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Intelligent Quote-to-Cash Automation: Conga

thesiliconreview-matthew-j-schiltz-ceo-conga-2017Our customers span the globe, represent a wide variety of industries and come in all shapes and sizes.

Conga is established as a must-have for optimizing CRM processes required to interact with customers, conduct business and maintain compliance. Conga simplifies and automates many of the CRM friction points creating the ideal experience. Conga’s suite of solutions creates more efficient organizations by simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts, and reporting. As the provider of the #1 paid application on the Salesforce AppExchange, the company has more than a decade of experience increasing the value of the Sales Cloud by removing systems and process pain points that impede the customer lifecycle. Its 8000+ customers are passionate about its platform and support giving us 5 stars on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Founded in 2006, The Company is based in Colorado with global operations in the UK and Australia. Conga use cases are limited only by your Salesforce instance and your imagination. With a suite of solutions that addresses the needs of the entire business lifecycle in Salesforce; we streamline and automate the tasks you run from Salesforce with data management, automated enterprise-grade document generation, contract lifecycle management and rich reporting to drive the business forward.

Solutions Overview

Conga ActionGrid:

Access deep insights into accounts, pipeline, and system-wide data while cutting time spent clicking through records unnecessarily; Conga ActionGrid gives your business a more productive workforce and creates the data insights that drive growth. Transform your business with an enterprise-grade solution for viewing and working with Salesforce CRM data. Maintaining clean, up-to-date data becomes easy and efficient, leading to meaningful, actionable views that drive Salesforce adoption and understanding.

Conga Composer:

Get More from Salesforce® with Robust Document Generation & Reporting; Conga Composer® optimizes your Salesforce investment by removing the roadblocks associated with document creation. Create and deliver robust, sophisticated documents with ease, including presentations, sales documentation, and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.

Contract Management:

An easier way to negotiate business & reduce risk and Gain visibility into and control over all the contracts in your organization, while simplifying and accelerating the creation and negotiation process. In just a few weeks, your company can streamline the complete contract management lifecycle to drive the business forward. Key contract automation capabilities include a robust repository, granular security controls, flexible routing and approval rules, and reports that are automatically generated and emailed.

For companies looking for a comprehensive CLM solution for both sales and legal teams, you need a solution that addresses the unique and complex challenges of each. Conga provides organizations of all sizes with the solutions they need to solve the key challenges in the contract process. With more than a decade of experience in the CLM market, Conga helps to address contract management with world-class solutions, support, and services.

  • Interfaces built specifically for legal and their most frequent collaborator – sales.
  • Reduce risk by controlling the clauses and terms the sales team can use, and limiting the changes they can make or accept.
  • Shorten negotiation cycles for all contract types.
  • Tap into analytics and reports on contract activities to identify bottlenecks and areas of friction to improve your entire contracts practice.
  • Create and distribute professional, customized contracts that ensure you stand out from the competition.
  • Increase data integrity when a single, robust repository is used to store, manage and digitally track all contracts.
  • Integrate with e-signature for faster approvals.

Conga Courier:

Actionable Insight That Drives Performance with Rich Reporting; Every business wants better insight into their Salesforce® data. Visibility into Salesforce activities drives revenue but can be time-consuming to achieve. Conga Courier® provides all of the benefits of complex reporting but with the ease of scheduled reports that can be delivered to individuals inside and outside your Salesforce organization. Create the information flow necessary to make decisions to accelerate the sales cycle and time to revenue. Have reports delivered directly to users once or on a recurring basis both inside or outside of your Salesforce instance.

Customer’s Testimonies

Conga has so many great use cases that every business should have it. Their customer service team is always knowledgeable and will walk you through any difficulties you might be having. I am also pleased with their high level of documentation so that I can try and resolve challenges that come up. We have been using the product to send service summaries to clients after each visit.” -Christina Moore 

We are starting to use ActionGrid to facilitate faster batch data entry and editing of existing records. The ability to tab through and edit multiple related records at once is a huge time saver and we are looking forward to all the additional ways we can use this tool. Thank you ActionGrid!” -David Bentz 

Say Hello to the Leader

Matthew J. Schiltz, CEO: Matthew is an experienced senior executive with a proven track record of building successful, high growth technology and cloud companies ranging from the private start-up stage to public companies. He is responsible for setting Conga’s growth strategy, which includes financing, driving global sales and expanding product offerings. His extensive executive management and leadership experience in driving strong company growth have resulted in several Inc. 500, Fast 50 and Top 100 Places to Work awards. Past CEO successes include Insightful Corporation, CourtLink, DocuSign, Tier 3 and Blue Box Group. Matthew has received several industry accolades in recognition of his past successes and is considered an expert on software, technology, and cloud business practices. Matthew has an MBA from Seattle University and a bachelor’s of science from the University of Washington.

“Our applications streamline the creation and distribution of Salesforce® reports, customized presentations and documents in multiple file formats for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries.”