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Inteleca: Setting the benchmark in IT Business Solutions


Businesses today need enterprise IT hardware and software solutions for functioning efficiently and effectively. The economic state and the competitive market has forced organizations to continuously search for new strategies and tools that would increase productivity, data accuracy and consistency, and make the best possible business decisions.

Therefore, Inteleca was founded to provide top companies with infrastructure and architecture design, hardware procurement, maintenance services, and the design of vendor-neutral solutions. With the extensive product and industry knowledge of founder Paul Hogg, Inteleca was established on the premise of being North America’s leading provider of IT Business Solutions.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Inteleca’s first service began with a de-installation of an optical transport network on an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) contract it won from a customer. It perfectly implemented a reverse logistics process by disconnecting all the equipment from their network infrastructure across multiple locations. Then it safely shipped it back to its warehouse after securely packing the product. After unpacking, auditing, and testing the assets, it refurbished those that required restorative repair, utilizing its global distribution channels and customer base to re-market them and recover tremendous value for the customer. It recouped double the amount the OEM had offered the client on a buyback. Since then, Inteleca has been the go-to-vendor for all this customer’s ITAD needs. “We have always remained focused on ensuring our team, our processes, and our delivery methodology is at the forefront of our operational infrastructure,” said Matt Edwards, Inteleca’s COO.

Commitment to drive growth

“From major rebrand initiatives to the addition of multiple new in-depth solution sets, to new partners and the continuous education of Inteleca team members, the company continues to grow and evolve with its customers and industry—and to bein the vanguard with its cutting-edge Cisco Optical Networking Solutions.”

With humble beginnings as a hardware reseller, Inteleca has evolved. Its suite of IT Business Solutions includes Optical Networking, IT Infrastructure, IT Architecture, IT Maintenance, Asset Management, Network Security, Leasing and Valuation services, and Network Design.

Initially, the major challenges Inteleca confronted were business agility and marketing communications. After working on the features essential to long-term business agility, it experienced unprecedented success. This posed other challenges in delivery, personnel, and business processes. The rapid growth and popularity of its offerings, paired with its customer-centric approach, translated to growing issues from the influx of new customers.

Designing solutions that fit organization needs

The proper utilization of IT resources can play a significant role in a company’s success: IT infrastructure is essential to address evolving technological advancements, markets, and operational applications. Inteleca designed its IT Business Solutions to guarantee that IT consistently delivers value without depleting financial resources.

The solutions contribute to the client’s business goals and objectives by creating an IT infrastructure that cuts down on budget and leverages infrastructure to deliver new and meaningful functionality. Advantages offered include: running multiple networks on a single fiber pair, comprehensive network infrastructure planning, mitigating risk of downtime, reducing IT support and maintenance budgets, equipment retirement plans, inventory management programs, asset refreshes, and end-of-lease terms. It also facilitates equipment delivery worldwide through its global partner network. Inteleca represents all major technology brands including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade, HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo. Additionally, the company is an industry leader in all aspects of the secondary IT hardware market, including new and Inteleca-certified, pre-owned networking hardware.

The leader behind Inteleca’s success

Inteleca CEO Paul Hogg is responsible for communicating Inteleca’s strategic direction and ensuring prosperity and growth for the company and its employees. Paul manages day-to-day operations and focuses on balancing and allocating resources according to the company’s goals. Spending over 12 years following his passion for technology sales, he is committed to advance Inteleca through its future evolution and success, while not losing sight of the company’s culture and values.

Before founding Inteleca, Paul was a sales executive at an IT Asset Disposition firm in Atlanta where he grew his products’ customer base by well over 1000 percent, and more than tripled past revenues in Cisco network hardware. Paul also worked with OEMs to provide future market values on upcoming decommissioned hardware, often purchasing the assets after de-installation and reselling them to his customer base.

Paul graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and in 2010 achieved an MBA from Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

“We have made it our mission to show the world what true talent paired with product knowledge and business process can do for companies. We never settle for second best or second place."