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IT Support for SME’s - Lucidica


Aiming to know your business inside and out and to become part of your company, not just hide behind emails

Lucidica is made up of a team of experienced IT engineers and support staff based in London & Kiev, offering a fun, friendly approach to IT support for small to medium-sized businesses. It started small as a one-man-band when founder Thomas Jeffs began helping businesses in London with computer support. Thomas discovered he loved empowering businesses through technology and turned his passion into a business.

Since then, the company has built on Thomas' philosophy of fun, friendly and reliable IT support in London to help over 500 businesses to get the most out of their technology. It is growing and constantly expanding to different areas and services.

In brief, the company offers more than IT support, it offers a partnership and a promise that it will work with you to improve and maintain your technology. The firm isn't your standard IT company who is just there to fix a problem, it is a nerdy but friendly team and wants every client to become part of the Lucidica family. It is committed to providing expertise in technology to help your business succeed, it's not just IT support but ensuring that you know how technology can best help your team.

Services Offered by the Company

Lucidica works with you by injecting humanity into your existing technology to find out what is the best way it can make your business run more efficiently and protect it from any technological issues. If things go wrong it will answer the phone within three rings and get things back up and running as soon as possible.

The company offers tailored IT support packages customized for your business. This level of support can vary dependent on your requirements and can include features such as on sites and varied response times. The firm’s IT support contracts are slightly different from its competitors; check out what makes it different here.

Hardware Supply & Support

Buying new equipment is always challenging. With so many options and pros & cons, it can take hours to finally decide on what the best purchase is for your company.

That's why it offers a consultation, purchase and installation service. From the second you decide you need a new piece of equipment, it will advise you on the best model for you, your budget and your business. If any installation is necessary, it can do that too!

Web Development & Maintenance

Websites are crucial to every business. To build trust, provide content and increase your leads it is imperative you have a professional, fast website.

If you aren't a secret website magician, it has a team of UkranianLucidicans who would be more than happy to help.

The firm can do anything from setting up your domain name, hosting your website to physically building it, designing it and making it fit your branding requirements and expectations.

Sharepoint and Salesforce

Customer relationship management tools are vital for businesses to understand their client base and monitor sales and customer behavior.

The company implements project management systems and CRM’s to keep your business running at its best. Whether that's creating your tailored Sharepoint system or installing Podio, Salesforce or another CRM, it has the tools and the people to do it.

SharePoint isn’t just for CRMs though, the company offers CORE (its particular flavor of SharePoint) as a service that can take the stress and paperwork out of things like holiday booking, supplier tracking, and commissions.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is crucial for every business to generate new leads and to gain a trusted online presence.

Whether it's through social media marketing, SEO, blogging, email campaigns or all of them combined; the firm can help your company get the exposure it needs to thrive.

Lucidica works with clients from a selection of industries and also at different stages of their companies’ life, so get in touch and let it know what you want out of marketing.

The Founding Father

Thomas Jeffs | Founder and Director  

He has been part of Lucidica for over 20 years and has been guiding the company to its success.

“We're a team of friendly engineers based in central London, and we love technology. We realize you might not and that's why we're here to help.”