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Ittiam Systems: A Global Technology Company Meeting the Demands of Online Video segment

silicon-review-srini-rajam-ceo-ittiam-systems“Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd strives to create significant value for its customers, partners, people and investors through its technology and customer focus.”

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Ittiam Systems is a global technology company focused in catering to the special demands of the Online Video segment. Ittiam specializes in multimedia solutions for End-to-End Video distribution and delivery, ranging the complete gamut from content creation to consumption. The company also provides intellectual property, both hardware and software, by way of optimized IP components, SDKs and applications for embedded or PC platforms, in an OS agnostic manner, catering to the needs of the new-age Consumer Electronics, all the way to high-end, niche Enterprise Systems.

Ittiam IPs are embedded in millions of consumer products such as Smartphones, Tablets, STBs and Smart TVs. Ittiam demonstrates its multi-device player app featuring HEVC and MPEG-DASH Streaming for PC & mobile, and its Cloud service with HEVC Transcode, bringing “Anytime, Anywhere” capabilities of the Cloud to the Modern Media Enterprise.

Ittiam continuously invests in R&D to build futuristic designs of high performance and high quality. Customers who license Ittiam designs benefit from the technology differentiation and the time-to-market advantage gained for their products. Ittiam has direct presence in the U.S, France, Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore to serve customers in each major region. A Red Herring Asia 100 Company, it is also a winner of India’s prestigious NASSCOM Innovation Award and several other recognitions from Government and industry.

Ittiam’s Quality Policy is founded on company’s Passion, Vision, Focus, and Stakeholders in its journey. The policy has been defined and managed over the years by senior Ittiam management – the Ittiam Leadership Team.

The focus of Ittiam’s product line covers the following:

  • Audio, image, video processing and related core technologies for media creation, management and delivery
  • Media codecs, media systems, communication stacks, application software for embedded and cloud platforms
  • Solutions for multimedia workflows for public / private cloud infrastructure
  • Hardware designs and turnkey solutions for multimedia applications

Business Model
Being an Intellectual Property (IP) company, Ittiam’s business model is primarily based on licensing of its Embedded and Silicon IP and system offerings. Ittiam also provides support in customization of its IP to suit specific customer product requirements using an IP licensing and customization NRE model.

Ittiam is flexible in its business model and allows fine tuning of the up front and royalty payment options based on customer inputs to the benefit of both.

Products Offered

Software IPs- Ittiam’s software IPs deliver the best possible performance on resource-constrained platforms. Their IPs are widely considered the industry performance benchmarks in standards-based IP. As a pioneer in audio and video codec implementations, Ittiam is one of the first companies to productize and license next-generation compression standards like H.265/HEVC. In addition to audio and video codecs, they have also invested extensively in developing innovative products for audio post-processing, acoustics and video imaging.

Their multimedia software IPs are at the core of all multimedia products. In addition to being used in SDKs and system products and solutions from Ittiam, these IPs are also available for independent licensing for customers to build their own products.

Ittiam’s software IPs is embedded in over 50 million products worldwide. At Ittiam, they are proud of the expertise and skills employed to achieve the above. Others have recognized it too, and called them the “world’s most preferred DSP IP supplier” for several years.

Media SDKs- Ittiam’s expertise in the areas of media processing is available to customers in the form of a suite of Software Development Kits (SDKs). Each Multimedia SDK (or Media SDK) is targeted for a well-defined video streaming system use case. Media SDKs serve as embedded middleware for video, audio, text, metadata, image, speech and graphics processing. This includes audio/video encode, audio/video decode, networking protocols, file formats, media quality enhancement and security features. Ittiam’s Media SDKs enable OEMs to focus on building high-level application features and user interfaces in quick time.

System Solutions- Ittiam’s embedded System Solutions for video streaming applications are provided across market segments over a wide range of processor platforms and operating systems. Ittiam has field-proven expertise in delivering turnkey system solutions across generations of embedded processors and platforms. adroitSDK is available on a wide variety of processors (ARM, TIDM8168/DM8169/DM6467, TI SitaraTM AM57x, Intel x86/Atom, Qualcomm APQ8060/APQ8074, Freescale i.MX6, etc.) and operating systems (Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, etc).

Meet the CEO

Srini Rajam, Chairman and CEO – Rajam has over 17 years of industry experience in ASIC and DSP R&D, Semiconductor Technical Marketing and General Management. He has held many technical and leadership roles in TI, spanning the areas of Design Automation, ASIC and DSP product development. He led the formation of new units in TI India in the ASIC and ASP (Application Specific Products) areas. During 1993-94, Rajam served in the Asia Pacific Region as Technical Marketing Director for TI’s Semiconductor Products in Asia.

He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the School of Automation, Indian Institute of Science, 1984 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madurai University, 1982.

“Our passion is to create a world-class technology company from India.”