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Kenandy: Redefining Cloud ERP so Businesses Can Innovate


Organizations need methods and techniques to streamline operations and improve their customers’ experience in order to establish their competitive position in the market and sustain growth. Earlier, separate frameworks were used for business functions like manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, and sales and marketing. Managing business processes was hard, and with the development of ERP systems initially, the struggle of acquiring the required information from tools was challenging and companies were forced to try to fit their business processes into the way the ERP system was structured.

Additionally, legacy ERP systems usually require a significant amount of time and money for purchasing and managing the software along with the related hardware and servers. A new ERP solution was needed which could allow businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of their systems and reap the real benefits that an ERP system offers. Thus, Kenandy was founded to ensure companies don’t lag behind due to dated ERP systems or its absence.

Kenandy was established in 2010 by Sandra Kurtzig to pioneer the development of an ERP solution in the cloud. Her vision was to launch a Cloud ERP application on Salesforce so companies wouldn’t have to purchase servers and storage hardware and maintain it locally. This reduces operational expenditures for Kenandy customers and helps companies focus on innovating and growing their businesses. Sandra was the first woman to take a Silicon Valley company public and has been transforming enterprise software management since she founded ASK Systems in 1972. She has led Kenandy through the development of the groundbreaking Cloud ERP product.

Providing unmatched product value

Unlike traditional ERP systems, Kenandy gives customers the freedom to innovate products, services, operations, and relationships. “Our team is focused on fulfilling this mission and constantly delivering value to Kenandy’s customers.” The Kenandy Cloud ERP on Salesforce solution understands and anticipates the most important needs of customers and adapts so customers can be prepared for upcoming product launches, innovations and adjustments in business processes. The company has designed an end-to-end Cloud ERP solution that has an unprecedented computing ability along with a differentiated product architecture of Business Ready Objects. The company has put its efforts towards building an ERP that allows customers to leverage what works best for their business so that companies don’t have to invest energy in an attempt to force their processes to fit into a rigid and dated ERP system.

Flexible design makes it easier to adapt

The ERP system can be adapted according to the business processes that work for each customer. While most ERP’s are rigid and difficult to change, Kenandy’s Cloud ERP is flexible so it can be easily expanded as companies develop new products and enter new markets. This provides companies with the freedom to innovate because they don’t have to spend time and energy on re-working their ERP, which is quite the contrast to legacy ERP systems. As other cloud ERP vendors patch modules together in the cloud as an attempt to resemble the modern ERPs, the technology architecture is actually structured exactly like the on-premise and out-dated ERP systems. This often includes several loosely connected modules and a huge number of data tables, leading to data inaccuracy and clunky user experiences. As other ERP systems attempt to innovate because they leverage some cloud technology, their dated technology architecture hinders business development. “Kenandy is known for its ability to adapt as companies create new business processes. Leaders managing legacy ERP systems now have the opportunity to leave behind their barriers to innovation with an easy-to-update Cloud ERP on Salesforce that can advance their business value and improve customer relationships.”

Offering a faster implementation

Kenandy Cloud ERP on Salesforce can be quickly implemented. It just takes a few months in contrast to years with legacy ERP systems. Faster implementations drastically diminish up-front costs and ongoing outside consulting. Kenandy’s advanced product architecture helps clients to map their ERP to their existing business processes, so customers can spend less time on complex customizations. While legacy ERP requires hardware to manage, Kenandy allows customers to benefit from Cloud ERP which doesn’t require hardware maintenance and decreases the ongoing staff costs for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Knowing the leader behind Kenandy, CEO Chuck Berger

Chuck Berger brings over 30 years of experience as a CEO and director of technology companies to his role as Kenandy’s Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Kenandy, Berger was the president and CEO of Extreme Networks, a leading provider of high-performance networking solutions. Before joining Extreme, Berger served as CEO of both large and midsize companies including ParAccel, DVDPlay, Nuance Communications, Vicinity Corporation, AdForce, and Radius. He also held executive positions in sales, marketing and finance at Apple and Sun Microsystems.

Berger is a trustee of Bucknell University, Presentation High School (in San Jose) and the Naval Memorial Foundation. He received his B.S. in Business Administration from Bucknell Univeristy and his M.B.A from Santa Clara University.

"Kenandy’s cloud ERP empowers business innovation. Built on the Salesforce platform, Kenandy has redefined enterprise resource planning by allowing customers to map to their existing business processes."