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Jim Petersen, Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar Founder and CEO: ‘Our Innovation and Perseverance Have Led Us to Unprecedented Success”


“Petersen-Dean is the most innovative construction company because of its revolutionary perseverance.”

The U.S. is now home to more than two million solar PV installations, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced. The mark comes just three years after the industry completed its millionth installation, a feat that took 40 years to accomplish.

It’s safe to mention that the sector is on an upswing.

Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar provides roofing and solar power contracting services in the United States. It provides residential and commercial roofing and solar design, construction, and installation services. The company offers residential solar roofing solutions, such as roofing materials, roofing components, and solar panels and power systems; insulation solutions; and exterior siding, stone, and paint products.

Petersen-Dean offers single-ply roofing, PVC, and thermoplastic roofing systems; metal roofing systems; built-up roofing systems; energy efficient roofs and solar power systems; and specialty commercial roofing systems for businesses, homeowners/homebuilders, and government, including convention centers, shopping malls, hospitals, office parks, multi-use developments, museums, stadiums, hotels, and more.

The company was incorporated in 1984 and is headquartered in Fremont, California with additional offices in West Sacramento, Gold River, Orange, San Diego, Santa Rosa, Santa Clarita, Riverside, Fresno, Fairfield, Bakersfield, Boulder, Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Reno, and Las Vegas.

Jim Petersen, Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar CEO/Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Simply put, Petersen-Dean was set up because Jim Petersen is a brilliant entrepreneur. He learned the roofing trade hands-on from his father and then combined that blue-collar knowledge with his innate sales charisma to build the empire it is today. His continued drive and commitment to excellence have kept Petersen-Dean at the top of the construction industry, while countless competitors faded away. He always sees new business trends before they happen – like solar and clean energy. If Jim hadn’t branched into clean energy in 2008, then Petersen-Dean would have been crushed by the recession. Crushed like so many one-trade businesses. However, because Jim is always one step ahead, the company survives and thrives. Currently, Petersen-Dean is continuing to grow and trend in the home improvement industry. “Our diversity, drive, and experience keeps us sharp and growing, more and more every day.”

The company has always been revolutionary in advancing technology in the construction industry. It was founded during the tech boom of the 1980s, much like Apple, and many other substantial tech companies today. Petersen-Dean was founded in a garage in San Jose, California with two employees who wanted to revolutionize home construction. Since then, Jim Petersen has transformed the solar and roof buying process with online, phone, and in-person tools.In addition, the Petersen-Dean App is an innovative tool for customers to track the operation of their project and submit referrals from one easy to use platform. More technology and innovation are always in the works for Petersen-Dean.

The company employs over 4000 workers and has completed over $3B in projects since its founding.

‘Providing Excellent Customer Service is no Small Task’

Since 1984, Petersen-Dean has brought a superior product, warranty, and experience to every installation. “We know that our commitment to building ‘first class to last’ sets us apart from the competition.” Petersen-Dean believes in listening to its customers, which is key to providing superior customer service. “Excellent customer service is something we highlight in every one of our employees.”

‘Staying Relevant to the Consumer Interests and Needs’

Petersen-Dean is known for its constant evolution and adaptability. “We have grown to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for home improvement contractors. By offering roofing, solar, HVAC, fences, and many more products, we can grow with the needs of our customers. We listen to our customers and take their suggestions regularly to make sure we are the most relevant contractor in the industry.”

“Most importantly, we provide easy ways for customers to give feedback on our projects. Whether over the phone or through an online survey, we want our customers to know their opinions matter.” Jim Petersen personally responds to many reviews and comments to show his continued care of the brand and the work of his company. Petersen-Dean works hard with customers to make sure their needs are not only met but exceeded.

‘Committed to Stay Ahead of the Game’

Petersen-Dean knows that technology leads to innovation and vice versa. “We are always looking for ways to innovate with new technologies and automation.” As entrepreneurs, Petersen-Dean often sees the need to innovate well before the rest of the market. Petersen-Dean may even be looked down upon for its innovations, but as history has shown, the company’s technological advances leave it on top.

Future Arrangements

Petersen-Dean has been an early advocate of solar and energy storage. In the future, the company hopes to expand the knowledge of clean energy technologies throughout the United States.

‘A Culture of Giving Back’

Petersen-Dean is proud to be able to support a wide variety of non-profit and charity organizations. It is essential that people know Petersen-Dean has a culture of giving back. For example, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Petersen-Dean donated $25 to the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation for every solar system bought in the month of October. This was an incredible opportunity to motivate both customers and employees to spread knowledge of a great non-profit organization. Petersen-Dean has multiple charity partners and is always looking for more ways to give back at the local and national level.

Jim Petersen: A Formidable Leader

Jim Petersen: Jim Petersen, Founder, is the Chief Executive Officer of Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar. His education includes a degree in Construction Management at San Jose State University, as well as a degree in Business Studies at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

"We have a unique ability to use gusto and revolutionary ideas to stay on top of the industry.”