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Intrepid Data: A Provider of Customized Client Solutions for Enterprises


The year 2014 saw the advent of several promising Software Products and Solutions, be it the Windows 10 or the PDF Eraser. But what was more exciting about the year was the inception of several new companies which took the plunge into the world of Software. Illinois headquartered Intrepid Data, was one such company which had a successful debut that year. The company also has satellite offices in Hong Kong, Washington State, Florida, London, and Austin, TX.

With technology touching several aspects of our lives today, from health and fitness e-commerce or even education, most leading business houses are worried about how to increase their productivity. And with several exciting changes taking place at the enterprise level, the question that may linger in one’s mind is that, how will all of these gamified touches impact businesses on the whole? And what parts of one’s business do they touch? Where can we apply gamification in order to improve the bottom line and overall chances of becoming successful? Well, Intrepid Data LLC has answers to all these intriguing questions.

The brainchild of Robert Endo, a serial entrepreneur who also founded Grasp Concepts, a full-service application development and marketing provider, Intrepid Data develops platforms and configures systems that manage, monetize, operate, and extend mobile applications with a main focus on Gamification, Internet of Things (IoT) & Location Based Services (LBS).Working mainly with education, toy and game, industrial design, Direct to consumer (D2C) and retail companies, Intrepid has a clear understanding of how the gaming mechanics can help steer its clients’ pathway to success.

Milestones to attain

Currently serving the Fortune 500 companies and large and mid-size retailers and manufacturers, Intrepid is also working with theme parks and the education sector. And their offerings are not just limited to these clients, as one of its greatest strengths is the ability to serve almost any company and conduct thorough assessments that will allow it to create custom solutions, no matter what the vertical or industry, the client belongs to.

In spite of facing stiff competition from the big leading conglomerates, the company has managed to stand out from the rest, by offering the same services that the big giant companies provide by refraining from charging boutique prices as it has its processes in place with significant experience. As a result, team Intrepid is able to do their job without a lot of hassles and at a reasonable expense.

At the cusp of developing and integrating gamification for and in the real world, Intrepid is taking cues from novelty uses, and trying to incorporate them into household, readily available technologies. So far, most virtual & augmented reality, and IoT technologies have been novelties. Team Intrepid has the vision to do something that actually makes life easier, better, and ultimately, more productive, the company is sure to climb the ladder of success very soon.

In Conversation with the Founder

Q. What made you set up Intrepid?
Today, most applications revolving around people, things, information, and places typically have gaps in the way they deal with the data that is being continually gathered. Intrepid was born when my team of engineers and technicians realized that as a team, we could fill these gaps for our clients without having to outsource any work outside of the preferred partners. In fact, Intrepid is not just a platform; it is a toolbox, and it can build anything for anybody. It is in tune with the Internet of Things, loyalty and rewards, and has a deep understanding of big data and analytical reporting. Understanding the gaming mechanics behind what makes these things work is what makes us excel in our services.

Q. Are there any big challenges that you face in your day to day activities? And how do you tackle them?
The biggest challenge for us is probably getting people to understand the need for applied Gamification as we define it: “Bringing game mechanics – rules, constructs, processes, and methods – into the real world in an effort to engage people.”People are using gaming mechanics every day, whether or not they know it. Once businesses understand how game mechanics are defined to enrich their users/clients experience, they typically see a whole new view point of opportunities and possibilities.

Intrepid is neither a one-stop-shop nor a niche company. When it comes to engagements involving Gamification, Internet of Things (IoT) & Location Based Services (LBS), Intrepid Data is a thorough assessor that is able to deliver on every level.

Service Offerings

  • Business Intelligence (Embedded & Predictive Analytics with Interactive Visualization)
  • Location Base Services (GPS, Mobile, Kiosk, Beacon, etc.)
  • Industrial Design Engineering (IoT, Wearable Tech, Hardware Prototyping & Manufacturing)
  • Gamification Process (Virtual 360 & Augmented Reality, Loyalty & Achievement Systems)
  • Mobile & Web application Development

Knowing the Subject Matter Expert
Robert Endo, Owner, Founder and Engagement Manager
Robert has significant experience in network engineering, web design, and programming. By the time he was 18, he was running network cables and configuring networks for various law firms throughout Chicagoland. He also has profound experience in supply chain/logistics, location-based services, enterprise systems, loyalty and rewards programs, e-commerce, and high-level analytics. His processes and supporting analytics have saved $100MM+ to the bottom line for his clients over the years.

“We develop platforms and configure systems that manage, monetize, operate, and extend mobile applications” – Robert Endo