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KWizCom: Ensuring productivity for business users working in the SharePoint environment

thesiliconreview-igor-goldshtaub-managing-partner-director-of-customer-support-kwizcom-2017Organizations need to make faster decisions and maintain customer relationships in order to be effective. They have to invest in solutions that provide reliability and choice. SharePoint, the industry leading platform for intranets, secure document management and collaboration, makes that possible by providing the flexibility to tailor deployments based on unique business needs.

As more and more started to utilize the SharePoint platform, many gaps were found while trying to implement their specific business requirements. That’s exactly where KWizCom helps. KWizCom Corporation is the global leading developer of numerous SharePoint add-ons and apps for Office365 (SharePoint Online). The company’s product portfolio is comprised of 60+ no-code web parts and add-ons designed for non-technical business users, which include solutions for document management, collaboration, electronic forms, website publishing, web 2.0, enterprise search, networking, reporting, etc. KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and is headquartered in Toronto.

Products that support SharePoint features

The Calender Plus web part launched in 2006 is one of their first products. Even after 11 years, Calendar Plus web part doesn’t fail to solve the most common challenge that SharePoint users need to deal with, i.e., aggregating events from various sources like SharePoint calendars, Outlook calendars, Google calendars and more. With Calendar Plus, common business user cases such as EPM dashboards, Resource allocation, team calendars aggregations, etc., can be easily implemented.

The other most popular product is KWizCom Forms, which is a SharePoint and Office 365 solution for forms and workflows. The design of KWizCom Forms allows any business user to effortlessly create flexible and advanced forms without any special skills or knowledge. So there’s no need to be a power-user to create flexible and dynamic forms. Any feature that was developed or purchased will keep working in KWizCom Forms. It enhances SharePoint’s existing list forms and does not replace it by proprietary, custom forms such as InfoPath. This means that users can keep utilizing the good old SharePoint lists that everybody is familiar with, without any need to learn and deploy new forms of technology.

Delivering solutions to attain corporate goals

KWizCom’s goal is to provide nothing less than exceptional service and keep customer satisfaction on top of everything.  All KWizCom add-ons provide an enhanced, smoother and easier to use UX. An example of such a solution is KWizCom Forms which does not include an overwhelming Forms designer, but makes form creation available for business users by using clear and easy to use settings pages. Even customers who are not IT experts can feel confident in deploying KWizCom solutions as KWizCom’s global network of experts is always standing by and waiting to provide a speedy response for each customer query.

All KWizCom products are multi-lingual by design and need no customization – all interface elements can be translated to any target language to answer global business demands. KWizCom add-ons put customers on the fast track to productivity, answering business needs unsolved by out of the box SharePoint and enabling rapid deployment at minimal cost.

Working as a team to meet customers’ unique needs

The KWizCom team consists of dynamic and creative consumer oriented experts dedicated to developing effective and efficient solutions, providing exceptional service and building long lasting customer relationships and partnerships. At KWizCom, everyone including the QA and support team is involved in designing and implementing new products. Many times, they also involve their customers in the development process, asking for their opinion and specific usage scenarios.

In addition to managing products’ roadmaps that are fed by customer requirements, it also provides customization services to meet the unique and specific requirements of the customers. This ensures customers get exactly what they need, but still get it as a maintained and supported product, in a public product quality. “We believe that customer support is an integrated part of our products, therefore we provide a fast service where customers can quickly meet with us, and consult with our 2nd-tier and with developers from our product group”, says Igor Goldshtaub, Managing Director of Customer Support. In addition, the skilled developers in the support team ensure few iterations until issues are solved.

KWizCom is one of a kind

KWizCom is a Canadian company that proudly serves over 7,000 organizations from all over the world. KWizCom software is available to federal, state and local government agencies through GSA schedule. The company’s vision is to continuously develop high quality, user-friendly and affordable add-ons & apps that will make SharePoint even better for myriads of non-technical business users.

Upgrading its full-trust add-ons to SharePoint Online add-ins (apps) is the main target of KWizCom in order to enable many customers who want to switch to Office 365 and still benefit from its product enhancements.

Knowing the Key Executives

Igor Goldshtaub – Managing Partner and Director of Customer Support A veteran software developer, Igor heads KWizCom’s Support team. With over 30 years of experience, he is able to tackle the most challenging escalations. A determined problem-solver, Igor thoroughly debugs, codes and tests to ensure that the customer issues are fully resolved. He takes pride in helping customers overcome their obstacles to get the most out of their SharePoint implementation.

Nimrod Geva – Managing Partner and Director of Product Management With over 25 years of experience in software design and development, Nimrod heads KWizCom’s Product group. He manages the roadmap of KWizCom products which includes finding ways to improve SharePoint and designing SharePoint add-ons and their features set. Nimrod constantly communicates with customers about their business challenges and feature requests.


Shai Petel – Managing Partner and Director of Research and Development Shai oversees KWizCom’s product research development, including developing new technologies and improving the existing product line-up. He enjoys the challenge of finding new and creative approaches to best help customers. Shai has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) 2007-2014 and has been continuously awarded Microsoft’s coveted Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2011.


“KWizCom is committed to providing clients with high quality products geared towards the perfect solution for their business goals which are super easy to use and are always bundled with great service and exceptional customer support.”