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Inspiring Possibilities around the World through Digital Innovation: Appnovation


Appnovation is a digital consultancy that is inspired to advance clients’ business by innovating everything digital. The team of over 300 people in offices around the world consists of endless innovators, constantly looking for new ways to connect the dots and connect people. Appnovation becomes part of the clients’ team and their true partners with a sustained commitment to their business goals. Appnovation is always looking to take an experience-led approach in helping brands understand the role digital can play in realizing strategic opportunities, solving real-world business problems and, delivering tangible and measurable results.

Core Services

Digital Strategy: Appnovation helps brands navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape, identifying growth opportunities, revealing competitive advantages, and defining engaging experiences. Digital Strategy for the firm is much more than just a website or mobile apps or banner ads – at its core, it is user-led, the technology-enabled transformation of existing experiences, well executed through solid processes and systems. While plotting digital strategy and laying the foundation, its focus is three-fold: Look within. Look around. Look ahead.

Appnovation’s digital strategy establishes ‘human experience’ as the principal benchmark to find useful and desirable outcomes for its clients and their customers. It draws upon logic, user behavior, and systemic reasoning to match people’s need with what is technologically feasible. Appnovation’s digital strategy experts establish a continuous cycle of reflecting, observing, and making – driving it to understand the present and anticipate the future.

UX & Design: Appnovation is where creativity, aesthetics, and the actual experience of it all meet to engage and inspire loyalty among customers and users on and across the digital landscape.How it looks, how it feels, and how it’s going to function in a digital ecosystem or across the digital landscape is what Appnovation UX and design experts help its clients figure out. It is truly inspiring possibilities by being able to apply innovation to creativity, make experiences consistent yet personalized, and capture intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and engagement in each and every digital asset delivered.

Development & Engineering: Appnovation iscreating an immersive digital reality from the inspired possibility for brands, their customers, and employees through the building, connecting, and scaling of digital assets.It is innovation and experience realized, converging from formation, functionality, and performance and culminating in the actual creation of assets that will then take their place on and across the digital landscape.

Data, Analytics, & Insight: Through leveraging quantitative and qualitative data, Appnovation is able to help brands personalize their customer experiences, optimize their ongoing operations, and realize a greater digital reach.It thrives on being able to help companies surface the smallest detail while also enabling them to see the big picture for themselves and beyond. Its experts create practical digital data and analytics solutions with scalability always in mind, pressing to provide as much insightful information to its clients with every choice made so as to enable better, more accurate and timely decision making. 

Corporate Agility & Readiness:Appnovation makes the enterprise a more agile entity and enables those teams supporting it to ideate, create, and deliver more nimbly across job functions, departments, business units, divisions and/or company-wide. Appnovation provides all the tools and skill sets to help get companies and their employees to adopt and embrace changes requested or required to move things back in the right or better direction. 

Inspiring Workby Appnovation

Hong Kong Jockey Club: Hong Kong Jockey Club needed an IT ecosystem solution, and was looking for development, digital strategy, and digital solutions. Appnovation enabled agile operations for 2000 employees at HKJC, one of Hong Kong’s oldest institutions. It worked with developers on site to develop a Git workflow with source control, branch permissions, and artifact management in mind.

Quitter's Circle: Quitting smoking is a challenge. That’s where Quitter’s Circle came in. The goal is to design and create, in partnership with the American Lung Association, an online community designed to help smokers quit, through educational, social, and financial support.

Sutter Health: Sutter Health is the 4th largest healthcare provider in the United States.Sutter’s R&D team had a goal: to architect, design, and develop their ‘Patient Object Model’ (POM). With a publically-accessible homepage, Appnovation created a registration and credential portal, incorporating maximum security as well as user-friendly access.  Its digital solution included information collection integration, from the directory, and subject to further approval, developing a more secure platform. With the platform intended to share expertise and stories, submit topics, conduct active conversations, and stay informed about events and jobs, complex functionalities were integrated.  

University of California: Sprawled across many campus locations, the University of California’s HR department decided that unity was needed.  It was looking to consolidate all HR services into a single digital solution that was user-friendly, accessible, and most of all supports the requirements of their over 200,000 staff and academic employees. 

For both the design and development of this new portal, Appnovation’s team used innovative, agile methods to deliver client requirements. Its design carefully incorporated web accessibility and screen-reader features, delivering a fully accessible site, for all users. 

 “We are a full-service digital consultancy with world class services.”