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10 Best Retail Solution Providers 2017

ITC Infotech: Creating Digital Engagement Possibilities for Retailers Globally

thesiliconrevew-sushma-rajagopalan-itc-infotech“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” - Albert Einstein

 The future of shopping will belong to those who are able to capitalize on some of the biggest retail industry challenges amidst increasing competition: deeper consumer engagement, cross channel strategy and more, and one such company bringing all these changes and making a difference through their approach is ITC Infotech.  Incorporated in 2000, over the years the company has succeeded in attaining differentiation through industry practitioners’, domain expertise and industry specific technology solutions in niche areas and in the long run promises to continue gaining competitive advantage and strengthen its market standing.

A specialized global full service technology solutions provider, ITC Infotech is led by business and technology consulting. In today’s age of digital disruption, the company is focused on creating value and serve its clients better through it’s ‘5D’ framework of excellence - Domain, Data, Digital, Design and Differentiated Delivery, for Supply Chain based Industries (Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Manufacturing and Technology & Media) and Services Industries (Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Airlines and Hospitality), as a flexible, trusted and sustainable partner.  

Setting up a benchmark for big players, the company is carving a niche in the domain. Many leading global retailers are turning to ITC Infotech to create new digital engagement possibilities for consumers across channels, driven by insightful data and analytics. From bringing in cutting edge product design and development capabilities, to helping source merchandize from across the global supplier network, while adapting and managing the dynamic structures of supply chains and driving superior cross channel consumer engagement and commerce possibilities – ITC Infotech partners with its retail customers to create new data driven digital possibilities.

A True Retail Partner

As of today, personalization of Customer Experience through micro segmentation and 1:1 marketing are the ultimate goals that retailers have are seeking to achieve. In that case, both the mass market and specialty retailers leverage ITC Infotech’s practice and expertise in delivering on these needs to help build loyalty and advocacy in their customers. Being in the retail industry, managing product innovation in fast changing fashion retail has also been a key challenge, but the ITC Infotech’s outstanding solutions for PLM and product innovation have powered this fascinating journey for marquee retail brands globally. 

As retailers flex to the needs of a global market and a global supply chain, the need to build adaptive responsive supply chains has expanded and grown.  Acting as a problem solver ITC Infotech helps many retailers with their needs around devising supply chain network design and optimization strategies. Be it delivering strategy roadmaps to helping retailers execute and operationalize strategies, ITC Infotech works with its retail clients to execute on their priorities with a focus on realizing value.

Offering Excellence through 5D Framework

ITC Infotech adheres to its core competencies and stands tall with the uniqueness of its approach through a persistent focus on delivering enduring value to clients has formed the bedrock of the company’s growth strategy. In today’s age of digital disruption, ITC Infotech has adopted a ‘5D’ framework of excellence to serve its clients better which includes:

Domain Solutions - ITC Infotech’s industry specific solutions and services are powered by deep domain understanding and practitioner’s expertise in focus industries; examples include personalized cross-channel customer engagement, unified Omni-channel operations, insight driven product development & sourcing, continuous planning linked to supply chain execution, etc. 

Data infra to insights - ITC Infotech enables clients to leverage the power of Data with actionable insights and prescriptive analytics. 

Digital Ready - ITC Infotech provides Digital solutions to help clients transform their business and enhance customer engagements leveraging interactive marketing to make it more personal, focused and effective than ever before.

Design Experts- ITC Infotech provides UI/UX, high-end engineering design solutions and services to market-leading engineering organizations worldwide.

Differentiated delivery - With excellence forming the corner stone of each engagement, ITC Infotech is committed to customized Delivery: Outcome-based, BOT, JVs, As-a-service and Subscription models. 

Rendering Clients their Best

Truly abiding by customers needs, ITC Infotech’s solution portfolio has everything that adds value to retail chain.  In addition to that, the company largely focuses on how to prepare clients for the digital revolution at their doorsteps. This in return helps them to deliver a faultless experience from click to brick and this is what they call #Digitaligence@work. That’s not all, the company also makes sure that the digital solution they build should help clients to implement and have customer centricity at its core. 

ITC Infotech takes pride in gaining trust of biggies since years. Some of their big clients include Leading British supermarket retailer, British multinational retailer, British international shoe manufacturer and retailer, American apparel and home fashions retailer, American consumer retail major, American multinational footwear & apparel manufacturer and retailer, etc.

Meet the Leading Force

Sushma Rajagopalan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer- A perfect example of beauty and brains, Sushma is an industry stalwart carrying over 30 years of global leadership experience in the Information Technology industry.  She has led organizational transformations, headed strategy & corporate development and has been responsible for several large deal acquisitions through planned strategic investments.

Along with holding the position of Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of ITC Infotech, She is also the Chairperson of the NASSCOM IT Services Council - NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industries in India. 

A passionate entrepreneur, Sushma builds a viable eco-system to promote new thinking and an innovation culture. She has actively identified groomed and mentored start-ups in the US and in India. With her unique transformational leadership style, Sushma leads from the front, and helps team members realize their true potential by translating strategies into actions. A truly approachable leader Sushma brings in tremendous clarity, passion and confidence. 

In her blooming career so far Sushma has been credited with numerous accolades which includes “Innovator in Technology” in 2013 and “Best Technology Woman Leader” in 2011. She holds a BSc from Women’s Christian College, MA in Personnel Management from TISS and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Laurels in their Cap!!

  • Winner of the European Outsourcing Award (EOA) 2015 in the category “Delivering Business Value in European Outsourcing” for providing an innovative customer experience solution to Holland & Barrett, UK’s leading health retailer.
  • Won the Aecus Innovation Awards 2016 for providing an innovative customer experience solution to Holland & Barrett, UK’s leading health retailer.

Case Studies!!

  • POS & Loyalty Backend Integration

Customer: One of the largest retailers in the Middle East

Situation: Inability to fully deliver on a superior customer experience due to technology bottlenecks

Impact: Customer dissatisfaction leading to loss of revenues

Resolution: Immediate redemption of loyalty points resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction and experience, while also addressing internal inefficiencies in the redemption processes

  • Customer Value Management 

Customer: UK’s leading food supplement retailer

Situation: Lack of customer data & insights

Impact: Unable to track, analyze and influence customer behavior

Resolution: Customer Segmentation, Analytics & Insights lead to targeted Campaign & Communication Strategy: 700% increase in coupon redemption rate - £3m increase in sales value

“Even as disruptive technologies are causing deep paradigm shifts within the IT industry, we are well poised to ride the next wave of exponential growth."