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Integrating Software Assembly Lines into Large Organizations by Deploying Solutions Offered By the Cloud Foundry Ecosystem: Altoros


Altoros is a 300+ people strong consultancy that helps Global 2000 organizations with a methodology, training, technology building blocks, and end-to-end solution development. The company turns cloud-native app development, customer analytics, the blockchain, and AI into products with a sustainable competitive advantage. Assisting enterprises on their way to digital transformation, Altoros stands behind some of the world's largest Cloud Foundry deployments.

Why Altoros?

  • One of the largest teams of Cloud Foundry specialists in the market
  • One of the earliest members to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation, with contributions to Cloud Foundry and related projects since their early days
  • Dozens of Cloud Foundry deployments, including active-active installations, migration to multiple AZs, and some of the biggest production clusters in the world
  • Implementations for highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and the government sector
  • The developer of CF service brokers and PCF tiles integrating MongoDB, RedisLabs Enterprise Cluster, AWS S3, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, and other popular services into the platform
  • The developer of Altoros Heartbeat—the full-stack monitoring tool built specifically for Cloud Foundry
  • An active member of the Cloud Foundry community
  • Advanced system integrator for Pivotal and partner to a number of companies in the Cloud Foundry 

Solution Portfolio

Cloud Foundry Enablement for Enterprises:

The Cloud Foundry ecosystem offers open source and commercial solutions empowering organizations with release engineering tools and self-service environments for building, deploying, scaling, and managing modern container-driven applications.

How Does Your Organization Address Vital Operational Concerns?

Compliance Deed: Companies need a reliable mechanism ensuring application compliance with a set of architectural principles to meet SLA requirements, address spikes in traffic, and ward off security issues. Key enterprise-grade concerns like user management, security, and compliance have to be consistently addressed as well.

The Need for Speed: Gone are the days when it took months to release features to end users. Organizations today have to speed up the application development process to keep up with the startup pace of delivering changes and update apps in production as frequently as needed (in an extreme case, hourly).

Infrastructure Provisioning Burden: Enterprises pursue to free IT from labor-intensive operations and provide development teams with self-service infrastructures—app environments and backing services—at will, capitalize on the existing cloud investments, or take a private data center to a whole new level of productivity.

Cloud Foundry Enablement for Vendors:

Cloud Foundry is leveraged by some of the world’s leading providers of managed cloud platforms and integrated IaaS/PaaS solutions. Altoros is the partner to most of them, contributing our technology vision and expertise into the competitiveness and market differentiation of some of the best-in-class productized offerings atop open source Cloud Foundry.

Multi-datacenter, multi-AZ, active-active deployments: The firm helps vendors establish or further evolve Cloud Foundry-based offerings that combine enterprise reliability with fault tolerance, high availability, and recoverability.

Faster innovation for dev and ops teams: The firm builds custom CLIs, SDKs, infrastructure configuration plugins and server management tools to make Cloud Foundry-based solutions more useful to developers and operators alike.

Cloud Foundry enablement on new infrastructures: The firm’s track record includes a number of custom BOSH CPIs and successful Cloud Foundry porting to the IBM POWER8 microprocessor architecture.

Customers Speak

“Our experience with Altoros on the project was wonderful. We never had any communication problems, we had all of our needs taken care right away. I would absolutely recommend Altoros for any software development project. They are very flexible, very accommodating to your needs, and they would appreciate any opportunity to work with your team.”

- Katelyn Huber, Product Manager, CipherHealth

“The Altoros team demonstrated a high level of expertise and the ability to work efficiently, meeting the requirements, timeframes, and delivering a quality product.”

- Kim Jonassen, Project Manager, Locus AS

“We have been using Altoros exclusively for our programming for about one year. From the beginning, they have proven to be very professional, competent, and quite resourceful. In most cases, we were able to get responses from Altoros either the next business day and, in many cases, the same day. As a bonus, we received quite a few valuable recommendations to improve our application from Altoros – most of which we would have not otherwise considered. All in all, they have a great team!”

- James L. White, CEO LDC direct, LTD. CO. D/B/A, Budgetlinx

“We have worked closely with Altoros since the fall of 2006, and they have shown expert skills and good business understanding, along with the ability to familiarize themselves with new technology. We look at Altoros as an extended development team with advanced business skills that can be reused in our new projects.”

- Thomas Hamm. CEO, Consafe Logistics AS

CEO Corner

Renat Khasanshyn, Founder and CEO: Renat is founder & CEO of Altoros, and Venture Partner at Runa Capital. Renat helps define Altoros’s strategic vision and its role in Cloud Foundry PaaS ecosystem. In the past, Renat has been selected as a finalist for the Emerging Executive of the Year award by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and once won an IBM Business Mashup Challenge. Prior to founding Altoros, Renat was VP of Engineering for Tampa-based insurance company PriMed. Renat is also founder of Apatar, an open source data integration toolset, founder of Silicon Valley NewSQL User Group and co-founder of the Belarusian Java User Group. He studied Engineering at Belarusian National Technical University.

“Altoros customers are among the first to create and monetize application-driven competitive advantages with Cloud Foundry.”