with the support of a well-informed agent. Organizations using VHT benefit from its agility and simplicity. Brands can deploy, manage and customize offerings in a user-driven environment. This creates a singular, cohesive solution designed to improve the customer experience.
The company’s “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach was unique. It patented the idea and coined the term “virtual queuing”, in order to distinguish it from the current callback technology that provided little benefit to customers.

Today, VHT’s innovative approach has evolved and now helps organizations not only eliminate customer wait times but also creates a positive first impression of the brand and improves customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Deployed seamlessly within any single or multivendor environment, VHT’s virtual queuing (Callback) and customer outcome management software (Navigator) are designed to empower customers, agents and brands.

The VHT Solution Suite

The VHT Solution Suite consists of five compatible solutions.

VHT Callback™: The number one frustration customers express is long hold times. Yet, despite the best planning and forecasting, contact centers frequently experience both call spikes and lulls. The unintended results are long hold times and frustrated customers and agents, or idle agents and inefficient operations.

VHT Callback™ calculates and quotes the expected wait time. This gives customers the option to receive a callback in the same amount of time as if they had waited on hold, or to schedule a callback for a more convenient time.
VHT Conversation Bridge™: VHT Conversation Bridge™ integrates non-voice interactions with existing intelligent call routing systems so that customers who start an interaction on the web or within a mobile app can quickly and conveniently schedule a callback with a knowledgeable agent.

Conversation Bridge enables effortless transition from self to assisted service to complete inquiries and transactions. Customers have better experiences, more favorable views of agents, and are more likely to share their positive experience with others.

VHT Agent Assist™: VHT Agent Assist™ provides agents with a view of real and virtual queue conditions and the ability to offer callbacks with agent groups available for callbacks.

Agents can communicate the estimated wait time and offer to set up an ASAP Callback, which holds the caller’s original place in a virtual queue and allows them to hang up rather than wait on hold. Agents can also suggest and set up a Scheduled Callback for a more convenient time for the customer, based on agent availability, and can schedule callbacks for the purpose of following up with customers on their initial issue to ensure resolution.

VHT Notification Suite™: Providing customers with convenient callback options to speak to a live agent rather than making them hold, confirming callback promises, and proactively re-engaging with missed callers reduce customer effort and improve experiences as well as the bottom line.

VHT Notification Suite™ is a set of applications that provides callers with email and text notification on the status of callbacks based on VHT Callback events. Confirmation and reminders stay in touch and re-engage with customers, ensuring successful callbacks, improving caller connection rates, and easing customer interaction.

Navigator: Navigator enables organizations to deliver on the promise of omnichannel experiences with a customer outcome management solution that quickly overlays any existing environment and empowers business users to create ideal customer experience flows with a single, easy-to-use interface.

Client Speak
“Virtual Hold Technology has been an excellent product for our organization, from our customers’ perspective as well as the product performance.” -IT Professional, Fortune 500 Transportation Services Company.

Meet the Master

Wes Hayden, CEO: Wes Hayden became CEO of Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) in July of 2012. He has spent over 30 years in the tech industry, focused on establishing successful go-to-market strategies that are backed by strong operational processes. Wes spent the majority of his career at Genesys, where he served as President and CEO. During his time there, Wes grew the company’s revenue significantly, established Genesys as the contact center platform market leader, and successfully engineered several acquisitions, which contributed to the stellar growth of the company.
In addition, Wes has served as president of LiveOps, a North American based provider of cloud computing solutions for contact centers, and served as President of the Enterprise Division at Nuance Communications. Wes holds a BS degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He sits on a number of non-profit boards, including the Glenkirk Foundation in Northbrook, Illinois and the International Women’s Democracy Center in Washington, D.C.
Today, Wes’ leadership is propelling VHT’s surge to become leaders in delivering innovative solutions focused on providing amazing customer experiences and elevating net promoter scores for customer-centric organizations.

“We believe that delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, every customer interaction, regardless of channel, should enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship.”